CNN fact-checks Trump’s claims about NATO

factcheck of these claims for the president that the u.s. basically supports NATO and the accusation that Germany is beholding to Russia archief National Security courts by Jim shudo is with us and let’s start with the president demanding the other countries pay what he says would be their fair share and they pay it immediately is the US be treated unfairly this battle within successive US presidents and pushed European allies to pay more to contribute more and there is some basis to that argument I’ll just give an example this is the number of military transport aircraft at the Key of getting forces into place to fight Wars the counter threats the US has more than 5000 5200 Transport Aircraft all the other name members combined they have a little more than half that together and it’s this imbalance that successive u.s. presidents have tried to address now you look at the US military budget it pays 3.5% little more than that of its something of an unfair comparison because the US has many military commitments far beyond NATO but when you look at that 2% goal only a handful of countries meet that grease to little misleading because their budget is so small after the financial crisis Estonia right on the border with Russia it does pull up pulling again close to that Eastern Frontier of NATO it does but the other big us allies in NATO they do not Frances pretty close Canada Germany is the president like single loud is not to be clear that 2% goal it is not a legal requirement that’s not a treat a requirement it was a gold establish that the 2014 NATO Summit to be met by 2024 which is still of course 6 years away course they made that go before they do today president Donald Trump was going to be elected and make this such a political issue for him he’s in effect moving up that the deadline but that goal year demanding that those NATO members meet that Target of course today you might say he’s up and it all by now doubling the target clearly not a serious request but the president has made it Germany is so what he calls a captive of Russia was he referring to Russia another third from Norway little less than 1/3 from Netherlands if you look at the rest of Europe it’s it’s not that far out of whack and after all Europe is close to Russia Russia produces a lot of natural gas the whole European Union little more than 1/3 again Norway and some from across the Mediterranean in Algeria big driving Factor here is costed these countries after Russia invaded Ukraine they said listen we’re going to buy last Russian gas we want to be less dependent of a factor the price of Russian gas is going down they’ve been buying more of it and and a lot of that was an economic factor I will say this us natural gas producers they are desperate to sell us natural-gas to Europe they would love to the trouble is there’s no pipeline from here to there so you have to liquify it take it across in big ships that cost a lot of money they just can’t compete with the cheap gas coming across the border from Russia thank you for that explanation
CNN’s Jim Sciutto fact-checks President Trump’s claims that the US supports NATO and his accusations that Germany is a “captive” of Russia.

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