US-China trade war: A soy bean farmer’s view – BBC News

this isn’t the first trade War trade fight and also the tariffs embargoes this is nothing new for me it’s is it good no yeah Bob worth Farm in Lincoln County Minnesota... Read more »

Amesbury Novichok poisoning: Couple exposed to nerve agent – BBC News

so I can confirm tonight that has been a significant development under the counter terrorism policing network is now leading the investigation into this incident this evening I’ve received test results from... Read more »

Drill Music: Is it right to blame the genre for violence? BBC News

Streetside music two different things and then what audience essential do anything going to do it do it do it do it until someone get stabbed or shot the music on the... Read more »

President Macron parties at Nigeria nightclub – BBC News

what come a long way because Bella was not the friend of the West my boyfriend’s presidents to call me and acknowledge its greatness and to use this platform to lunch or... Read more »

Money Clinic: Nairobi- Kenya – BBC News

welcome to the BBC mini clinic the place where our relationship with our finances I’m going another come into the spotlight Nairobi the capital of Kenya Shillings in Kenya writings of costly... Read more »

Myanmar: The Rohingya villages UN investigators can’t visit – BBC News

with this response of the trip they did not want us to say if you look around you can see evidence Fine Again play Gummy Bear please ask these families home but... Read more »

World Cup 2018: How England fans celebrated – BBC News

we are now the situation where if england school this goal should have to show you but we don’t have the rides they are through and I think that means in the... Read more »

Declaration of Independence document found – BBC News

what you looking at is one of only two known parchment manuscript copy ceremonial copies of the Declaration of Independence Yukon seat to the naked eye that but the scientific test of... Read more »

Thai Cave Rescue: What’s next? – BBC News

the mood at the rescue campus change completely from a deepening glue to Wild celebrations but now what’s needed is a cool-headed plan to get the boys and that coach out and... Read more »

Thailand cave: New video shows boys in ‘good health’ – BBC News

GoogleThai Navy Seals have released new footage of the boys showing some of them wearing protective foil blankets. In the video, the boys can be seen introducing themselves next to a diver... Read more »