The National for Friday July 27, 2018 – Doug Ford, Danforth Shooting, Wildfires

on this Friday night Doug for Dropped a Bomb on Toronto politics and leave them there fuming his sudden decision to slash Toronto City Council before voting day is just the latest... Read more »

Trump claims credit for economic growth

summertime and the spending is easy in this high-end shopping complex in downtown DC to buy a Rolls-Royce or something like that but I feel comfortable that I need to buy a... Read more »

Toronto shooting victim’s boyfriend returns to scene of attack

I thought my best either come here and and it just just to see the site and see if I can just start the healing process it a little bit little bit... Read more »

First look at Brexit campaign ads

Folkston South East England hugs the English Channel with France so close you can see it’s faint Coast in the distance this maybe Britain’s gateway to the but it doesn’t mean people... Read more »

California wildfire kills 2 people, others urged to leave immediately

this is just some of what’s being posted online you see the night sky a glow with orange and red Flames as the Fire tour through the mountains west of Redding it... Read more »

How Toronto’s city hall compares to other big cities

the concern to democracy is representation of counselors properly represent of city of almost 3 million and growing counselor would represent about a hundred and twelve thousand the closest Canadian comparison we... Read more »

Doug Ford: City hall is a comedy show where nothing gets done

when Doug Ford was at Toronto City councillor he and his brother mayor Rob Ford wage the pitched battle against most of the city’s elected representatives Rob Ford crack-smoking admission and other... Read more »

The National for July 26, 2018 — Shooting Survivor, Facebook Stock, HIV

on this Thursday night we told you about the Lions lost half of the Danforth shooting tonight in exclusive looking one of the lives forever changed when gunfire rang out Daniel Kane... Read more »

Teacher charged in student’s drowning death

what was supposed to be an adventure in the outdoors for Toronto high school student turned into a desperate search operation it ended with divers finding the body of fifteen-year-old Jeremiah Perry... Read more »

Mutated HIV strains spark faster developing AIDS-related illnesses

I just couldn’t believe it’s my heart my life just flashed before me because I knew was going to be totally change he comes from Cody first nation in Saskatchewan where HIV... Read more »