Gingrich: Trump is tougher on Russia than Obama ever dreamed

Russell living in a grown-up world will a strong statement to you know President Obama supposedly made a strong statement nobody hurt at that statement was not acceptable didn’t get very much... Read more »

UK police identify Russians suspected in nerve agent attacks

what is important to point out another day with these individuals have identified be responsible for the attempted assassination of surrogate scribbling his daughter but also for the mud of doing studies... Read more »

Trump hosts American worker event, signs executive order

is what today is all about we want to open new Pathways for all Americans to secure better jobs and bigger paychecks I’m honored that the president has asked me to leave... Read more »

Wray: Russia still showing discord in the US

the FBI director Christopher Wray making it clear that he believes Moscow remains today and active threat my view has not changed which is the Russian attempted to interfere with the last... Read more »

Jordan on calls to impeach Rosenstein, wrestling probe

how to renew calls for taking action against the deputy AG Rod Rosenstein some lawmakers including our next guest not pushing for an investigation by the Justice Department’s internal Watchdog here’s the... Read more »

Huckabee on Russia fallout: Media have become less credible

don’t think I did great at the news conference I think it was a strong news conference I will tell you why I don’t know what the fuss is all about I... Read more »

Leftists protest California cafe owned by Trump supporter

radical leftist in Southern California are targeting a kosher Cafe just because the owner supports the president and some postings it went along with it Chamber of Commerce revoke the Cafe’s membership... Read more »

Disguised Sacha Baron Cohen confronted by gun store owner

comedian Sacha Baron Cohen making headlines recently for pranks on his Showtime series it just premiered it’s called who is America including attempts to trick lawmakers into appearing butter gun store owner... Read more »

Sen. Mike Lee on his NATO bill, meeting with Kavanaugh

next gas says NATO allies better pay up he’s got a bill in the Senate aiming to make that happen because we know it’s it’s a goal to get to 2% Germany... Read more »

NYT: Trump was briefed in 2017 that Putin ordered hacking

this report broke from The New York Times essentially saying that the president was told that Putin did personally call for the hacking into our elections Karl Rove is back with us... Read more »