Nicaragua’s Ortega tightens grip on opposition stronghold

we’re following the latest in Nicaragua as the country marks its National Liberation day pro-government paramilitaries have essentially invaded and captured the streets of Messiah this city has been at the center... Read more »

Man sets record for most watermelons sliced on own stomach

I feel relieved I mean it went really well it could have gone better but I’m very very latest please don’t try this at home cuz it’s a very sharp blade and... Read more »

Watch Now: President Trump hosts the Pledge to America’s Workers event

Russian stance now there are other interactions when she sends photos of herself or talks about her work on behalf of the Russian Federation and gets towed of responses and one that... Read more »

The size of your paycheck can depend on your location

Geography matters, job hunters: A new report shows incomes for the same job can vary widely based on where you live Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch CBSN live... Read more »

Watch Now: Nancy Pelosi holds weekly press conference | July 19, 2018

paying jobs president Trump promise to drain the swamp but he’s turned it into a cesspool at the expense of the water are children drink the air they breathe the rights of... Read more »

America is nearing peak income inequality

The richest residents in five states have already surpassed the 1928 peak for income inequality Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch CBSN live HERE: Follow CBS News on... Read more »

Senator Lankford: Russia is most significant election threat, despite other attempts

Republican senator James Lankford of Oklahoma joins me now from Capitol Hill he’s a member of the Senate intelligence committee and also the homeland security and governmental Affairs committee thank you so... Read more »

Who President Trump dreams of running against in 2020

hi everyone I’m Anne Marie green for the very first time since taking office president Trump publicly holding his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin responsible for meddling in the 2016 election now in... Read more »

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina to stay in jail

a federal judge says accused Russian agent Maria butina must stay in jail until her trial the 29 year old pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and acting as a foreign... Read more »

Poll: Most Americans disapprove of Trump on Russia summit

we are getting new reaction to president Trump’s Summit with Russia’s gladimir Putin the president handled that meeting but it’s a different story along party lines 68% of Republicans approve compared to... Read more »