Coney Barrett facing criticism from Dems over her religion

criticism for the Democrats over her Catholic face since her confirmation battle for the seventh circuit began it was one testy exchange with Senator Dianne Feinstein that raised Barrett’s popularity with religious conservatives Limbaugh expose the left real worried about her speeches Barrett the conclusion one draws us that the Catholic dogma lives loudly within you Usher and when you come to big issues that large numbers of people of float for meeting there’s a bunch of us and don’t like Christians and we’ve been working really hard to take this country away from you and you’re going to your going to stop I’m getting away with taking the country away Andrew McCarthy also a former US US assistant us attorney a federal prosecutor welcome to all of you what rush was just talking about their Readiness he said why does some Progressive single her out meaning Amy Coney Barrett for particular scorn it turns out that she’s a faithful Christian who lives a Christian Life very similar to the lives of millions upon millions of her fellow Americans believers really that’s the objection do you think this is going to be about her credentials or it’s going to be about her beliefs is when you look at these candidates one after another there simply excellent lawyers I mean you you profile Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett this evening somebody said you could almost throw it start at this list and come up with a superb lawyer and it’s a shame that were so immersed in the politics of this that the Shear Excellence in terms of legal craftsmanship of these lawyers Overlook by what people want to project onto what they imagine they’re in a personal proclivities might be seems to me that for example Kavanagh for all this talk about the Obamacare decision what he’s criticized for be something that conservative celebrate which is that he tried to settle this case on as narrow a basis as he could in order to leave the Democratic so I just think it’s too bad that politics is so infected this abortion there could be some statements in some writings that are concerned and she added this as well she’s written in the area of religion that could be former law Clerk of Antonin Scalia because of her religion that’s not what she’s being attacked for she’s being attacked for suggestions if she’s made that her faith in Catholicism should become should come before her faith in the Constitution and can’t you put the faith in original article She Wrote that roll may have been wrongly decided it should be overturned if it was wrongly decided so I think she’s out there for more on abortion and I don’t I mean what do you want to call us about politics or not I think this is scussion should be broader than her religion in about abortion fact of the matter is this is becoming about abortion on both sides the problem for Trump is be careful what you wish for I mean if you look at the polling data shows that many of his voters voted for him because of his Supreme Court and he’s kind of wedded to a pro-life now hard for him to backtrack on that given what he said the problem is this nominee to overturn Roe v Wade so what’s good for from space to 30% of Voters that are really his base is bad for the 66 other percent of American voters and Independence they do not want this nominee to overturn Roe v Wade now you can argue that should be a broader discussion I agree that should be broader discussion minority leader Chuck Schumer said this the bottom line it has given every indication that she will be active is Judge on the court if chosen as a nominee she will be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v Wade #what’s it say that characterization of this judge she has been Notre Dame law school she’s temperature in was exactly the same thing judges should not the religious views get in the way of being a fair even had judge and this idea some other personal faith can’t be a good judge ridiculous what people are saying is that if for whatever reason she is going to take what is regarded by most Americans is an extremist view that we should overturn Roe v Wade then that is a basis on which to vote against her and that’s where they were American public are there I will if I get two more nominees we will repeal Roby way purely political fights because they were Democrats who voted for judge Barrett for judge Cavanaugh for all of these judges are on the list there are Democrats who voted for them in the past are people with all due respect who think that people of Faith Can’t Be Good judges if it’s it’s wrong but they do Barrett in her confirmation hearings about it how the Dogma live deeply in there no no it’s a cheap shot to suggest that Feinstein’s position was at you if you are a person of faith that you cannot be a good judge sheets living with inner because it’s argument in the context of the death penalty discussion and the article that you sign and suggestions about Roe v Wade being wrongly decided is if your decision making is by your face not even before the law she said absolutely answer I agree with you I deny I wish I would have asked that question and I I wouldn’t I wouldn’t frame it I wouldn’t put the religious frame and I think that’s the wrong frame to put on so I agree with that but I think it’s wrong to say if you have concerns about a nominee not at the Constitution looking at something else for their guidance then I think that’s fair play and I think that’s all that happened are we still talk about it it’s ridiculous not there without the respect it’s completely here is what the issue is about she has said on more than one occasion that you suspect after Casey which which opens up a lot of area to regulate abortion without directly confront him where the roll is correctly decided on FairPoint except that’s not what she said she said right after this during the commercial
On ‘Fox News @ Night,’ panel debates the potential Supreme Court pick’s popularity with religious conservatives.

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