Kids suffer from debilitating episodes after recovering from strep throat: Part 1

12 year old Parkers brain is under attack Terrance desperate for answers attacked all suddenly starting after about a strep throat with known her very long time the viruses can trigger mental... Read more »

Michael Cohen’s secret recording of conversation with Trump

recovering the new developments in the Fallout from the big headline this morning involving president Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen sources telling ABC News investigators about a possible payment made to... Read more »

NTSB investigating duck boat accident

one of the biggest questions this morning is how much warning the crew may have had about the dangerous weather conditions at something authorities will be looking into ABC’s aerial Rush have... Read more »

Dozer the dog warms the heart of 12 million people

finally tonight when boys new best friend their backyard ball and the fence that brought them together use ABC’s Jon Jon fan open shareit in just the past 3 days says the... Read more »

Fight over parking space turned deadly

next to a case in the video surrounding it making headlines tonight a fight over a parking space somehow turned deadly and police say the man who pulled the trigger is protected... Read more »

Officials call off search for missing college student

text to the search for a 20 year old college student investigator say she disappeared Wednesday night while out for a jog at least 100 people involved in the Intensive search now... Read more »

Survivor of duck boat accident shares final moments before vessel capsized

good evening take for tortoise on this Saturday on Thomas And We Begin tonight with the breaking news about the horror on his misery Lake the NTSB now saying that s*** face... Read more »

Steam-pipe eruption paralyzes part of NYC during rush hour

we are also following developing story right now here in New York City of massive explosion a steam pipe erupting underground the Ploom shooting up several stories nearly 50 buildings were evacuated... Read more »

WH issues Trump walk-back on Russia for 3rd day in a row

we turned the other developing headline for following at this hour news from the White House late today that discussions are in the works for Vladimir Putin to come to Washington and... Read more »

New Hampshire man hospitalized after bee swarm attack

Texan Eye Care Authority for the new warning after a swarm of what they call Killer Bees attacking woman in California she’s in the hospital tonight after being stung more than 200... Read more »