Christian Ethics & Servant Leadership in Today’s Workplace & Society

Sundered Knight:

Although the arena,

Denies the vulnerable useful resource and justice,

Scorns charity,

Diminishes morality

And Godly virtues every day.

Holding no places for honor

Nor honesty

And exiling all

Who preserve those tendencies expensive,


It is better to be a sundered knight

Than no knight in any respect

By S. Bryant Lewis

If one desires to be a Knightly leader within the global these days, it is very hard to accomplish that. Why? The world makes it so hard to do what is proper – what is honorable – what’s Christ-like. The negative friends tells us such things as, “… High-quality men finish final and that no proper deed goes unpunished.” The poem Sundered Knight speaks of individuals who try to do what is proper in a international that once in a while has little tolerance for ethics.
So what precisely is a Knight? He or she is a servant leader and a fervent supporter or defender of the vulnerable. They additionally guard and guide Godly virtues like morality, honor and honesty. A Sundered Knight is someone who is sometimes ridiculed or put down for doing what is moral – for doing what’s proper. He or she is every so often even treated with contempt in society for his or her moral or moral beliefs. Have you ever felt like a sundered Knight?

The international we stay in did no longer come to be so harden overnight. This has been happening for a long time. In the time of Zephaniah [an Old Testament prophet], there has been a severe loss of morals and ethics. Just like a cancer, this loss of morality and ethics ate away at every part of society in Zephaniah’s time. Zephaniah’s people, much like the ones of nowadays, were conceited, treacherous, profane, and did violence to the regulation. [Zep 3:1-7]

As a servant chief – a Knight, in no way region agree with in friends who use terrible peer strain. More instances than not, those poor friends will not come thru for you, so don’t expect them to. This way you’ll not be disenchanted. Look to Jesus to your instance. The Lord promises again and again that he will carry us up. Hold him to his promises and permit the Lord be the one you wish to lift you up.
So whilst you experience the poor peer strain, at paintings or in public locations, is getting to you, searching for the Lord to boost you up. The Lord is always genuine to his guarantees. Seek out the encouragement that God offers in his phrase – [Pv. 24:16, 19-20] 16… A righteous [man] might also fall seven instances and upward push again, however the wicked shall fall with the aid of calamity. 19 Do now not be concerned due to evildoers, nor be resentful of the wicked; 20 for there will be no prospect for the evil [man;] the lamp of the wicked will be positioned out.

These verses were actual in the time of King David and are so very true, even today. Those poor friends taking brief cuts to get out of some thing or to get beforehand. Such poor peers are not mentors to be regarded as much as or be jealous over. Never overlook, that bad peer pressure is alive and nicely in the paintings location and society. There actually is no lasting prospect for folks who are looking for short cuts to get out of labor or to get in advance at paintings or in trendy society.

God knows your situation. And because God does understand your state of affairs, it is with an understanding and gentle coronary heart that he says to his Knights: [Is 51:7] ” Listen to me, you who understand righteousness, you humans in whose heart [is] my regulation: Do now not worry the reproach of fellows, nor be scared of their insults.

Although the arena “…Diminishes morality…” in Zephaniah’s time, God was there for him. [Zep 3:5] The LORD [is] righteous in [our] her midst, He will do no unrighteousness. Every morning He brings His justice to mild; He in no way fails, but the unjust knows no shame.

[Zep 3:17] “They [you] will be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, “On the day that I cause them to my jewels…” God is going to make you a jewel of extraordinary value. You are precious to him. So maintain to do what is proper no matter the arena. Uphold charity, morality, ethics and honesty. Put aside the words of your bad friends and do no longer provide into bad peer stress at paintings or in society. Always be faithful, usually be advocated, constantly be a servant chief, and continually be a Knight, who defends the weak and holds all Godly virtues dear.

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