Catholic sex abuse: ‘Guilty priest ignored my story for decades’ – BBC News

the Betrayal by the Catholic church and the clergy and Holly Rocky is is is just the boring arrested as older boys to to do with that mess and Monday mornings was my boss the day on in the room with you Amanda that’s how they just started 10 year-old well you didn’t question though yeah like in the second attempt to not hearing anything back from them I made the assumption that I wasn’t delayed. Just had to live with knowing that all the power impacted my life to be the person attempting suicide substance abuse marriage the guilt that I carried now in that other young boys were abused use lighter I had to persevere is it means that helps have the victim gives them that strength for them to come forward and that’s what I’m going to be
Australian archbishop Philip Wilson has become the highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church to be convicted of covering up sex abuse.
On Tuesday, the archbishop of Adelaide was given a maximum sentence of 12 months in detention.
A victim of that concealed abuse tells the BBC how his story was ignored more than 40 years ago – and the destruction that caused.
Filmed & edited by Simon Atkinson.

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