Will the election of a new Mexican president affect NAFTA talks?

the talks are supposed to resume this summer at least according to the Canadian government button developments in Mexico and the US would suggest otherwise president Donald Trump now says he wants... Read more »

Police back at property linked to accused serial killer Bruce McArthur

where is the new forensic search underway this hour in the Toronto serial killer case police are now back at a property where investigative teams work 4 weeks to uncover victims remains... Read more »

Big game hunter who killed giraffe faces social media backlash

American Big Game Hunter who is drawing International outrage this morning and now defending her actions online but the criticism is directed at the photo you see behind me that she has... Read more »

Thailand soccer team await risky cave rescue

there is fresh Hope and New concern for the boys trapped in a cave and Thailand this morning hope comes from new video of that the boys all smiles as The Rescuers... Read more »

What’s behind Toronto’s recent surge of gun violence?

Toronto police are investigating the 3rd shooting in 3 straight nights in all the cases the attacks were in heavily populated areas of the downtown core of the city and there are... Read more »

Samsung phones sending pictures to contacts without permission

here’s a potential nightmare scenario imagine of all the photos on your phone were sent to one of your contacts or all of your contacts friends relatives coworkers boss and you didn’t... Read more »

TransUnion mistakes woman for someone with same name, reveals private credit data

Canadians rely on credit reporting agencies to provide accurate information on financial affairs but one Halifax woman says that was not her experience with TransUnion not only did the credit agency make... Read more »

New Mexican president pledges support for a NAFTA deal

Mexico’s new president Andres Manuel Lopez obrador is repeating his support for NAFTA and doing so on a phone call with prime minister Justin Trudeau Nick the mash has the latest from... Read more »

Thailand cave rescue: Officials still debating how to get stranded soccer team out

rescue teams are working through the night in Thailand to save 12 boys and their coach trapped inside a cave Crews have located the group alive but now they are facing another... Read more »

British health-care worker arrested on suspicion of murdering 8 babies

detectives in England say they have a major break in a horrifying serial murder case I suspect is now being held on suspicion of murdering 8 babies and attempting to kill 6... Read more »