Acosta asks Trump: Will you stop calling press the enemy?

the president meanwhile he’s speaking out about the newspaper shooting calling the killing of those 5 journalist horrific and horrible let’s go to our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for the... Read more »

Berman: Trump has no problem with verbal attacks

right now in Annapolis Maryland people are gathering for a vigil to remember and honor the five people who were killed in the shooting at that Newsroom of the Capital Gazette newspaper... Read more »

Trump appointee guts UN document on racism

I want to turn into some more breaking news in our politics lead CNN is breaking news right now that one is President trumps political appointees of the state department to Deputy... Read more »

Comedian says he prank called Trump on Air Force One

hi Bob how are you congratulations on everything we’re proud of you congratulations great job you went through a tough tough situation and I don’t think of her it was actually a... Read more »

Trump: Journalists should be free from fear

president Trump today defended journalist then his first comments about the Capital Gazette shooting listen you should text shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief was like... Read more »

Editor details accused shooter’s troubling threats and rants

from a former editor of the Capital Gazette and I’m quoting now the capitol like all these papers angry people everyday in his pursuit of the news in my day people protested... Read more »

Obama gives Democrats tough love: ‘Enough moping’

former president Barack Obama has a message for Democrats stop moping here was part of his comments at the DNC fundraiser last night if you are one of these folks who was... Read more »

Watch separated mom and son reunite

little bit about 25 year old woman will call Brenda right now I have your last name for her own protection we are anticipating this moment your little boy hadn’t seen him... Read more »

Immigration attorney represented 3-year-old

when it comes to reunification there wasn’t a word about it in the president’s executive order and as we listen to them today it doesn’t sound like they have any plan whatsoever... Read more »

Victim’s brother: He was killed doing what he loved

today we mourn the loss of the five journalist killed in the shooting at the Capital Gazette Annapolis Maryland from high as soon as an assistant managing editor the capital of his... Read more »