Teen’s photos, info end up in Dubai after trading in broken iPhone

if you’re thinking of trading in your old cell phone you may want to take some extra precautions a Toronto area teenager says her private information is now in the hands of... Read more »

Ontario government prepares to kill cap-and-trade

Ontario’s new pc government tabled legislation to kill the province’s cap-and-trade program today it was one of the key planks of Doug Ford’s campaign and according to his government repealing cap and... Read more »

Teacher charged in drowning death of student on Algonquin Park canoe trip

Ontario Provincial Police have charged a teacher in the death of a 15 year old student who drowned last year the team was on a school field trip with his class Megan... Read more »

‘Professor of fires’ takes your questions about forest fires in Ontario | Q&A

alright we are alive my name is Hayden Waters we are here at the CDC and we are talking forest fires I have a guest here with me like what I see... Read more »

U.S. reaches deadline for reuniting migrant families separated at border

the Trump Administration is facing a deadline today to move my grandchildren out of detention and return them to their parents Lindsay duncombe joins us from Washington with more on this so... Read more »

Cannabis questions: teens get answers

weed cannabis heart Mary Jane from kids on Mary J Mary Jane marijuana obviously it feel like to be on marijuana almost like being intoxicated mellow laid-back and fuel you could get... Read more »

AFN election interference allegations

who were the second round of voting is underway in the Assembly of First Nations election after the first ballot failed to produce a clear winner three candidates remain to challenge the... Read more »

AFN national chief victory speech

so a call forward Elder Mike Mitchell for presentation of the eagle feather water drum use please come forward representing East with the water drum close to 40 years ago we started... Read more »

Aeroplan gets purchase offer from Air Canada and three finance giants

what is Canada’s largest loyalty reward programs may be up for sale group of buyers has made an offer for Aeroplan and Scott is here with this breaking news this is quite... Read more »

Suicide blast kills at least 31 during election voting in Pakistan

we’re expecting early results soon from the general election in Pakistan a vote that was murdered today by violence reports of a suicide bomber finding his motorcycle into a crowd of people... Read more »