Rudy Giuliani calls Michael Cohen a liar

alright sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN the president former lawyer Michael Cohen says he may tell Robert Mueller the president knew about that Trump Tower meeting with a possible... Read more »

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s silence is deafening

good evening it’s been nearly 48 hours since the secret recording made by Michael Cohen of Donald Trump was first played on CNN nearly 48 hours since it became clear that the... Read more »

Michael Cohen claims Trump knew of Trump Tower meeting

plane that goes to the truth of what the president and when he knew about an event that is Central to the special counsel Russia investigation let’s get after we have CNN... Read more »

Omarosa’s new book is ‘Unhinged’

no more nodding at the president’s words no more smiling alongside him on the Roses on the attack with unhinged when she left the White House she warned us it is a... Read more »

Putin: ‘Ready’ to go to Washington, invites Trump to Moscow

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IMF: Venezuela’s inflation to hit 1,000,000%

Venezuela already has the world’s highest inflation it looks like the economic crisis there is about to get even worse the international monetary fund projects the country’s inflation rate will rise to... Read more »

Evidence of lake beneath Mars’ surface detected

buried inside the red planet a long-sought discovery adds to the speculation they may have once been Life on Mars feeling their findings at a news conference scientist at the Italian space... Read more »

Paul Ryan: I do not support impeaching Rosenstein

appropriate for your colleagues to try to impeach Rod Rosenstein and it’s also appropriate for them documents that are directly well let me step back first of all it is appropriate that... Read more »

Rep. Jim Jordan to run for House speaker

breaking political news just into CNN from Capitol Hill a controversial combative house Conservative Republican Congressman Jim Jordan just confirming to CNN that he is jumping into the race to lead House... Read more »

NYT: Mueller looking through Trump’s tweets

breaking news now in the special counsel Russia medley investigation the New York Times just posting a story quoting sources say the special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors looking... Read more »