Celebrities attend immigration policy protests

my name is Alicia Keys thank you and I’m a mother. got low sound issue I love you thank you my seven-year-old son is here with me today his name is Egypt and I couldn’t even imagine not being able to find him I couldn’t even imagine being separated from him or scared about how he’s being treated so this is all of our fight because if it can happen to any child they can happen to my child and your child and all of our children so I’m here to read the words of another mother whose son was held and immigration detention the names have been changed with the words are hers my name is Margarita I am the mother of Carlos who is currently being held by the office of refugee resettlement in a Detention Center in Portland Oregon the first time I realized Carlos had a ride anymore Estates was when I received a voicemail from him and when she told me he was being held in Kansas City when I spoke to Carlos I felt my soul have returned in my body I have spent nights without sleep searching and searching for my son a torture day-by-day the case manager explained to me that he was going to send me some forms to apply to be my son sponsor and he asked me for many documents I was also given a home check the investigator insured me that in a week they would have results that for the new year they would surely give me my son I got so excited I even bought some Christmas presents for my son I have them I still have them and it’s still wrapped in the Christmas wrapping paper and they give me deep sorrow every time I see them first they tell you in a few weeks you will have your child then in a month and then in another month but they never fulfill that promise with such a delay I have asked myself what am I doing wrong have I not sent everything they ask for me I want them to at least allow me to see him one day if only for what mother would not want to have her son and her arms if only for one moment so please hold this mother and your heart and never forget her family struggles my name is America Ferrera and I am here not only as a brand-new mother as the child the proud child of Honduran immigrants only as an American who sees it as her duty to be here defending Justice I am here as a human being with a beating heart who can feel understand compassion easily imagine what it must feel like to struggle the way families are struggling right now it is easy to imagine that I would hope that if it were my family being torn apart if it was my brother being arbitrarily criminalized if it was my sister being fanned then someone would stand up for me and my family it is that simple fistfight does not belong to one group of people one color of people One race of people one gender it belongs to all of us what makes humans remarkable is our capacity to imagine we have an imagination let’s use it as I read these words from a grandfather who was fighting to be reunited who is fighting to be reunited with his granddaughter I want you to imagine that this is your child that you are this Grandpa these are his words the names were changed I am the grandfather of Vanessa who is currently detained at Shiloh Residential Treatment Center I’m currently living in apartment in Oakland California I work every day as a food vendor I want to be her sponsor because she is my granddaughter and I am her grandfather I spend a lot of time when we both lived in El Salvador I came to the United States when she was five years old and have helped to financially support the Nessa and her mother ever since I think I would be a good sponsor for that SF because I want take care of her and I am able to do so in February 2018 at home investigator came to my house she asked me a lot of questions and had me fill out a lot of paperwork I got the oppression that the home investigator didn’t think I made enough money to be able to support that esta and myself I know I don’t make a lot of money but I make enough to care for set aside everything I have I will give to her I have not heard anything since then when I reached out to the social worker at the Shiloh Treatment Center she told me that the office of refugee resettlement throughout my vacation and if they are going to transfer data somewhere else the last time that we talked she told me that she was starting to feel desperate I told her not to lose hope and that we are just waiting to see what the government says about me please remember these words and please do not lose hope hold him in your heart we cannot forget America and I are here to save what we know we all feel and we all believe and that is that our democracy is at stake humanity is at stake we are out here to save the sole of our nation we need all the children reunited to their parents we demand to end the zero Humanity policy we need to and we need because we win and so America and I want you to join us thank you for your strengths
Alicia Keys and America Ferrera speak at a “Families Belong Together” rally in Washington D.C. nearly two months after the Trump administration implemented its “zero tolerance” policy toward undocumented immigrants.

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