Capital Gazette shooter is arraigned in court

mic check 1 2 3 mic check 1 2 3 the plumbing welcome back welcome back everybody agree second internship credits for this or any good let me get a shot of you standing behind it turn all this hey Whoever has a mini table totally fine I want to do so hello are you going to buy 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 one turn off some of the things we’ve been seeing on social media all the emails I’ve been getting the information about the suspect’s fingerprints being mutilated absolutely untrue we have no idea where that information came from so not sure who started that absolutely untrue there was no alterations to his fingerprints whatsoever so just to try to clarify that hopefully it’ll ease up some of the emails that are coming into us another quick update along with the V to see savitar been identified we want to identify the two people that were injured and have been treated and released that’s Rachel pachella Rachel last name is pacella Cooley Janet Cooley and both our employees with the capital cuz that is well with that I’ll turn it over to Chief house morning good afternoon ladies and gentlemen sorry to see you here today bear with me as I take my glasses off they get dark and I want you guys to be able to see me but I probably can’t see you too well so I’ll ask you to bear with me I want to start today by offering this sincere condolences images of the Anne Arundel County Police Department to the Capital Gazette staff much like police local newspapers become a family and their family suffered unalterable tragedy yesterday most of the folks that work at the Capital Gazette work with us daily weekly and we know them it’s not only a loss for them I want them to know that it’s a loss for the in Arundel County Police Department and truly it’s an otter about loss for the city of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County so our hearts go out to them will be thinking of them as we move forward and we wish them the best as they try to deal with your grief I also have thank a bunch of people so I’ll ask you to bear with me on this there were 300 law-enforcement officers on that scene yesterday 300 ish law enforcement officers from the Annapolis Police apartment near Arundel County Sheriff’s Office the Maryland State Police Howard County Police Department in Maryland Transportation Authority police department of Maryland Department of Natural Resources police Annapolis fire and bomb squad Prince George’s County Police Department Montgomery County Maryland start to send this helped BWI Baltimore Washington International Airport Fire and Rescue Services came the NSA police came the FBI I was as always a very present help in times of trouble the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms gave us a large amount of help NSA came to help the United States secrets first came to help and the postal inspectors came to help whether they were helping us direct traffic whether they were bringing water to Cops who were dehydrated or whether they helped up going that building and save people’s lives every cop from all who’s agencies was a part of how we save people’s lives yesterday I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the Anne Arundel County Police Department also like to thank our community one of the beautiful things about wearing a badge in a patch in Anne Arundel county is know how are Community feels about us we’ve heard you the last 24 hours as always we thank you for that support in love and we thank you for the support and love that’s going out to the Capital Gazette the business Community is absolutely at front and Centre of that larger Community we have had so many showings of love from our business community in the area in the last 24 hours I am as always humbled and touched by there so I can confirm for you at this time that we identified The Suspect with help through other investigative techniques by using facial recognition technology from Maryland image repository system I’d like to thank Governor Hogan for allowing us that help I’d like to thank the Maryland combined analysis Center its commanders and I’d like to thank the state police for being so present and helping us identify the suspect we’re able to use that in a couple other techniques to make sure we knew who the bad guy was I will not say his name today I refuse to do it I wish you wouldn’t do it but I know better he doesn’t deserve us to talk about him one more sec thank you to the Maryland combine analysis Center there are no other suspects were looking for right now we have no reason to believe anybody else but the suspect was involved in this atrocity we did recover the suspect car after a pretty lengthy search nearby we have conducted a search warrant on that I can’t give you much more on that right now because we’re still putting puzzles together we did also do overnight a search warrant in the 400 block of Armstrong Court Maryland State Police helped us serve that warrant last night I’d like to thank them again we did find evidence at the res I can’t go into a whole bunch of details about it but I will tell you that is evidence showing the origination of planning things like that in his apartment and it shows what we knew we would find witches that we have one bad guy and that for his own reasons he chose to do what he did yesterday we’ve confirmed I think already that it was a shotgun used in the incident I will also confirm it was a pump-action shotgun it was legally purchased a year or so ago and I’m going to close and allow questions with this this was a target attack we can’t