Deadly wildfire raging toward California city

Joe Vasquez is from our CBS station in San Francisco and Joey are in Redding California with a car fire is quickly a closing in this fire I mean all the fire... Read more »

Former cricket legend wins Pakistan election

we’re following the latest in Pakistan where former cricket star Imran Khan has declared Victory he has valid to transform the country into a new pack of sin as prime minister opposition... Read more »

America is nearing peak income inequality

According to an Economic Policy Institute study, the richest residents in five states have already surpassed the 1928 peak for income inequality. Read more »

New York murder suspect caught holding woman captive in LA hotel

this house in Springfield Gardens Queens as wear a 29 year old nurse Samantha Stewart was found dead inside her bedroom at her family’s home July 17th Chopper to capture detectives going... Read more »

Expert discusses overdose treatment after Demi Lovato hospitalization

our partners at Entertainment Tonight have confirmed at singer and actress Demi Lovato overdose in her Los Angeles home yesterday it is unclear what drug or drugs were involved but its source... Read more »

“Finality”: 9/11 victim’s remains identified 17 years later

Remains of a 26-year-old securities analyst Scott Michael Johnson have been identified nearly 17 years after the attacks. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch CBSN live HERE: Follow... Read more »

Wildfires rage in California

doesn’t the fires across the thousands of families from their home in east of Los Angeles arson for a fire that destroyed several buildings Idyllwild California and force more than 3,000 people... Read more »

Speaker Paul Ryan discusses Rod Rosenstein impeachment effort, Jim Jordan’s run for speaker

press conference where he is a dressing the latest articles of impeachment against attorney play hi-standard number 3 we since I got involved evidence have been getting a lot of compliance from... Read more »

New Orleans officers fired, charged over man’s beating

anything to defend myself because I still entering through a backdoor initially the man claimed Gomez attacked them but the royalettes account and surveillance video from the incident that started at the... Read more »

Facebook’s bottom line takes a hit after falling short of expectations

Facebook’s bottom line is taking a hit after months and headlines about privacy and content concerned the company’s stock saying as much as 24% in after-hours trading yesterday that fall wiped out... Read more »