Canada’s Ambassador to U.S. on NAFTA talks

NAFTA talks have been on ice for weeks now and since then a lot of stuff happened between the three trading partners including tit-for-tat steel tariffs and nasty and to the G7... Read more »

Provinces differ on carbon pricing | Premiers’ League

it’s their choice right premium all my software we’re deciding to take a different avenue when it comes to the carbon tax provinces are able to address global climate change and emissions... Read more »

Free trade within Canada | Premiers’ League

we are back with the Premier League former premier of BC Christy Clark and former premier of Nova Scotia Darrell Dexter Ramirez have agreed at least at this point to start to... Read more »

Duck boat tragedy survivor who lost 9 family members describes accident

tribute to the victims of Thursday’s deadly boat capsizing this is the scene in Branson Missouri where hundreds of people gather last night for Mitchell not far from where the deadly incident... Read more »

Wildfires burn across B.C.’s Okanagan Valley

firefighters in British Columbia are closely watching the weather this weekend dozens of wildfires continue to rage across the Okanagan Valley thousands are affected either their fleeing their homes or they’re on... Read more »

Anti-pipeline protesters defy eviction order in B.C.

protesters camp out in opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion say they’re not going anywhere that in spite of an eviction order and a deadline that came into effect this morning... Read more »

Trump responds to tape report, denies affair

Donald Trump is attacking his former lawyer and government officials today it resolved and revolves around yesterday’s news that he was taped discussing payments to a model who allege they had a... Read more »

Jet suit on sale in London for $592K

they run on jet fuel but you can also run them on diesel you quite a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they weren’t puffy while on diesel... Read more »

NDP MP Christine Moore cleared of misconduct allegations

and we’re taking you alive we’re taking a nap now to my back where we’re hearing from Christine Moore she is responding to the findings of an independent investigation clearing her about... Read more »

Ontario joins Saskatchewan in carbon tax fight

Saskatchewan just added more muscle to its fight against ottawa’s National price on carbon today Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced his Province will join Saskatchewan’s legal battle and there’s a chance other... Read more »