Capital Gazette Staffer Ran From Gunman, Thought He Would Die | NBC Nightly News

exactly what he was doing to me tonight the woman who says she was terrorized by suspected gunman Jared Ramos breaking her silence and asking us to mask her identity I would be afraid that if he could show up anywhere at anytime and tell me high school classmates Ramos reached out by email but is friendly messages turn dark when Lori was slow to respond he said f you go kill yourself you’re going to need a protective order guilty to criminally harassing Lori in 2011 the paper covered the ordeal Remo sued for defamation and lost police say a likely motive for his Rampage Paul Gillespie who hid under his desk and fear says the gunman shot employee after employee when he stopped hearing gunshots Gillespie made a run for it I heard him chase me 5 of his colleagues did not he hasn’t slept much when he closes his eyes he sees them covering five funerals this week there was never any question that we were going to publish and something happens in Annapolis the Annapolis Capital composite Katie Beck NBC News Annapolis Maryland + digital exclusive thanks for watching
Photographer Paul Gillespie speaks out, describing that terrifying day. He says he heard the gunman chase him as he ran out of the newsroom that was under siege and can’t stop thinking about his five colleagues who died that day.
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Capital Gazette Staffer Ran From Gunman, Thought He Would Die | NBC Nightly News

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