The best pulls from a Pokémon Celestial Storm booster box – SECRET RARE!

you’re right this is Miley Sports and we are here to open a lot of Pokemon cards when they were the Sun and Moon Celestial storm expansion set which is your own... Read more »

Hilarious moment man deploys airbag underneath reclining chair – Daily Mail

four three two oneIn the hilarious video, filmed in Wayland, Iowa, the man dressed in cowboy boots, blue jeans and a crash helmet is launched into the air by his makeshift contraption.... Read more »

Shocking moment man smashes ATM machines with a hammer – Daily Mail

A hammer-wielding man was caught on camera smashing four cash machines in a revenge attack in Hubei province, north China. The man was reportedly seeking shelter at the bank from the rain... Read more »

Huge sharks feast on a whale carcass at Angourie Point – Daily Mail

A drone video has captured a group of sharks feasting off a dead whale’s tail and fin, floating on a popular surf beach. The famous north coast beach at Angourie Point, New... Read more »

Furious wife jumps onto bonnet of unfaithful hubby’s car – Daily Mail

A furious wife who reportedly caught her husband cheating was filmed confronting him and his mistress in broad daylight in east China. Shocking video footage shot by witnesses in Nanjing city shows the... Read more »

Dog in cape and sunglasses shows off his roller-skating skills – Daily Mail

A dog in China has become an internet sensation by performing a perfect slalom skates between cones. The Chihuahua-Shar Pei mix, nicknamed Duoduo, put on a red cape and glided confidently side... Read more »

Crested Serpent Eagle catches snake before taking flight – Daily Mail

Wildlife photographer Liu Chia-Pin captured the incredible shots of the black drongo bird landing on the eagle in Taipei, Taiwan. The Crested Serpent Eagle, which has a five-foot wingspan, was perched on... Read more »

Caught on camera! Jenny McCarthy’s piano plays on its own – Daily Mail

Donnie Donnie play the piano someone just play the piano I don’t know Donald it playedCaught on camera! Jenny McCarthy freaks out as her piano plays on its own. Jenny left the... Read more »

One killed as Oregon wildfire continues to spread – Daily Mail

the fast-moving substation fire in Central Oregon has turned deadly a tractor operator was killed while trying to clear brush around the massive wildfire that is burned 50000 Acres authorities found the... Read more »

Chicago teacher given over $500 on flight for low-income students – Daily Mail

thing that Kimber Bermudez has no problem with a specially when you asked her about her job and it was a conversation about her job as a teacher that set off a... Read more »