Capital Gazette shooting suspect charged with first-degree murder

the suspect in Thursday’s deadly shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder police a 38 year old Jared Ramos targeted the Capital Gazette because of a feud that stemmed from a defamation case he against the paper will be held without bail Kenneth Craig is with me from Annapolis Maryland to Kenneth thanks for joining us prosecutors today said new details emerged during the suspects court appearance about his plan Latonya that was actually his second court appearance within the last 24 hours and at that court appearance the prosecutor revealed that this was in fact a coordinated attack and that really Echoes what the police chief said not long ago he made some pretty chilling remarks during the news conference late this morning early this afternoon and what you said Ramos went into the building not far from where I’m standing with the intent to kill as many people as possible as possible scooters reveal that he had a plan to get in and a plan to get out obviously that plan was foiled because police arrived at the building here within 60 seconds from getting the call they also revealed another horrifying detail that he had barricade at least one of the 4 News room door so that staffers who were trying to escape could not do so and in fact one of those staffers was shot why they while they tried to escape out that back door that was barricaded now they shoot we understand had a long-standing feud with the paper and during court prosecutor’s revealed that as you said that he barricaded one of the exits so employees couldn’t escape I just decision will look this wasn’t entirely surprising his Nobel no-bond situation given the five charges of first-degree murder it is not uncommon affected very rare for people charged with first-degree murder to be granted Bond but when you look at the circumstances when you look at what prosecutors are a legend they also said that they believe he is a threat to the community they are also looking at his past the very well. Humanity in both court records and on social media his threats towards this newspaper that started when they reported on a harassment case that he was involved in that when he pled guilty to harassment he sue the paper for Mason and over the course of the last number of years he took the social media with a number of threats but I did say during her news conference like this morning that they were only aware of one of those post the post back in 2013 that was brought to the attention they had a conversation apparently with the newspaper and they came to the decision that they would not pursue criminal charges they said all of those other post police said they were not aware of it until last night media County yesterday which I did you can see that clearly these were the ramblings of a disturbed person who was obsessed with this newspaper and individuals that he felt it wrong to him at the newspaper they didn’t pretty pretty clear to see that he was unhinged so media and what we know now he has no documented criminal history NES no documented mental health issues either so you heard Nora on CBS This Morning asking the police chief that you know is there more police could have done is there something please I could have done to stop and they said look the only post we knew about was that one in 2013 we didn’t know about the rest of them it’s such a quick and efficient response normal for a case like this shooting a number of years ago and that was a mass shooting inside of a nightclub with a massive police but as we know now it took them hours because they had that standoff to get inside the club and of course so many people were killed inside 49 people every shooting is different this one different as well police were here within 60 seconds in a lot of people are crediting police with their quick response perhaps saving many more lives by doing so he according to court records the shooter brahmos was under a desk trying to hide from police when they entered the building great work by the police there and Kenneth Craig in Annapolis Maryland thank you for your reporting
The suspect in the murder of five journalists at the Capital Gazette newspaper was charged with five counts of first-degree murder and will be held without bail. CBS News’ Kenneth Craig reports from Annapolis, Maryland, with details on Jarrod Ramos’s possible motive and the reaction from police.

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