What Mexico’s President-Elect Thinks of Donald Trump | NYT News

play with Andres Manuel Lopez obrador is Victory Mexico has elected a new president willing to push back against Donald Trump maybe call somebody’s lyrics to go toe-to-toe with from who often... Read more »

Thai Soccer Team Found Alive in Cave | NYT News

The 12 boys and their coach had been trapped in a flooded cave for more than a week. More from The New York Times Video: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch all of our videos... Read more »

Watch Animals Try to Solve This Puzzle Box | ScienceTake

what makes a carnivore smart 4 puzzle-solving tooth and Claw are just not that important and size is the key that’s how big the brain is in relation to the body researchers... Read more »

See Iceland in Virtual Reality | NYT – 52 Places to Go

I believe the travel is good for the world I believe that people should travel more and I believe it people did travel more at the world will be a better place... Read more »

Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare | NYT Opinion – Trump Bites

I know words I have the best words I’m a cleanliness week I love washing my hands where I eat and you go to a restaurant and you wash your hands and... Read more »

Trump and Putin: A Love Story | NYT Opinion – Trump Bites

I know words I have the best words do you have a relationship with Vladimir Putin I do have a check with him and I think he’s done a very brilliant an... Read more »

Donald Trump’s Big, Fat, Oval Office | NYT Opinion – Trump Bites

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Why Support For Police Turned Neighbors Against Each Other | Op-Docs

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Gunman Kills 5 in ‘Targeted Attack’ on Capital Gazette Newsroom | NYT News

this was a target attack on the Capital Gazette I’m going to share the names of R5 victims with you now first victims name is Wendy Winters second victim is Rebecca Smith... Read more »

How Benicio Del Toro Uses Sign Language in ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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