Conservatives respond to Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle

here with us today at Lisa Raye and look at that are from the Conservative Party of Canada or the comment about the this morning’s cabinet Shuffle for being here this afternoon... Read more »

Toronto Raptors trade DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard

tray that has stun fans of the Toronto Raptors the team has traded away its best player DeMar DeRozan blockbuster trade that includes three other players the Raptors are getting two-time All-Star... Read more »

Bill Blair talks Trudeau cabinet shuffle

nothing signals about 1 years ago until the federal election quite like a summertime cabinet Shuffle Justin Trudeau shook up his inner circle today in a bigger way than expected bringing in... Read more »

New Cyclone helicopter leaves for its first international deployment

piece of Canada’s latest military gear is such an employee for the first time today and it marks a milestone for the Canadian Armed Forces a new Cyclone helicopter is on board... Read more »

CBC News special: Trudeau cabinet shuffle LIVE

Justin Trudeau will be trusting with key cabinet positions hoping to position his team for the 2019 federal election campaign I’m here with Chris Hall those to CBC Radio the house and... Read more »

“It is not too late to save Brexit” Boris Johnson delivers resignation speech

I’m very proud that we have ready the world against Russians barbaric All chemical weapons with an unprecedented to 28 countries joining together to expel 153 spies in protest of what happened... Read more »

Thai soccer team speaks about cave rescue

so do I bought him to say goodbye to the medical team to respond to be in the hospital that have passed that critical point so that energy and the power is... Read more »

12 new moons discovered around Jupiter

scientist are announcing this morning the discovery of 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter the kind of the Carnegie Institution for Science put out this video showing the different types of moons hovering... Read more »

Trump says he misspoke in Helsinki, accepts Russia meddled in U.S. election

what does Donald Trump peace through strength I have helped the NATO alliance greatly by increasing defense contributions from our well Eyes by over 44 billion dollars and secretary Solberg was fantastic... Read more »

Canadian missing in California desert

a search for Canadian missing in California is entering its V de Paul Miller went hiking at Joshua Tree National Park last Friday morning and his wife reported him missing hours later... Read more »