Trump sheds light on his crucial Putin error – BBC News

once again the Full Faith and support for America’s intelligence agencies I have a full faith in our intelligence agencies whoops Donald Trump was temporarily in the dark in the white house... Read more »

IS fighters’ orphaned children stranded in Libya – BBC News

these are the children the Islamic State group left behind for no climb of their own they survive the conflict but with Allah lifetime of mental scarring these kids try to find... Read more »

Press conference : Donald Trump and Theresa May – BBC News

let’s listening to a map of the president of the United States to check his today on his first official visit to the United Kingdom no two countries do more together than... Read more »

President Trump: “I didn’t criticise the prime minister” in Sun interview – BBC News

as I didn’t criticize the Prime Minister have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister and unfortunately that was the story that was done which was you know generally fine but... Read more »

Other controversial world leaders who got the red carpet treatment – BBC News

tens of thousands of protesters roads closed across London and one very orange balloon popping Ababa to Trump’s UK visit has brought about April and he’s been heavily criticized for authoritarianism sexism... Read more »

Trump arrives at Blenheim Palace – BBC News

yeah Chris and they look absolutely stunning that we have Mr Mrs May walking down through the God so we assume that President Trump is just moments away from pulling up look... Read more »

Trump: Brexit plan ‘will probably kill’ US trade deal – BBC News

Regent Park died from the residence of the US ambassador to the UK here in the heart of London president Trump has delivered a highly damaging blow to his main host the... Read more »

Trump in the UK: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan defends allowing protests – BBC News

well it is a lovely sunny morning here as of the controversy rages politically we just heard from the master account in an interview with the BBC in the last saying freedom... Read more »

What Trump could learn from the Queen – BBC News

find a cab for you oh that’s my high whether it be long or short GTO service it remains a great pleasure and honor to serve you as head of Tacoma RoadDonald... Read more »

Trump in the UK: Trump blimp is up and away – BBC News

Central London now a lot of focus on that particular object in the sky that’s known as The Angry Trump baby it’s supposed to be a baby Donald Trump looking particularly out... Read more »