Michael Moore says ‘wimpy’ Dems must bring down Trump

time now wait for it Friday follis documentary Raymond Arroyo so Raymond what the heck did two cheeseburger say last I am a civil as I as any eagle scout Catholic Altar... Read more »

Vigil held for those killed in Capital Gazette shooting

humidity in morning tonight as Annapolis remembers the five slain journalist and staffers killed in a shooting at the Capital Gazette news room yesterday they Gabriel is live in Maryland tonight good... Read more »

Benjamin Watson responds to Trump’s pardon challenge

White House staffers have reportedly gather paperwork for dozens more Pardons and commutations of criminal offenders as a member call President Trump earlier this month give me to the sentence of Grandmother... Read more »

Rep. Matt Gaetz on grilling Peter Strzok

the New York Times reporting tonight that a quote shaken Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein fell used by the White House for his role in the firing of the former FBI director James... Read more »

Democrats’ new rallying cry: ‘Abolish ICE’

are the top story far-left Christ to abolish ice are now going mainstream in the Democratic party with New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand becoming the first sitting US senator to publicly call... Read more »

President Trump on Supreme Court candidates, Roe v. Wade

breaking news president Trump says he won’t ask potential Supreme Court nominees if they would overturn Roe v Wade that’s the landmark case that legalized abortion he spoke to the Fox Business... Read more »

US Air Force wife shares her story of resilience

Homefront where we Spotlight the men and women serving our nation as well as their families here at home today for 20 plus years husband Neal serves at Joint Base mcguire-dix-lakehurst in... Read more »

Trump: Journalists should be free of fear of attack

I’d like to address the horrific shooting that took place yesterday at Capital Gazette News Room in Annapolis Maryland this attack shocked the conscience of our nation and fill our hearts with... Read more »

Goodlatte: We’re going to restore the reputation of the FBI

I am the deputy attorney general United States okay you’re the boss mr. Rose this time correct questions yesterday but I didn’t get any instructions for bias is the appropriate explanation for... Read more »

Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s SCOTUS picks, Putin meeting

Monsignor canceled the president join just now from the White House and Kelly and good morning and welcome back it’s it’s Friday and you are in the hot seat here okay so... Read more »