Why is it so hot at the moment? – BBC News

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How Australia’s first gay imam is ‘saving lives’ – BBC News

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London gangland: How young girls are groomed into gangs – BBC News

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Video Donald Trump’s Hollywood star destroyed – BBC News

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Greece wildfires: ‘I jumped from the flames’ – BBC News

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Heatwave 2018 explained – BBC News

it’s hard to escape the conclusion that something out jamoji from Japan to Greece to the Arctic Circle to here in the UK the question of course is what is happening I... Read more »

Pakistan’s election: Five things to know – BBC News

As Pakistan prepares for general elections on 25 July, here is what you need to know. Video produced by Suniti Singh, Shruti Arora and Pratik Jakhar Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Read more »

Meet Pakistan’s newest political party – BBC News

a rapturous welcome to one of Pakistan’s most controversial clarix within a year of creating his party khadim rizvi has become a national political figure his popularity though is based on support... Read more »

Greece wildfires: Aerial view of destruction – BBC News

Wildfires have killed at least 74 people in Greece. It is Greece’s worst fire disaster since 2007, when dozens of people were killed in the southern Peloponnese peninsula. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Read more »

US and North Korea: What might peace look like? – BBC News

from siren Fury to friends 2017 accidentally hit back yesterday currently normalizing us relations at the same time though on The American Nation without freezing testing typing that Arsenal so not exactly... Read more »