Trump praises U.S. steel, bashes the media during Illinois rally – Daily Mail

we’re here today to celebrate a great Victory is a victory for all of you for this community and for our entire country after years of shutdowns and cutbacks today the best... Read more »

Workman smashes car window to rescue three dogs on hottest day – Daily Mail

Police were scrambled to the vehicle where the three creatures were trapped inside, but officers wanted to wait for their owners to return. The refuse worker and his female colleague were so... Read more »

Chrissy Teigen plays with dangerous Tarantula Hawk Wasp – Daily Mail

what is this Luna it’s a bug is he a nice bug orShe is known for her hilarious social media stories, much to the delight of her fans. And on Wednesday, Chrissy... Read more »

Chrissy Teigen takes it easy while cheering on John’s workout – Daily Mail

get it done. John got it working out very hardShe gave birth to her second child, Miles Theodore, nearly eleven weeks ago. And after flaunting her incredible post-baby body on social media... Read more »

Fields reduced to ashes in Nottinghamshire as 99F Furnace Friday hits – Daily Mail

Britain entered the heatwave’s most intense conditions yet today on ‘Furnace Friday’ with possible 99F (37C) highs, thunderstorms, hail and floods. Blazes have been burning in the likes of North Wales, Hampshire,... Read more »

99F Furnace Friday: huge blaze on Ferndown Common in Dorset – Daily Mail

Huge fires are breaking out across tinderbox Britain as the country enters the heatwave’s most intense conditions yet today on ‘Furnace Friday’ with possible 99F (37C) highs, thunderstorms, hail and floods. Blazes... Read more »

Fires to floods: Greece endures torrential storm after wildfires – Daily Mail

Torrential rains have devastated parts of Athens leaving cars submerged in mud and home and businesses flooded. The floods brought more chaos to areas devastated by wildfires that killed at least 82... Read more »

California TV station forced to evacuate as wildfire approaches – Daily Mail

so I’ve moved to the other side of town so I am hat I’m getting my first look at this scene which is just shocking this is reading right now just glowing... Read more »

Homes destroyed and at least one dead in explosive wildfires – Daily Mail

Thousands of people have been forced to flee – including TV presenters while on air – after a wildfire tore through an area of northern California, killing a bulldozer operator as he... Read more »