Annapolis newspaper shooting: Police officer gives update – BBC News

yeah it this point though we have no new information from when we first arrived on scene but I can tell you what I couldn’t confirm is around 2:40 we were called... Read more »

Annapolis newspaper shooting: Video shows police at scene – BBC News

Helicopter video shows police escorting people from the Capital Gazette newspaper building in Annapolis, Maryland, where a shooting is reported to have happened. Please subscribe HERE Read more »

Greater Manchester: Homes evacuated as moorland fire declared ‘major incident’ – BBC News

we were going to leave because of the smoke was real DVDs at the dance and now you could hardly breathe bless your eyes were burning as well some people do you... Read more »

Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa says country is ‘safe’ – BBC News

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Myanmar: Soldiers accused of raping Rohingya women – BBC News

call National magazine listen Atlanta buybuybaby Hideaway biggest fear is that these children will grow up with the stigma attached to them we know that any child born at this time of... Read more »

Who is Tommy Robinson and why is he in jail? – BBC News

South 21 online and light made from someone’s arrested outside lead scorer that very same day he was sent to Joe he’s not looking since then it’s been organized protests across the... Read more »

A place where football is the ultimate escape – BBC News

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The man using ‘junk food’ to stop food waste – BBC News

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‘Mummy, can you spray my face white?’- BBC News

I am going to collect my son from a friend that she said a picture of my son having smeared sudocrem nappy cream on his face and he asked me mom can... Read more »

The Secret Soviet Recordings – BBC News

Damage Rite Aid we decided to pleasure this is x-ray audio story of 15 recordings from the Soviet Union an exhibition brought to a troubled region where it’s message resonates today by... Read more »