Teacher by day, Nazi-themed wrestler by night

you know teaching is a tough job offering for not enough pay and now one Middle School teacher here in Pennsylvania is in hot water from Moonlighting at another gig during the... Read more »

Attorney: ‘Stand your ground’ law is license to kill people of color

there’s a funeral today for a man shot dead July 19 in a Florida parking lot of the shooting is on video everybody knows who did it and the culprit has not... Read more »

Massive California fire jumps over river and roars into city of 95,000 people

stunning you images from the west coast of the devastation in our Earth matter Series today as more than 44000 acres in Northern California been engulfed in flames the rapidly expanding wildfires... Read more »

Michael Avenatti, Alan Dershowitz debate gets personal

the release of that audio tape between Donald Trump and his one-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen incident reporting from sources who say Kevin is claiming the president new of the Trump Tower... Read more »

Police investigating three suspicious packages at Trump Tower in New York

we are breaking news coming into the Situation Room police have been called to Trump Tower in New York City after reports of multiple multiple suspicious package package is found outside Trump... Read more »

Six women say that CBS chief Les Moonves sexually harassed them, New Yorker reports

breaking news in New York or tonight reporting serious and extremely disturbing allegations from six women who say they were sexually harassed and intimidated by the chairman and CEO of CBS Les... Read more »

Anderson Cooper: Trump’s defenders can’t keep their story straight

good evening it says something about the kind of week we’ve seen or month or year 3 for that matter that the big question tonight is who you going to believe someone... Read more »

Don Lemon: Trump lies coming in fast and furious

Donald Trump’s presidency can be defined by lies well over two thousand of them so far and those lies are coming Fast and Furious the last week alone president Trump made 54... Read more »

Cardinal resigns amid altar boy abuse allegation

breaking news this morning from the bad again regarding the resignation of a cardinal senior a Vatican attalus johnella Jones was on the telephone with the details retired Cardinal theater and he... Read more »

Erin Burnett responds to Trump official’s ‘word games’

today the White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bill shine not backing down from the White House’s decision yesterday to Black Sands kaitlan Collins from covering an event in the Rose Garden... Read more »