Dan Bongino slams Ocasio-Cortez’s plans for taxes

if people pay their fair share of corporations in the ultra-wealthy that’s two trillion dollars right there that’s an additional amount of large amount just last year we gave the military a 700 billion dollar budget increase which they didn’t even ask for like the damn bongino Show podcast she appears to be speaking for a lot of Democrats even though she calls herself a Democratic Socialist a her big ideas are got in the military and taxing the rich with different priorities we think she’s also speaking for people who don’t read books because almost nothing she said that clip was factually correct Ronald Reagan vs Ronald Reagan actually raised a couple of tax play raise those taxes tax revenue went down when he cut income taxes significantly tax revenue went up so what she’s talking about about raising taxes she is very little evidence going to produce more Revenue number to she’s confusing the entire military budget with the increase the entire military budget is around 715 and ask for a 700 billion dollar increase she’s running for congress you understand this right whatever the focus group tested word is then she says I didn’t even ask for it General Mad Dog Mattis actually loving for the increase 100 interviews where she’s flub something big this is embarrassing let me just tell you we gotten fighting for working class Americans week on crime week on equal rights week on National Security week on rejecting racism is the genius tweet we got bored as you want to board a while I don’t definitely waking up the boy The Weeknd on Family Values that’s that’s a fascinating and she just making this up why would you even write that she doesn’t even understand basic facts by the way the thing about fairshare you know the top 1% of earners pay 40% of income taxes think federal income tax think about that one out of a hundred people is paying $0.40 of every dollar the top 20% of earners are paying up at 70 to 80% any more number to we don’t owe you a dime or Captain federal government not a done every time we give you a dollar you wasted you flush their social security down the toilet you ruin the education system you drowning Us in 20 trillion in debt giving you any more money you here were talking about new rule no mods no more money for you okay you’ve ruined it you ruined all your credibility Democrats that think she’s the future of their party David Phillips who was on our show all the time and he goes out and gets just an idea of how people are thinking this country he went to college campuses how we’re going to pay for this or platform includes free healthcare College tuition the minimum living wage housing as a human right are those things that you think the government should be provided for people 100% have like free education and health care for the government to pay for it taxes but then the government could pay for the rest as if the government has like a money Fairy like there’s a money fairy that sprinkles money all around this is do understand like the black hole of intellectualism Progressive Movement understand he reminds me of a Milton Friedman and the great myth of progressivism is it you think your neighbors paying for it but your neighbor saying the same thing he thinks you’re paying for it they really believe there’s a money fairy out there but I’m being serious if she’s running for congress she knows very little about what she’s talking about if she’s going to be the future she owes the voters out there some semblance of reality if she’s not living at it now well Dan based on those Yachts behind you in that shot you’re clearly one of those one percenters
Who is going to pay for Democratic socialism? Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino speaks out.

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