Watch blood moon full lunar eclipse LIVE

The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and... Read more »

After 15 years on boil advisory, Semiahmoo First Nation getting drinkable water

15 years is a long time to wait for a reliable source of clean drinking water but that’s how long a first nation in British Columbia has been under a boil water... Read more »

Doug Ford to slash number of Toronto councillors Q&A

downtown Toronto is Tasha keratin host of the Tash of keratin show in New York tonight we have Sean’s beer he’s a senior fellow a fiscal policy normally at the McDonald Laurier... Read more »

Air Canada to raise fare prices, citing higher fuel costs

that next flight on Air Canada could cost you more the airlines top boss warned airfares are going up to help make up for soaring fuel bills Jimmy Lee is here at... Read more »

Doug Ford plan to slash Toronto city council sparks protests

Just 4 weeks into the job and Ontario Premier Doug Ford is whipping up a political firestorm in Canada’s biggest city his plan to slash the number of counselors in Toronto by... Read more »

CBS CEO Les Moonves accused of sexual misconduct

another powerful man in the media business is facing allegations of sexual harassment Les moonves the chief executive of CBS Corporation is being accused by six women the claims were detailed in... Read more »

Firefighters killed fighting flames in Ontario and California

we are tracking a number of active wildfires burning across North America including deadly fires in Northern California and Northwestern Ontario now that deadly fire is burning near Red Lake Ontario and... Read more »

AFN election wrap-up

I want to say to you I love you. We are the change no one has jurisdiction over my and my grandchildren and my family except me and my brother and my... Read more »

Doug Ford announces plan to slash number of Toronto councillors

morning everyone thank you very much everybody I want to thank our Minister Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark being here today thank you for the incredible work on this important file... Read more »

Longest lunar eclipse of century will create “blood moon” over parts of Asia and Africa

stargazers around the world are getting ready for a very rare astronomical event today the longest total lunar eclipse of the century is arriving this afternoon and it set to Showcase a... Read more »