Daughter of undocumented parents gives powerful speech

they’re Community my name is Leo I am 12 years old and I’m from Miami Florida I am the proud daughter worker who loves me very much my mom’s job is very important unlike other government I’m suffering she takes care of children and make sure they’re healthy and safe our government instead harms Children and Youth Sports parents everyday I am here today because the it’s a pretty entertaining Refugee parents and children at the border who are looking for safety our government also continues to separate US citizen children like me from their parents everyday it makes me sad to know that children can be with their parents I don’t understand why they were being so mean to my children why do they count all of children I love you more why do they have is I said that they got to spend time with their families today while they are children every tension tennis and then changes all about missing their parents I live in constant fear of losing my mom my mom is drunk beautiful afraid she is awesome person who taught me how to speak up when I see things that aren’t there I want to take away my mom from me I don’t know I can’t sleep I guess not I am afraid that they will take my mom away while she is at work I’ll driving or at home I don’t understand why this Administration will support mothers who just want life with your children we cannot I want to be an example to other kids who are going through the same problems that’s me I want to tell kids at the Porter and all over country not to give up and fight for their family our government has to do the right thing and stop separating us from our parents people fighting for the right to stay with my mom
12-year-old Leah, a daughter of undocumented immigrant parents, speaks at a “Families Belong Together” rally in Washington to protest the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

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