Watch Live: President Donald Trump Participates In Iowa Roundtable | NBC News

medicine prices you probably so aware visor actually announced a price increase and then they we weren’t happy and they took it away they took it away it’s never happened before and... Read more »

Kellyanne Conway Says White House Press Needs To Show ‘A Little More Respect’ | NBC News

is there recognition the White House went too far Banning a reporter from a public event here for reporters the latest polls show that about 92% of your coverage is negative and... Read more »

Jeff Sessions Announces Arrest Of Undocumented Immigrants Involved In Identity Theft | NBC News

we are challenging this office I got to say in every United States attorney’s office to be unleashing these offices and I’m proud to say as a result as a pain and... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

tonight president Trump blasts Michael Cohen lashing out at his former lawyer after the release of that explosive recording which will be before the election appearing to discuss a hush money payoff... Read more »

Watch Live: Trump delivers remarks to steel workers in Granite City, IL

ladies and gentlemen the president Pomeranian okay thank you incredible we’re here today to celebrate a victory a victory or all of you for this community and for our entire country after... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

president Trump lawyer after the release of that explosive recording just before the election is there legal Jeopardy homes destroyed as flash floods go from bad to worse and California in Flames... Read more »

NFL Star Malcolm Jenkins Speaks Out About Bringing Social Issues Into Football | NBC Nightly News

Malcolm Jenkins knows a good opening and so when Colin Kaepernick first took that Infamous knee during the national anthem Jenkins saw an opportunity to talk nothing that motivated that’s none of... Read more »

Millions Under Flood Watch On East Coast | NBC Nightly News

on the East Coast 37 million under flood watches rescues Before Dawn in Hershey Pennsylvania roads inundated cancel loaded up in the car in the back of the garage and took off... Read more »

New Drug Could Slow Down Progression Of Alzheimer’s | NBC Nightly News

today a rare success for Alzheimer’s research a new drug to slow down the progression of the deadly disease which currently has no effective treatments intriguing maker Biogen reported today at a... Read more »

Minnesota Police Department Trying To Repair Trust With ‘Lights Off’ Program | NBC Nightly News

DMV driver’s license by chance Matthew Benson has just been pulled over for a broken light but instead of getting an expensive ticket this driver is getting something else so here’s the... Read more »