NTSB holds press conference on duck boat accident

different points along the criminal investigations good afternoon I’m Keith Holloway media relations officer for the national Transportation safety board today you will be brief on the status of the investigation into... Read more »

Reddit helped a woman fill in the missing notes when her father could no longer play the piano

Jenna Glanzer, 27, needed help identifying her father’s favorite piano song when dementia took away his ability to play. That’s when the Reddit community stepped in. Subscribe to The Washington Post on... Read more »

A day of making ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

it more than 5 people are looking at one TV you know that Something’s Happened we’re going to have to tear up our script things that are funny to me for some... Read more »

How Amber Ruffin used rap to joke about Kanye West

black man’s opinions about slavery it’s not something I’m comfortable doing crazy sometimes but Breezy in a racist way 400 years for 400 years that sound like a choice history has legs... Read more »

Seth Meyers was on SNL for 12 years. It still has a big impact on ‘Late Night.’

sadly S&L works best when everybody really lives and dies each week on how it goes I can’t wait for when she comes dropping down the aisle with a beautiful Gates and... Read more »

Home Depot fires black man for talking to ‘racist’ customer

we prefer that you keep it on a week you turn around you you’re so what do you know I’ve lived all over the country and I’ve had no one talked to... Read more »

Duck boat survivor remembers family, autistic son who ‘loves water’

I’ll remember I always have families love to be around family and our family like I said my son is autistic so a lot of things that quote on quote normal families... Read more »

Aspen Security Forum

important to keep in contacts the report are hip to this campaign now they understand that this is a particular and very specific campaign against our democracy by that number I do... Read more »

Dan Coats speaks at security forum

I was just doing my job as I express the president on my third visit to the Oval Office as his new princess advisor SMS present there will be times when I... Read more »

Technology and luck: How cold cases are solved

cold cases our criminal investigations that have not been solved all leads have been exhausted but cases are left open in the hopes of discovering new evidence there are many Infamous cold... Read more »