Chris Wallace to interview Putin after Trump meeting

Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday will be there and he has some big news for us Chris Wallace good morning what is it good morning to you we will be there I will have the first and only interview that the Russian President Vladimir Putin will give to Western journalist obviously answering a few reporters questions but then we’re going to sit down for a half hour interview no-holds-barred no subjects off-limits will obviously talk about Angel breakthroughs hot spots between the two leaders on NATO on Syria on Ukraine obviously we’ll get into the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and ask him about 2018 electron shells into Vladimir Putin and what he wants for his country but an exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin on Fox news on Monday my picture is still off of Marine One landing there and a security detail and Communications team off of the Trump Administration getting off there we expect to see live pictures of the president in the first lady shortly as he is on his way to meet with Theresa May so we will look forward to your interview with Vladimir Putin Chris and of course everyone on the left and the right has their take over whether or not the President should even be meeting with Vladimir Putin and two what should be discussed well I don’t know that many people think he shouldn’t be meeting with Vladimir Putin but what should be discussed is obviously a very hard point and one of the concerns that a lot of the people that President Trump just left in Brussels the European allies will the president make any concessions as he did for infants to Kim Jong on when it unilaterally announced that the US would not participate in any more war games with South Korea that Kim said we’re provocative and the President also said he believed what are the concerns is that the Europe and NATO has girded itself against Russia and Putin after the invasion and seizure of Crimea post on Russia and the concern is that things have not changed Rodger is still in quite it is still destabilizing Ukraine and their concern is whether or not president Trump is going to make some concessions to Vladimir Putin when he meets with them because this some of the ground in the first place haven’t changed so it’s very controversial attitude is going to be but he’s been tougher than Barack Obama has been he’s giving lethal Aid to Ukraine he was the one who kicked what about 50-60 us Diplomat Russian diplomats out of the u.s. after the nerve gas attack on former Russian Spicer so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of especially interesting to say immediately former Governor Bill Richardson a Democrat of course former Ambassador Inn and we asked him about this upcoming I don’t want the president to have a love Feast with Putin I want him to get something done to protect America’s interest Twitter fast yesterday it should have joint statement with Nancy Pelosi and said this President Trump’s breathing insulting decoration of denigration of one of America’s most steadfast allies Germany is an embarrassment the president needs to remember that as commander-in-chief his duty is to protect the American people from foreign threats not to sell out or democracy to Putin Chris obviously if he’s selling out of American democracy that wouldn’t be a good thing there’s no indication he’s going to do that today is there is no question that some of the things that he has said would give cause for concern when it comes to Putin when he talked about inviting them back under the G7 again the reason they were checked out was because of the seizure of Crimea why nitrox another positive ways about putting when he says goodnight I was as bad as NAFTA but when you look at what he’s actually done not what he said but what he has done the US is still contributing enormous amount of money to Nato the u.s. is given leave play to Ukraine the President says he’s going to bring up the meddling and with the Russia engaged in the u.s. election in 2016 somebody else who was outraged that the idea that two men were going to meet together just with translators will that’s what Russian and American presidents have done as far back as the 1950s so the idea that the president shouldn’t be meet with Scott Russian counterpart is absurd and by the way down some more life pictures coming out of the president and the first lady touching down there for their arrival and out of this meeting with Theresa may want to get him what she has said about the upcoming welcome president Trump’s forthcoming meeting with President Putin open channels of communication between the US and Russia RT to managing the risks of Confrontation this is what she had planned according to her spokesman is so we got the pictures up next to you Chris is a big week for this presidency absolutely I’m so fast right after the sonnet there is so much for these two men to discuss Putin has called me today as he was leaving obviously we’re going to want to talk about that huge difference is on the Serie the new start arms control training Runs Out in 2021 are they going to be able to extend that Putin just in March said that they had developed the Russians add a new Invincible missile that could defeat all of our auntie missile systems plus election meddling I’ve been fairly full plate for a few hours on Monday afternoon and Helsinki interview with Vladimir Putin coming up this Monday Helsinki we look forward to the summit the interview with Putin if Chris will be watching all of it thank you
The Russian leader will sit down with Fox News exclusively on Monday, July 16 after the summit in Helsinki.

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