Trump claims NATO victory, Trudeau indirectly disagrees

I believe in NATO I think that is a very important probably the greatest ever done obsolete thank me there’s a great collegial spirit in that room that I don’t think they’ve... Read more »

Anti-Trump protests put Theresa May in awkward spot

Pomp and ceremony at Blenheim Palace Irish and Scots guards exactly the image vice president wants from his first British too long delayed and argued over nevermind that 70% of this country... Read more »

Anne’s new season features original black character

you all white boy productions tourist lie for me is Bash in the upcoming season of Anne with an E you’ll be doing more than just adding a new character who didn’t... Read more »

Canadian military still uses armoured vehicle with deadly fault

Anna loveman drive hours to attend military events like this she doesn’t want her son Kyle Sinclair to be forgotten he was so good with kids so mean he would have been... Read more »

Toronto police increase security, remain vague on details

this many officers in downtown Toronto is unusual so was a vague tweet this morning from police it said beliefs are responding to an unconfirm uncorroborated piece of information relating to the... Read more »

Bruce McArthur’s alleged victims: Why investigating their remains takes so long

the police tape is back up media is back at a distance while investigators behind this house keep up their gruesome search police haven’t said what human remains the coroner’s office came... Read more »

England united in World Cup defeat

if only for a moment divisions dissolved brexit took a back seat on everyone’s face this nation became one is just to do it every single person in this society and Read more »

Trudeau urged to help Greyhound, but private companies could be the answer

how else we supposed to get up there if we’re not going to be hitchhiking and they’re not going to put a bus I don’t have the money to take a train... Read more »

Thailand cave rescue: First photos of rescued boys, dangerous mission detailed

do the first images of the soccer team together again no longer huddled on that Rocky ledge but side by side in hospital beds in some way for the cameras will Overjoyed... Read more »

No U.S. ally safe from Trump’s criticism at NATO summit

it’s an unfair burden on United States breakfast wasn’t even serve with NATO and you want protection against or from the group if you want to text when we stand together also... Read more »