Cooper: Trump doesn’t know how NATO works

it’s like the world gone crazy this morning Trump performance was beyond belief good evening everyone that quote is from a senior European Diplomat talking to CNN about the NATO Summit in Brussels and what the president said there today at this Diplomat we should point out as not alone Fern allies have been talking about it the Russians have been talking about of the world isn’t tonight so will we get it shocking as it may be to our allies is troubling as it is to some American lawmakers are both sides of the aisle it should not be surprising weather voters at the time gave it much credence what happened today in Brussels is what Donald J Trump campaigned on he said he was going to do this it’s the distilled essence of what he has believed in Factory years the problem is the beliefs he campaigned on and tweeted about in startup crowd with on the stump they do not have to be based in fact and the concern is he either does not know or does not care to know or worse that he does know better but chooses instead to disregard the fax to make some larger point. Just to be clear you can believe a 70 year old military Alliance again Soviet and I’ll Russian expansion is a good idea or not you can agree or disagree with the the central premise of it that an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all you can take issue with any number of aspects of NATO and later the program that president’s main grievance which he expressed today at a summit breakfast simply is not factual many countries are not paying what they should and Brinkley many countries who are their delinquent as far as I’m concerned because United States has had to pay for them the present suggestion is that NATO is a dues-paying organization that members chip into some pot for Collective defense that they don’t pay their BearShare they haven’t been for years and they owe the US money and keep them honest as you’ll see that is simply not the case it’s not the way it works and it’s not even close. It is however the way president Trump believes it works and he said so for years number one NATO is Obsolete and number to the people aren’t paying that way it’s obsolete and we pay too much money we’re going to have to people that aren’t paying they’re going to start paying it’s absolutely cryptonator they don’t pay their bills they are delinquent so as you see he can pay another notion he was elected on it he’s tweeted about it throughout the presidency including on the flight over saying many countries in NATO which we are did the defender not only short of their current commitment of 2% which is low but are also delinquent for many years and payments that have not been made will they reimburse the US now keep in mind there is nothing to reimburse Beyond a token amount to keep the lights on in Brussels each member patient pays nothing for Collective defense 0-0 members have their own defense Budget Cinema Green to spend 2% of GDP on defense by the year 2024 as you can see from estimated 2018 numbers have already hit the target not and yes United States does spend far more than any other NATO country and yes past American Presidents including the most recent one have criticised NATO members for not spending enough on defense past presidents have preferred to burden-sharing even use words like contributing they have not whoever said or suggested that other NATO countries owe the United States money let alone back payments which again these new countries do not know the presents have openly recognize that NATO member nations contribute to the forward base that allowed the US to be a global Military superpower also that many since soldiers who died for us and Afghanistan after 911 because the NATO treaty Article 5 calls for just that in any case the president believe they’re free loading and today he demanded Nations not only meet the 2% goal immediately he told them to double the target to 4% of GDP amount even the US doesn’t spend he also singled out Germany traditional criticism but as far as I’m concerned because it’s getting so much of its energy from Russia we have to talk about the billions and billions of dollars that’s being paid to the country that we’re supposed to be protecting you against the present bad in a tweet explicitly connecting or conflating the idea of Defending Europe with getting paid quote what good is NATO he rides in Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment the u.s. is paying for protection then loses billions on trade must pay 2% of GDP immediately not by 2025 surprised the president campaigned on much of it but now that he’s acting on it even some leading Republican speaking Applebee it in Fairly gentle ways yesterday 97 Senate Republicans Democrats and independents passing non binding resolution in support of NATO would for seven decades hasn’t been especially controversial today the outgoing chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Medi weight in not believe that America’s leadership around the world has made the world safer for Americans and made the world a better place and and I when I see that leadership diminishing in us trying to break apart alliances that we created it troubles me stop at the UK tomorrow morning British prime minister Theresa May tonight saying and I’m quoting here there is no stronger Alliance than that of our special relationship with the US and just a short time ago the president tweeted again summarizing the day billions of additional dollars are being spent by NATO countries since my last year at my request but it isn’t nearly enough us spends too much your borders are bad pipeline dollars