President Donald Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court | NBC Nightly News

with maximum drama in Primetime president Trump announce the nomination and praise Brett Kavanaugh as a solid conservative judge Cavanaugh has impeccable credentials unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to eat justice... Read more »

Protestors hurl insults at McConnell: ‘Vote you out!’

where are the children’s home I apologize you did good gold citizen CNBC viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on... Read more »

Thailand Cave Rescue: Four More Boys Brought To Safety | NBC Nightly News

ambulance lights for once bringing good news another boy rescued the 5th then as Darkness fell three more emerged mission accomplished for a second day arrest you that’s defying the odds think... Read more »

Mike Pompeo Shrugs Off North Korea’s ‘Gangster’ Comment, Claims Progress | NBC Nightly News

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Afghanistan today brushing off North Korea’s charge that his disarmament demands were quote gangster like frankly the chairman Kim personally made the president Trump remains is... Read more »

Rescued Thai Soccer Players On Road To Recovery In Hospital | NBC Nightly News

I’m Janis Mackey Frayer at the hospital where the exhausted boys are in isolation not even their parents are allowed to see them quarantine because the risk of infection is so great... Read more »

Police Officer Shown Pulling Gun Out On Kids In Viral Video | NBC Nightly News

surrounded by children screaming profanities the officer pulled his gun during this heated exchange outside in El Paso rec center in the video now viewed millions of times it’s unclear What hap... Read more »

President Trump Choosing Between Kavanaugh And Hardiman For SCOTUS, Source Says | NBC Nightly News

the reality show president drumming up drama ahead of a decision that could Define his presidency so who might make their eastroom debut tonight A source familiar with the process has president... Read more »

Watch live: President Trump announces Supreme Court pick

is Kennedy’s short of sending the country to war Navy Nam the Supreme Court is arguably a president’s most consequential power and with a choice of cabin or a reliable conservative presidents... Read more »

This Organization Builds Sweet Dreams For Needy Families | NBC Nightly News

inside this noisy Warehouse volunteers they’re building sweet dreams bunk beds for needy families sleep in Heavenly peace when we delivered that first bunk bed I had no clue what conditions were... Read more »

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 08, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

tonight the world watches as Rescuers in Thailand risked their lives to save that young soccer team for more than 2 weeks in a flooded cave a Race Against Time some already... Read more »