Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders campaign in Kansas

the Socialist sensation who actually grew up in Tony Westchester New York but want a stunning primary upset over a top Democrat is tonight taking her message to Kansas and Alexandria ocasio-cortez... Read more »

What Democrats’ left turn means for midterm elections

I need to occupy every airport need to occupy every border me to occupy every ice office until those kids are back with their parents we’re not going to win if we... Read more »

Democrats campaign to abolish ICE

Democratic candidate Alexandria ocasio-cortez is just one Democrat among many campaigning on a far-left immigration agenda she’s not doubling down to abolish ice we need to occupy every airport we need to... Read more »

Gutfeld: The media need to focus on reality instead of fear

it’s Saturday night which means it’s time to go all right he paid attention to the media you were convinced it was once again the end of the freaking world kind of... Read more »

Watters’ Words: The return of Barack Obama

the return of Barack Obama that is a subjective tonight’s Waters words since leaving office but popped up and South Africa this week has been erased dad at the man who did... Read more »

Jeanine: The anger of the left in America is out of control

how was your week mine as you may have heard was quite eventful and a message for Whoopi Goldberg regarding what happened on The View this week coming up later in the... Read more »

Study: Conservatives more likely to live meaningful lives

they’re sappier but we’re happier new research for the University of California wherever that is shows conservatives believe their lives are more meaningful weather liberal counterpart seem to be searching for meaning... Read more »

Pompeo: Trump has been strong in protecting US from Russia

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to talk about in a stork meeting of religious persecution the state Department’s put together for next week but first secretary thank you for your time today... Read more »

Gutfeld on defense of ‘killer’ AI robots

Joe bunch of really smart people called scientists signed a pledge to block the creation of lethal autonomous weapons meaning Killer Robots I guess they finally stopped FURminator but before we held... Read more »

Discussions underway for Putin to visit Washington

with the Uproar over his first summit with Russia’s leader still reverberating throughout the halls and political Washington we learn tonight president Trump has already told his staff to work on a... Read more »