Comedian says he prank called Trump on Air Force One

hi Bob how are you congratulations on everything we’re proud of you congratulations great job you went through a tough tough situation and I don’t think of her it was actually a prank call comedian John Melendez also known to fans of Howard Stern is Stuttering John says he pretended to be Democratic senator Bob Menendez and he called the White House and eventually got to speak with President Trump on Air Force One the comedian who was a regular on the Stern Show I said says that’s president Trump congratulating who we thought was the senator for his corruption charges having been cleared up earlier this year I’m back with the panel the one of the ways that the Menendez people found out about this that’s the sent the actual Senator is that people in legislative affairs yesterday morning call Menendez his office to follow up on this phone call and as accept it wasn’t with Senator Menendez before to speak to the president how that happened I think it’s still an open question but it is lots of things I had no idea made lots of phone calls right sure that’s true are lines take a listen because at this point of the comedian Stuttering John Melendez pretending to be Democratic senator Bob Menendez starts asking the real president Trump who he’s going to pick for the Supreme Court well I haven’t looked I mean I have a list of people I have a big list of people’s up and then we’ll take a look at it and then we’re going to make a decision I’ll probably make it over the next couple of weeks I’ll talk to you about it and they followed up with a phone call the Democrat was saying I’m definitely going to vote for your your tags that something was a little off so and also just the idea that that’s what Bob Menendez sounds like call Air Force One. Somebody who’s been in the business for a long time and you know I guess are the Menendez real Stuttering John Melendez asks the very real president Trump about family separation take a listen take care of the situation anybody else at the top level I’d like to do the larger solution rather than the smaller solution step-by-step do the whole thing you don’t have a good relationship with the party you have a good relationship with a party and I think we could do a real immigration bill now the real Senator Bob Menendez put out a statement saying he would welcome the opportunity to talk to president the president Trump is sabotage any attempt to have a real immigration bill the way the wind blows seems to change of President thinks about a comprehensive immigration reform immigration Boreal I think that there were a lot of red flags that this wasn’t him and it’s interesting that he wouldn’t have anything and Bob Menendez obviously really cares a lot about immigration reform as well and I think we’ll probably be a little harder on him if they were talking hang out there that he’s open to working on immigration reform which is sort of what it seems like he does when he’s talking to somebody he tells them what they want to hear but then went pushed I like a phone operator or something like now the date they call the White House
Comedian John Melendez posed as Sen. Bob Menendez and was able to call President Donald Trump while he was aboard Air Force One.

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