D.L. Hughley on getting advice from white people

when comedian DL Hughley went on Fox News to talk about the killing of philando Castile by a police officer anchor Megyn Kelly told him something that stuck with him he had a permit to carry a gun when you get a permit to carry a gun and tell you exactly how to act when a police officer job experience became the touchdown for his new book how not to get shot and other advice from white people comedian DL Hughley Join Me Now by the way the Hollywood Reporter recently said he’s the number one comedian in terms of social media rankings serious subject but a lot of fun along the way let’s start with the fun you go through names what they are in the black community versus what would they be in the white Community put that charge up from his book Darnell Jamal is Jack Alia is Abigail Jasmine is Catherine now gets fun Darius Chris Wallace Jada kellyanne Conway Malik reince priebus Ivanka Trump you had fun but you have something serious to say in this book explain thank you alternate Lee I wanted to go to that conversation anger me so much and rather than being angry and and getting fresh I put it in the ass and I wanted to write a book that was both satirical and and and had Back Store data and and I never forget them I gave it to make people laugh but I hope to be able to make America you know America’s always talk about we need to have a conversation about policing in in the black community and this is my answer enter into the conversation ultimately my job is to make people laugh but more than that is to make them see and I think you work very hard in this book and I’m very proud of it but ultimately it was that mindset Megyn Kelly Express is why these things keep happening it is that kind of benign is if it’s benign racism where you can got to go with no matter what we see we’re going to describe it to we will blame 12 year old boys can clean up a plant having toy gun that mean shot down and it’s that kind of mindset that allow these kind of things to happen in the gold was how can I how can I see some how can I show me what I see and let them see it in a way that makes them you deal with that what you most often hear from guys who look like I look when they’re is one of these shootings like just comply with police orders don’t talk back or my favorite and I’ve said it got to admit I said it don’t break the law sure we have Courts for people break the law in jails for people break the law. Policeman aren’t they supposed to find you over there for trial But ultimately we are saying that we would rather have policeman who decided that you not complying with him is Addison’s and I don’t think ultimately that’s what we would like in the society I think that we will I think when you look that on his face and seeing the surgeon say I like what I heard Giuliani teach your children to respect the police you can’t teach your children to clean that room but we put the onus on a child whether then a trained adult was trained in policing so it’s just these kind of ironic things that people say or a really kind of like I said to motivate right as well here’s another area where you had some fun but you made a serious Point popo pot pourri put up the image on the screen from DLS new book what is popo pot pourri and how do I get some well it it Riviera of the legal marijuana states that they always say they smell you also go through what music that perhaps a black folks should listen to so they’re less threatening the Dave Matthews band U2 Journey or quote that right I’m Proud To Be An American song all the takeoff would like the names we know that their inherent bias is with Employers in an anteater say that a name is is it is is a kind of the way that they will treat you we know that I Die Young teenager in Florida with shot for playing loud music so maybe it was Neil Diamond he would have been motivated the shooting but he’s always been my way to kind of express the things that I see and so it’s this is juxtaposition I just found hilarious I’m not giving it all away for free but I have to say in the epilogue you say the only way to really protect yourself is to not be black right ultimately we say things like there’s a shooting and I in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh he was the 15 year old boy he was running away he was shot in the back three times the police officer who shot him was fired in January for being a liar and being brutal hired 90 minutes later he was killing an unarmed black kids and we will see patterns all over the country wheel CDs brutal guys or signed-in places with it these days of propensity for these things are likely to happen and it just if you look at what he said I’m not going to answer this police officer Michael Roosevelt said I’m not going to answer to anybody except God and the president said I’m assuming he meant presiding judge and if you don’t like it you know what to do now if you kill somebody and you know either you have to do it that they have that kind of callousness and to put that out and just that you I’m getting kind of antagonize people like that after you taking a child’s life is the kind of situation we find ourselves and it really rather than be angry I decided to be Arthur hey I laughed and it was thought-provoking at the same where to be able to do that so thanks for being back and congrats how not to get shot thank you thank you man thank you I appreciate it
Comedian D.L. Hughley spoke to CNN’s Michael Smerconish about how an interview about race became the background for his new book “How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People.”

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