Trevor Noah compares Trump to Hitler

In a recent interview, ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah compared President Trump to African dictators and Adolf Hitler, and said the president processes information in a ‘simplistic way.’ FOX News Channel... Read more »

Questions Rep. Andy Biggs wants Lisa Page to answer

notorious anti-trump textures with word Lisa page of the closed-door interview with the house Judiciary Committee tomorrow one day before Peterson looking from Arizona sits on the house Judiciary Committee and a... Read more »

Kellyanne Conway makes the case for Brett Kavanaugh

cancel the president kellyanne Conway weather for this nomination on his list and he had a very transparent and accountable process landed on an incredibly sharp legal mind has offered over 300... Read more »

Entire Thai soccer team, coach freed from cave, Navy says

are absolutely incredible to think that these 13 individual survived more than two weeks in a cave without any real food at just very little water and that they are now out... Read more »

Farage: Trump is right to get tough on NATO

information on President Trump later today or he’ll come face-to-face with a NATO leaders after putting them on notice take care of everything president has been very tough on our NATO allies... Read more »

Trump confident Kim Jong Un will honor contract with US

spell refusing to back down president Trump saying that he believes Kim Jong on will honor their denuclearization agreement but suggested that China could be obstructing the goal of midtrade tension so... Read more »

What America can learn from Europe’s migrant crisis

the European Union’s open border policy has resulted in a massive influx of migrants in the last few years serving two more than a million at its peak so how did this... Read more »

Kavanaugh pick puts pressure on red state Democrat senators

West Virginia Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has not told him he got a hold the line when it comes to opposing president Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh this will turn into a... Read more »

Hemingway: DOJ, AP don’t look good in Manafort controversy

all that excitement is not halted the Russia investigation or inquiries into misconduct at the FBI either the house Judiciary Committee has now subpoenaed former FBI lawyer Lisa Page to appear for... Read more »

Hannity: Left will take extreme measures to malign Kavanaugh

Jay Sekulow the president’s attorney the chief counsel to the American Center of long Justice besides making a call the president to send American troops into Harm’s Way this is now the... Read more »