to Russia or not acceptable or now in the president’s trip and his day today from CNN Jim Acosta who joins us now from Brussels to this refrain from the president new as we talk about he’s been saying it for years should anyone especially NATO members be surprised and Bash a long-standing US allies right before a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin members of NATO here in Brussels was this coughing the president to boost defense spending among the NATO Partners to 4% of GDP GDP by 2024 4% is obviously a pretty big load for some of these countries has been a burden that has been shoulder by the US for some time Albert Anderson beyond that it what is a concern diplomats in the European community talk to some of them tomorrow Collies have been talking to them is that the president seems to have a pattern and that is he goes to some ichigo’s events around the world and he bashes his his allies and you’re up and around the world and seems to be cozying up to dictators on Democratic leaders like Vladimir Putin concern to European leaders and other native members here and that is surprising it’s so the funeral for a person who’s been accused of being under the thumb of Russia for him to to Talib that specific criticism at Germany is you know it’s either or fascinating or disturbing I guess depending on how you look at it absolutely as it sounds like Vladimir Putin he is single what about Germany being dependent on Russian gas and fuel the fact is interested in and you know this a lot of most people know this Russian fuel dating back the early 2000s are pre-dating Vladimir Putin’s aggressive stance on the world stage and so the present is bringing this up and is sort of a misleading way what we do know is that front of the NATO secretary-general earlier today saying that Germany was somehow helping held captive the German Chancellor Emmanuel macron this topic was brought up with both of those leaders in the present was sitting out with both of those and he declined to really engage fiery run but when he had a chance to do it in front of those two world leaders he didn’t choose to do so so Anderson I think the question that a lot of European leaders lot of us allies are leaving this summer with is how serious the person knows about this but it does make them concern the Mind said he was taking into that meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin because there are so many very big important issues on the line when he when he meets with Vladimir Putin coming up in Finland on Monday Anderson everywhere except when they are face-to-face with the actual person that they are are being critical of strategy Ralph Peters Peters claims about payments to Nato what do you think it is a willful mischaracterization a gross misunderstanding of how it actually worse what is it but now it is a technique to throw red meat was based on disruption Anderson is although we pay over 3% of our GDP about 3-4 defense broke it out given our commitments around the world far less than 2% goes to Nato is in support of NATO where in the Pacific in space so on so many levels of Klamath Falls Sound and Fury what matters is at NATO is a bargain for United States it’s cheaper than war and it is the most successful peacetime Alliance in history it is made allies of European States on each other for centuries right up the 1945 is helped us it gives us bases and so Trump’s attacks on NATO I think it was wrong mostly every Trail for me he leads to the Kremlin Amazon suspicion certainly is both enamoured and fearful of Vladimir Putin if you look at his pattern he is afraid to say anything critical Vladimir Putin why are you say the Russians have the goods on this guy and that’s the only explanation I can come up with but in the meantime we are faced with real damage real immediate and perhaps some herbal damage to this greatest of alliances and it was fascinating to me today to watch Ian stoltenberg and Angela Merkel and macron dealing with it was like watching psychiatrist’s patiently deal with it Trump my God I mean he’s not only shaming rnation he’s doing real damage to our security door interest and to our allies and Vladimir Putin could not be happier you know what one of the things that soften said about President Trump is that he attacks people on the very things that he’s been attacked on or been criticized for you know talking about Russia Germany being captive to Russia the irony of that is kind of extraordinary I’m glad you realize that because one thing is indisputable is propaganda knows how to control the media everyday Amir and his genius is using traditional propagandistic where when you are backed into a corner over an issue you lash out and accuse your anime or your foe of the same will you choose when he’s back in the corner rushing accuses Hillary Clinton of making a really raining deal with Roy peripheral now he’s back or this upcoming summer and what did he do he lashes oh the Germans they’re worse than us their control by first of all Trump and she’s doing her best to deal with it but young of America has been the the greatest Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the early postwar years she’s The Last Man Standing together against Putin she’s held the sanctions together and then Ashley just likes her because she’s a woman talks back to him and she is an admirable leader God knows I wish we had a leader like that ourselves for all the mistakes she’s made in Chancellor and we have a fool for president
CNN’s Anderson Cooper says that President Trump’s attacks on NATO are predictable, but not based in fact.

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