Rivera: Cohen presents significant legal threat to Trump

president Trump talks about the controversial meeting at Trump Tower with Don Jr and some Russians in 2016 forward the president Trump denying it didn’t react Fox News correspondent at large he... Read more »

Gaetz: Time for Rosenstein to be fired or impeached

do I assign no I do not I don’t think we should be Cavalier with his processor with this term number 1 number 2 I don’t think that this rise of the... Read more »

President Trump fires back at latest Cohen claim

good morning Sandra the president has said repeatedly he didn’t know anything about that Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives in June of 2016 but Michael Cohen is former lawyer and confidante... Read more »

Charlie Kirk: Trump has restored the idea of America

call holsters and those in the media filter predict Donald Trump’s 2016 election win but now in New York Times op-ed is looking all the way to the day after the election... Read more »

Trump gives remarks on tariffs at Illinois steel plant

start up stay up and you’ve proven to the world that you’re capable of doing this just a passionate stay as one team you have our full support we’re going to help... Read more »

Dershowitz on the case against impeaching Rosenstein

attorney general before going on recessed today the two GOP lawmakers leading this charge they the time to act is now quite frankly it’s either we hold him in contempt or we... Read more »

Steve Scalise on unveiling new tax plan, Rosenstein

I do not want to see Nancy to come back as Speaker I want the next speaker to come from California I just don’t want to be Nancy I want it to... Read more »

Shep Smith: Journalists are not the enemy of the people

the White House today calling for civility after stopping a credentialed correspondent from attending and Open Press event with President Trump the press secretary Sarah Sanders says the reporter shouted questions and... Read more »

Rep. Jim Jordan to seek speakership in the new Congress

representative Jim Jordan This is for our reporting a Chad pergram our producer on the hill Jim Jordan Republican of Ohio is running for speaker of the house and then your secrets... Read more »

NY Times: Mueller examining President Trump’s tweets

breaking news now and this reporting a Happening by the New York Times Robert Mueller in his Russia investigation now widening the scope yet again to include now the president’s tweet he’s... Read more »