CNN legal analyst laughs off John Oliver’s jab

Jeffrey let me turn to the Supreme Court sweepstakes cuz that President Trump said today he’s interviewed for potential justices we heard that but as you are frequently argued it may not matter who he picks because everyone on his short list is a solid conservative and we basically nowhere them stand John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight I had an interesting take on this site you may be familiar with this list Cuban every single is Doom it is gone because Donald Trump won the election abortion will be illegal in quite a significant part of the United States soon all this fantasy talk and it will die I heard you say earlier that within 18 months that abortion could be illegal in as many as 20 States illegal wow I wouldn’t want to hear Jeffrey toobin tell his daughter that dog passed away sweetheart Baxter was taken to a form of state and then shot in the face he’s dead now he’s dead he’s got no face anymore every I think that you’re very well yeah unfair the dog is dead deal with it it does capture I mean some of the Ridiculousness of the posturing of this process right asking for their stance on Pizza Susan Collins who was supposedly the Swing Vote she said old Will Robie weight is not really in danger because I talked to Neil Gorsuch Neil Gorsuch is going to vote to overturn Roe v Wade in a second they say he respects president just last week the Supreme Court the 5 conservatives including Justice Kennedy overturned a case called Abu that is almost exactly as old as as Roe v Wade they don’t care about President the whole reason the whole search process is to find someone who will overturn Roe v Wade and if he gets he or she gets confirmed it’ll be gone I mean that you know let’s not make this more complicated than it is call John Oliver last night that
CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin responds to “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver’s montage of Toobin’s Supreme Court analysis.

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