Hurricane Maria Killed Our Loved Ones. We Want Closure. | NYT – Opinion

number 399 number 2851 my mother Juanita Melendez to Cancun died of a heart attack complications from Hurricane Maria with the best 12231 my grandma hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria at the... Read more »

What Judge Kavanaugh Has Said About Roe v Wade, the Constitution and Presidential Power

Pinewood one might call ones BS detector for determining when the executive branch might be exaggerating or Miss stating how things actually work for the problems that was supposedly in Sioux from... Read more »

When Under Attack, These Frogs Hatch Themselves | ScienceTake

that’s a frog embryo leaving it take to enter the world and this embryo can hatch at will the red-eyed tree frog lays its eggs on a branch or Leaf above the... Read more »

Watch: Thai Boys Rescued After 18 Days in Cave | NYT News

The harrowing operation to rescue a group of 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand took 18 days and dozens of divers. Read the story here: Read more »

Full Speech: Trump Announces Supreme Court Nomination

my fellow Americans tonight I speak to you from the East room of the White House regarding one of the most profound responsibilities of the president have the United States and that... Read more »

Thai Cave Rescue Effort Is Underway | NYT News

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The Rape Jokes We Still Laugh At | NYT – Opinion

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Could Holograms Let Our Experiences Live On? | Op-Docs

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How ‘Leave No Trace’ Hides Ben Foster in the Woods | Anatomy of a Scene

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