Mark Zuckerberg clarifies his Holocaust comments

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing backlash over a comment you made about Holocaust deniers an interview that was published Wednesday Cena senior meteor Oliver Darcy is here now all over the... Read more »

Madeleine Albright on Putin summit: I am worrying more

to the American people and the world this morning was trying to figure out where the president of the United States actually stands on Vladimir Putin in an interview last night on... Read more »

Senator Graham: Trump is misjudging Putin

listening to Republican senator Lindsey Graham on the hill siblings it is remotely smart to allow us to require our former Ambassador mr. Brodeur or any other person to submit interviews by... Read more »

Black students falsely accused of dine and dash

earlier this month 10 incoming freshman at Washington University in St Louis went to IHOP for dinner they ordered they ate they pay their check and they were heading back to campus... Read more »

Max Boot slams Putin’s proposal to interrogate former US ambassador

the White House says president Trump is still considering a proposal by Vladimir Putin for the Kremlin to interrogate Americans including a former US ambassador to Moscow exchange for their assistance in... Read more »

Trump again questions the entire point of NATO

tonight there’s worldwide fall out after president Trump once again raised doubts about his commitment to Nato and whether the United States would defend the alliance’s newest member was good the Pentagon... Read more »

Trump: John Brennan is a total low-life

General James Clapper is joining us right now on the phone I want to get your reaction General Clapper I’ll play the clip once again for you and then we’ll discuss you... Read more »

Trump: I don’t want to get into whether Putin lied

show me play another clip from the CBS news interview I just released listen to this intelligence agencies lying to you I don’t want to get into whether or not he’s lying... Read more »

Search and rescue in the Rocky Mountains – 360 Video

every rescue start as a search and we are fortunate to have a helicopter based here in Steamboat that has the ability to go out and do these rescues in the backcountry... Read more »

Anderson Cooper imitates Trump’s ‘no’ moment

president Trump now saying he was very strong in his words with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki but you have to take his word for it because if it’s true it only happen... Read more »