CNN films migrants crossing Rio Grande

through the tree brush border patrol agent Robert Rodriguez Spotswood he says are three Smugglers preparing to launch a wrapped filled with migrants he says they’re filming us he says along with agent we followed the raft Downstream it’s there we see this six Central American migrants some of those poor on the raft one of them traveling with his father is just three years old the day to get a second mm is what it what are you asking for Asylum strangers would show up to his house it would ask for money and they would threaten him in front of his child’s life threatening to kill him they were very much against illegal immigration they don’t want people like you in the United States what do you say it in people don’t know what I’ve been through they don’t know what I go through nightly they don’t know what it’s like to fear that this mother under 13 year olds were also in the group holding back tears she says she never wanted to leave I’ll do this if it wasn’t for MS-13 person says they would have never left that’s what I know why are you crying Thundurus that’s why he’s crying he’s he’s really sorry for putting his mom in his position instead of course I would never let my son be captured there if she’s saying even though she is zero tolerance was still in place you said she would still crossed that’s how much. from here to group will be taken to a processing center joining hundreds of others just like them even still there the lucky ones at the cross just last week the parents and children would have assuredly been torn apart by the US government
CNN’s Nick Valencia speaks with a group of migrants intercepted at the US-Mexico border who say they fled Central America to escape extortion and death threats.

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