White House news briefing

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Mexico’s new president is no fan of Donald Trump

Que Viva Mexico viva Mexico Lopez obrador will be Mexico’s new president will begin his six-year term on December 1st Lopez obrador or a hello for short held onto a commanding lead... Read more »

Trump welcomes Dutch prime minister to the White House

good afternoon everybody big group Academy Awards bigger will thank you very much it’s a great honor to have the prime minister of the kingdom of the Netherlands that’s the beautiful but... Read more »

Migrant child: ‘Never let them take me away from you again’

TrumpBuena Ventura Martin-Godinez and her 7-year-old daughter, Janne, were reunited in Miami on July 1. Janne was separated from her father at the U.S.-Mexico border more than a month ago. The family... Read more »

How Mariner Finance cashes in on loans to strangers

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‘You come risking everything’: Migrants detained at the U.S. southern border

a group that has been scattered by the midnight shift they make contact with a group in some sugar cane and they were able to apprehend some of them but some were... Read more »

Trump says he won’t sign NAFTA deal until after midterms

napped I could sign it tomorrow but I’m not happy with it I want to make it more fair okay I want to make it not fine I’m going to text your... Read more »

Wendi Winters’s last ’Teen of the Week’ interview was on gun violence

Gerald Fishman Rob hyacin John McNamara Rebecca Smith Wendy Winters she contacted me last Friday about being Tina the week team of the week is a little segment she does about the... Read more »

Protesters march nationwide against Trump immigration policies

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Protesters fight immigration policy outside White House

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