Vladimir Putin Hails ‘Successful’ President Donald Trump Meeting | NBC News

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

could I whip lash is President Trump contradicts us Intelligence on Russia again president Trump says he told private also tonight dark secrets and sex new allegations about the woman charged with... Read more »

Firefighters Battle Wildfires And Heat On West Coast | NBC Nightly News

tonight from California where homes are being threatened to Oregon where structures are being lost Cruiser losing ground in this deadly and destructive Wildfire season the substation fire burning 80 MI outside... Read more »

Study Finds Heavy Tech Use Linked To ADHD | NBC Nightly News

in a household with three teenagers you’re bound to worry about how much time kids spend on their phones and computers I do try to limit it at dinner time I say... Read more »

WWII: Returns To Warship That Survived One Of The Worst Attacks In History | NBC Nightly News

the devil for you the USS laffey nearly two dozen dive bar Kamikaze attacks took their deadly aim on The Laffy in just under 90 minutes killing 32 crewman for so long... Read more »

Apple Pulls Conspiracy Theory Application From The App Store | NBC Nightly News

alongside Angry Birds in Words With Friends is a controversial and popular conspiracy theory app called Q drops it takes false online conspiracies like pizzagate even further the two drops at bogus... Read more »

Growing Concern Over Fire Risk Involving Kia Vehicles | NBC Nightly News

I would get near it happened on the LBJ Freeway in Dallas last October a fellow driver desperate for Linda Creech to pull over for us to get off the road so... Read more »

Study Shows More Young People Dying From Liver Disease | NBC Nightly News

twenty-nine-year-old Zachary Acosta began drinking heavily in his team’s last year he was suddenly rushed to the emergency room I couldn’t stand up I started to pass out he was diagnosed with... Read more »

Scientists Discover Twelve New Moons Orbiting Jupiter, One Of Them Is An Oddity | Mach | NBC News

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Anti-President Donald Trump Protesters Rally Outside White House | NBC News

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