President Trump holds cabinet meeting | ABC News

Hispanic unemployment is at its lowest levels in history Asian unemployment is at its lowest level in history woman’s unemployment is at the lowest level in 65 years so those are tremendous... Read more »

White House Press briefing on Trump’s Putin meeting, news conference | ABC News

good afternoon announcements for president will be traveling to Kansas City Missouri next Tuesday July 24th he will address the Veterans of Foreign Wars a hundred 19th annual convention president Trump is... Read more »

‘I felt nervous and worried’: 12 boys, coach trapped inside Thai cave: 20/20 Part 1

according to Tai Legend the Lush beautiful go say that if you look closely you can actually see the figure of the Sleeping Princess and many of your fervently believe it’s the... Read more »

2 children recovering from possible shark bites off the coast of New York

next two nights of the possible shark attacks on two separate beaches in the north-east those beaches are now closed and authorities are warning beachgoers yours ABC’s Lindsey Davis some terrifying moment... Read more »

Co-founder of veteran-led disaster-response group to be recognized

if I could I hear the former football star who traded the football field for the battlefield and what he been did when he got home to America strong and what’s about... Read more »

Sanders clarifies Trump’s statement on whether Russia still a threat

We Begin tonight with the Firestorm involving an answer from president Trump this morning asked by our Cecilia Vega is Russia still targeting the US he said no tonight the White House... Read more »

Suspected Russian agent ordered held behind bars pending trial

we do have new reporting here on the Russian woman here in America now charged him behind bars accused of being a Russian agent her attorneys arguing that she should be freed... Read more »

ABC News Live: Fallout from Trump-Putin summit, Thai soccer team released from hospital

Fallout at the White House to the the reaction to president Trump’s public remarks at Monday’s Summit in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin and over in Thailand the 12 boys and their soccer... Read more »

Boys rescued from Thai cave speak out for 1st time

overseas now to a fantastic update on those 12ty boys and their soccer coach All released from the hospital this morning play me yes you been hearing from the boys for the... Read more »

Mueller requests immunity for witnesses in Paul Manafort trial

new developments in the Russia investigation for asking a federal judge to Grant immunity to 5 secret Witnesses testimony start next week this is quite a Twist at the last week something... Read more »