Scientists develop patch to detect meat contaminated with E. coli

honey yusepe is a graduate student in engineering but lately she’s been handling a lot of ground beef at this lab at McMaster University not to make burgers but to test a... Read more »

Trump critic is Mexico’s next president

when Andres Manuel Lopez obrador set his sights on the Mexican presidency he knew full well the value in Mexico of taking on Donald Trump after all as Trump’s still regularly reminds... Read more »

Weekend of shootings in Toronto prompts calls for action

on Saturday shooting in the city’s Entertainment District left two people dead and 1 injured and then last night gotten fire again rang out in the downtown core four people were hurt... Read more »

Canada’s international trade challenges

even the humble hot dog isn’t immune think ketchup and mustard Belong Together trade bite has them on on equal footing u.s. made ketchup like Heinz is now subject to a 10%... Read more »

World Cup changes Western perceptions of Russia

Astros World Cup fan Zone earlier today as the Russians knocked out heavily favored Spain after too exhausting hours of regular time resulted in a 1-1 Time Rush approval on penile fixing... Read more »

Two Toronto rappers dead in downtown shooting

the easygoing mood of Canada Day weekend came to an abrupt halt went shots rang out yesterday evening in the Heart of the City just a couple of weeks after another shocking... Read more »

NHL star John Tavares signs with Toronto Maple Leafs

and in this country Toronto Maple Leafs fans could be forgiven if this Canada Day felt more like Christmas day they learn superstar John Tavares it’s signed with the team he knows... Read more »

Former Humboldt Broncos player and family killed in car accident

just months after the town of Humboldt was shattered by a bus crash that killed 16 people and Olivia stefanovic reports there’s a sad parallels between these two stories Adam krejcir was... Read more »

Tariffs imposed on U.S. products on Canada Day

July 1st is the day together around the barbecue wear red and white and show us in Canadian Pride it’s not usually very political but this year Canada Day fall smack in... Read more »

Trudeau addresses groping allegation

meanwhile the Prime Minister responded for the first time about a very different issue today and incident from nearly two decades ago before he was even an MP that recently resurfaced in... Read more »