38,000 evacuated as Carr wildfire continues to burn

wildfires raging in the American West are now more than 60 of them across 13 states the worst the so-called car fire you’re seeing it right here it’s tearing through Redding California... Read more »

Hog farm searched for clues to missing University of Iowa student

the search intensifying for a missing college student from Iowa investigators are looking for Clues Into The Disappearance of Molly Tibbetts last seen more than a week ago when she went for... Read more »

Trump denies Cohen claim he knew about son’s Russia meeting

president Trump and his long-time fixer in lawyer Michael Cohen ABC News has learned tonight that Michael Cohen and that he knew about the meeting before it happened after dirt on Hillary... Read more »

Experiencing the longest total lunar eclipse of the century

and finally tonight here we all remember the Great American Eclipse that was almost 1 year ago now and tonight the spectacular event seen around the world the longest total lunar eclipse... Read more »

Mother of missing Iowa college student: ‘You can’t give up hope’

the ABC News exclusive the mother of that missing college student in Iowa now breaking her Silence about her daughter’s disappearance is ABC’s Alex Perez tonight for the first time she vanished... Read more »

Mission is a ‘go’: Rescuers jump into action to save boys from Thai cave: Part 2

as stormcloudsgathering had you waited one more day what do you think would have happened if a vest one more day I think that would be really difficult because finally the word... Read more »

CBS chairman Les Moonves faces allegations of sexual misconduct

major headline developing as we came on the Air Tonight the report just out from the New Yorker involving one of the most powerful men in television and in Hollywood CBS chairman... Read more »

Thai cave rescuers say they expected some kids to die during the mission: Part 1

Lego Monster Mountain Northern Thailand soccer team and Coach are found alive from the Shadows of the Cave Fish indelible image of Hope being around the globe how many people are coming... Read more »

Angela Bassett on the success of ‘Black Panther’ and the #MeToo movement

she was Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It the queen of wakanda and black panther iconic torching or cheating husband car in Waiting to Exhale Angela Bassett has... Read more »

ABC News Live: Calif. wildfires, missing Iowa student, Demi Lovato 911 call

ABC News live Lounge on Zachary kiesch let’s try it it’s Friday excuse me let’s enjoy the I’d like to get to the David start off with some of the stories that... Read more »