Conway: Supreme Court pick will be faithful to Constitution

kellyanne Conway she is the counselor to president Trump from the North Lawn I really wish I could you just give us a hand I would never do that but this is the way this President worked his leadership means that things move very quickly and courting a momentous and historic decisions such as nominating his second Justice United States Supreme Court can’t tell you how it will be that’s up to the president but I guarantee you to be somebody who has Fidelity to the Constitution doesn’t make up the laws they go long in fact doesn’t make up the walled-off since that’s the legislature’s job and then I’m too many judges These Days Inn are federal courts in my view are making things up as they go along legislating from the bench subject to the the poles that protesters the political wins the Fidelity is to the Constitution if you don’t like Constitution Amendment at Amanda and so I guarantee you to be somebody who is in the mold of original thinkers and somebody shows Fidelity the Constitution that he would be selecting a successor to Justice Kennedy seats he started the advise and consent role with the Senate he had the Democrats and Republicans here as soon as he returned from his two-day trip to North Dakota and Wisconsin and we appreciate those Senators coming here in expressing their views on the process as well leading From the Bench they found a right that had previously existed in the Constitution say what you want about abortion be legal or not legal how much will the decision of Roe v Wade and the view of the future Justice factor into the the president’s decision on this pic interview this weekend on Fox news that he’s not asking people specific questions on cases at this President want somebody who has a great experience deep intellect wonderful judicial credentials but I am just amazed how yet again the left boiled every single thing including a Supreme Court Justice down to one issue abortion at no wonder the Supremes just last week held in house against the abortion folks and in favor of the crisis pregnancy centers out in California and saying that crisis pregnancy centers don’t have to tell someone that they can actually get an abortion if they don’t if they’re not choosing to unless you live under a rock with an I’m asking earmuffs on I’m pretty sure you know that you can get an abortion in this country so what’s with the Commerce Clause what’s with all the Amendments we know that they’re hostile to the 2nd Amendment what about the rest of them takes on any number of cases and I think this is why you see a Democrat totally behold it to the abortion issue almost exclusion of everything else is this why there is absolutely no one that this President can nominate to the Supreme Court that they will even meet with that they will even consider voting for in the world can you say that when you don’t even know the person’s name well that’s too bad and they should have you should have elected their person president I suppose but at the same time I want to really understand the breath of what federal judiciary any given turn look at the 21 us Circuit Court judges that have been put on the bench by President Trump that gives you a window into the sole of his selections 1 and 8 us Circuit Court judges as we stand here nominees the alacrity with which he and Senate leader McConnell and others have have moved White House counsel’s Office obviously have moved to get these vacancies filled and our circuit court so that’s the court system rifle state supreme court the cases get get appeal to The Supremes got to use that expensive laws every once in awhile in this is important to know because this is a very very consequential stat for any president voted for him for this very issue obrador the president our president tweeted out support of him saying congratulations hope we can work together if he’s seeking a good relationship because that country to help us with our immigration issues relationship as leaders all over the globe this is somebody who just 3 weeks ago I was in Singapore to meet with chairman Kim’s of North Korea this is somebody who said to go meet with President Putin again and this is somebody who is always looking to improve relationships in the pursuit of peace and prosperity and in the case of Mexico obviously we share a border with them this president has made very clear about building that wall and having Mexico pay for it needs it been very clear about security we have too much poison too many drugs coming over a border we obviously have a lot of folks coming over the Border who shouldn’t be here and more importantly as being a Sovereign Nation that actually is physical borders how many billions of dollars have we spent over how many years helping other countries protect their Sovereign borders America do the same here so he’s reaching out to the president of Mexico through social media platform to say I look forward to working with you congratulations and he means it you know people are among other things saying it’s time to abolish ice people simply did not like the separation of families and I know the reunification process is going on right now motivated people on the street is that a good message for Democrats or do you think it could make the party look weak on security which is key for swing voters hibernation that has it a border or you’re for open borders and a lot of the crime that comes with that and the call for the abolition of ice in my view is the intersection of arrogance and ignorance and it’s also all these people preening for leverage in 20/20 really folks because what exactly have you done in 2018 that you’re worried that work 2017 for that matter that you’re worried about 20 20 you got smarter I think more senior Democrats this week saying he doesn’t think they’re calling for the abolishing advice is a fruitful exercise pushing back against folks like Kirsten gillibrand the senator from New York not so long ago was a center-right a member of Congress for her to call preferred Isis a terrorist organization those brave men and women and immigrations and Customs Enforcement are doing their job ice was created in 2003 in response to 9/11 to the non criminal aliens that were that executed that on terror attack on America and these folks are trying to execute on Immigration and Customs Enforcement in many ways last year for example They confiscated about 2,500 lb of Fentanyl the potency of heroin 100 times the potency of morphine that was enough fentanyl a lady and gentleman to have killed every American brands New York recently the idea that you would have bolish ice seems to me to be a very unfortunate talking point but look if the Democrats are running on that I think you got Maxine Waters attacking Chuck Schumer you have and just want in the Bronx view on ice are incorrect and help the people in need there could be
White House counselor to the president speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends’ on the president’s criteria for the next high court justice.

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