Latest on Missouri duck boat tragedy that left 17 dead

learning more about the tragic capsizing of a duck boat in Missouri last night a fast-moving storm batter the boat full of tourist as a cross to Table Rock Lake in the... Read more »

Special Olympics return to Chicago for 50th anniversary

the Special Olympics have returned to Chicago 50 years on from the first world summer games 1000 athletes in 26 states in the US and Canada gather at Soldier Field in the... Read more »

Cohen recorded conversation with Trump about Playboy playmate payment

and the New York Times has uncovered new information about the raid into Michael Cohen the president former personal attorney the times that says the FBI has a recording of Cohen and... Read more »

Republicans react to Trump-Putin summit and news of Cohen tape

CBS News has learned president Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen secretly recorded conversations between the two of them and according to the New York Times Cohen and mr. Trump were discussing... Read more »

Was it legal for Cohen to tape conversation with Trump?

president Trump is slamming his former attorney Michael Cohen for taping a conversation that the two how to hack battle payments it was intended to suppress Playboy model Karen McDougal and speaking... Read more »

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter on her grandfather’s letters from prison

this week Nelson Mandela was remembered around the world and what would have been his 100th birthday the former South African president for the majority of his life working to bring it... Read more »

George H.W. Bush’s doctor killed in Houston

Houston man killed while riding his bicycle to work has been identified as former President George HW Bush’s doctor please say dr. Marten house next was shot by another man on a... Read more »

Starbucks announces first deaf-friendly “Signing Store”

hi I’m Adam a Starbucks Jeff partner for the past 18 years I work as a utility analyst and I’m involved in the death leadership group are thrilled to announce Starbucks opening... Read more »

Russian national accused of being a spy will remain jailed

a Russian national accused of working as a spy Maria butina will remain in jail ahead of her trial after prosecutors argued that she posed an extreme Flight Risk the twenty-nine-year-old pleaded... Read more »

White House rejects Putin’s offer to interrogate Russian meddling suspects

alright CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins us now major good to see you be with you what’s the latest on this Sarah via email is this going to... Read more »