The strange saga of triplets separated at birth

Bobby shaffran Eddy galland David Kalman all adopted at Birth and we’re not aware of each other’s existence so far interesting but not remarkable but then at age 19 the three boys... Read more »

EPA rolls back Obama-era coal ash regulations

it’s quiet it’s saying it’s a family atmosphere North Carolina the Tranquil town of just over a thousand people sits right along picturesque belews Lake the lake that was a big reason... Read more »

Press unites to fight back against White House

Alliance develop this week regarding the president’s ongoing war with the media or so it seemed first some background you’ll remember the during the president’s visit to Checkers the country home of... Read more »

Reagan interpreter: Atrocious for us to testify in probe

quite welcome back there is no word if a private meeting part do with President Trump is in the cards if let Amir Putin does visit the White House this fall despite... Read more »

Man taken into custody at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles after hours-long standoff

we’re following breaking news out of Los Angeles where a gunman is barricaded inside a Trader Joe’s grocery store possibly with hostages an unknown number of people according to the LAPD police... Read more »

Missouri duck boat survivor describes sinking

first one to thank everyone for coming to hear my story how is how I survived I want to thank the hospital for taking such good care of me for me and... Read more »

White Helmets evacuated into Jordan by Israel

have you seen countless times these people running into dangerous situations risking their lives digging through Rubble to save civilians in the Syrian conflict now we know it in Israel and Jordan... Read more »

GOP lawmaker wants to look at Trump’s taxes

the president top intelligence official says he still doesn’t know what happened behind closed doors when mr. Trump met privately with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki 3 days ago Dan coats also acknowledging... Read more »

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ isn’t new

the summit push Trump critics over the edge and they’re just staying for the president’s Behavior Civility and puppy well actually it’s been the everywhere else full-blown Trump derangement syndrome derangement Syndrome... Read more »

Ex-CIA chief on Trump-Putin summit: I feel sick

it’s day 3 of The Fallout from the Helsinki Summit the question still keep coming and coming about exactly what went on behind closed doors between Trump and Putin of course one... Read more »