Extreme weather across United States

with extreme weather across America as we head into the 4th of July holiday already deadly flash flooding in the Heartland Rose turned into rivers and Des Moines Iowa were local sports... Read more »

Trump prepares for battle over his Supreme Court pick

we turned out of politics in a critical week at the White House president Trump traveling back from his Bedminster property late this afternoon waiting for him is a fight over he... Read more »

In divided country, voters grapple with ‘grace and understanding’

almost every Sunday we come to the end of the week finding it difficult to remember how the week began the Trump Administration to newscycle moving so fast here in Washington that... Read more »

Chris Christie: Trump will get votes needed for High Court pick

let’s bring in our Powerhouse Roundtable ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd Shana Thomas we welcome Washington bureau chief for Vice news ABC News Cokie Roberts and former New Jersey governor and... Read more »

9 injured in apartment complex stabbing

turn now though to breaking news overnight in this is I’ll warn you a disturbing story that involves a stabbing spree in Boise Idaho a Man attacking people in an apartment complex... Read more »

Massive crowds march against Trump administration’s immigration policy

tens of thousands march across the country over immigration powerful scenes at rallies against the Trump Administration zero-tolerance policy and the separation of children from their parents ABC News Kenneth moton is... Read more »

Teacher alleged to have bullied student

Miami claims of bullying in the classroom the alleged victim only 5 years old his mother accusing the boy’s teacher and saying she has audio the alleged abuse use ABC Zachary kiesch... Read more »

Rescue underway for missing soccer coach and players

overseas Now The Race Against Time to save a soccer coach and his young players a dozen of them trap for a week now the flooded cave in Northern Thailand the desperate... Read more »

Deadly rampage kills 5 at the Capital Gazette

deadly Rampage in American Newsroom much more about the 38 year old gunman charged with five counts of first-degree murder years of violet Rants and court documents revealing what he called his... Read more »

Georgia medical board suspends license of ‘dancing doctor’ for at least 2-1/2 years

does a woman known as the dancing dr. George officials putting a stop to her surgical moves the position also forbidden to call yourself doctor until the next decade Adrian Banker known... Read more »