Prince Louis, third child of William and Kate, is christened

proud grandparents Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla led the way on the Cambridge family of 5 followed older brother Prince George and big sister princess Charlotte ready to celebrate the baptism of... Read more »

Russian Progress ship launched on fast run to International Space Station

the second umbilical now retracted initiating the launch sequence standing by 4 engine launched commanding we have engines store turbo pumps up to flight speed and Lift-Off we have liftoff of the... Read more »

Six-year-old twin brothers save toddler from drowning

awesome and her familyWhen 6-year-old twins Peyton and Bryant Switzer went on a family vacation to Disney World, they expected to see characters and go on rides. They didn’t expect to save... Read more »

Opponents of medical marijuana drop lawsuit in Utah

the Coalition Drug safe Utah that was opposing the Utah ballot measure to legalize marijuana has withdrawn their lawsuit the move clears the path for November’s highly contested ballot measure but the... Read more »

Ex-U.S. Navy SEAL details what it will take to rescue the trapped boys

this is a look at the hospital and Chiang Rai Thailand right now the first four people pulled from a nearby cave Sunday were taken to this hospital after being rescued so... Read more »

Second phase of Thai cave rescue is underway

hi everyone I’m Anne Marie green how to tape for members of the young soccer team will pull the safety yesterday they were stranded in the cave downpours though in Northern Thailand... Read more »

What will the effects of the cave entrapment be on the boys and their coach?

this is what the hospital in Chiang Rai Thailand right now the first 4 people pulled from a nearby cave on Sunday were taken to this Hospital minutes after they were pulled... Read more »

Rescue efforts set to resume later Monday afternoon, Washington Post reporter says

hi everybody on Brook silva-braga good to have you with us it’s Monday morning and Thailand and Rescuers they are making preparations for a second dive into that cave where soccer team... Read more »

Heavy rains could change the conditions in Thai cave rescue, meteorologist says

if it’s our drivers are preparing to begin the second phase of their rescue in Thailand those rescue divers successfully removed for people from the Cave the mission was Old Vail for... Read more »

“Everyone is praying” in Thailand for boys trapped in cave

everyone on Brook silva-braga thanks for joining us tonight it’s already Monday morning and Thailand and we’re waiting for Rescuers to start their second trip into the cave where youth soccer team... Read more »