fathom why that person chose to do this we don’t think we have any more clear and present danger to the citizens of an Arundel County that person has had a history with the in Arundel County police department in May of 13 we did have a situation where online threatening comments were made we had it active assigned investigated the detectives spoke with legal counsel for the Capital Gazette several members of the Capital Gazette staff mr. Marquardt who’s had some comments in the news media scheduled to be on that conference call he did not call in on that conference call it was discussed that the Capital Gazette did not wish to pursue criminal charges there was a fear that doing so would exacerbate and already flammable situation Lieutenant Fraser will after appropriate redaction be sending you the police report on that incident be able to do that in the next couple hours bear with us as we do that we’re trying to do it right where I’m going to get one shot at doing this right and with that I’ll take a couple questions so I think that they are trying to put all those puzzle pieces together all of you are good investigative reporters Duval looked at at the social media platforms there’s clearly a history there I will tell you that we were not aware of that history until last night should we have been in a in a perfect world sure we should have been we were we got at least a threat call a day so it’s tough to keep up with them I’ll say this again we lost a great tool with you feed a couple years ago it was the national conscience that decided that we weren’t able to use it it made our got a lot easier as it relates to following things phrases areas on social media given the situation at the time I think the investigator made made the call the investigator involved as retired I have not had a chance to talk we make calls everyday I think you made a call based on what he was presented we make that call every day every day we talked to somebody who decides they don’t want to press charges in Maryland if it’s a felony we push if it’s a misdemeanor a lot of misdemeanors go the way of not charging so I have to save him I don’t feel that the department was negligent Menswear I’ll beg your Indulgence to say this we are not or have not been getting cooperation from the suspect of the suspect scheduled to go to Bellevue an hour or so ago I’m not terribly sure what happened there so for now that window has closed for us and we’re going to have to try to do things a different way we still have to do a frantic reconstruction on digital stuff we have not had a chance to do that we did not find a written Manifesto or anything that’s the spirit of your question I think we did not find it so this is how I’ll answer that question when the officers went in they were going in there to neutralize the threat I think that became very clear very quickly and I think I think fight fight or flight kicks in certain ways and I don’t know why but slight one for the suspect history no sir he didn’t run away but he hit yes ma’am within 2 minutes they were pushing in on the suspect starting to get him cornered and not letting her anybody else to the enter the spirit that question do I think that the Annapolis city cops the county cops and the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Department save people’s lives yesterday without without question what we found was more stuffed distract people and confuse people then it was to introduce casualties if that makes sense as far as devices I’m going to beg your Indulgence and not answer that I’ll say this the fellow was there to kill as many people as he could come I cannot answer that question I have I have seen your colleagues post things I have not gotten that beat feedback for my investigators yet I got to be honest with you there they’re hitting the point of diminishing returns on on their ability to stay awake and keep going so we will be glad to get more on that to you guys in the future but I can’t answer it right now so Maryland has a system that’s come under some fire from civil Libertarians called the bear with me Maryland image repository system MK the Maryland combine analysis Center ran the picture that we sent them through that system and that was able to identify the subject we would have been much longer in identifying him and being able to push forward in the investor without that system it was a huge win for for us last night and us for the citizens being around town I believe bare with me on this cuz I’m not a pro but I believe it’s it’s driver’s license and mugshots we had lied getting answers on fingerprints is all I can tell you I think that’s probably why the unnamed senior law enforcement Source who wishes to remain and Anonymous said that because they read lag is as some sort of attempt on his part so we had lag and it happens I don’t know why it happened last night I don’t know why it it took us a little longer through the computer system computer systems do that but we immediately we didn’t have the luxury of waiting so we immediately turned to the help that we use I can’t answer that man I really can’t I’m not the assembling I I have no idea arrest record in Arundel County Police from it’s my understanding that we had the initial incidents with social media platforms and if it’s Twitter I’ll take your word for it if it’s Instagram I would accept that too have the instances and 13 and then it went dark and then my understanding is that very shortly before the incident there were some further posts I could be wrong on that and to be honest with you ladies and gentleman I haven’t dug that much into that going in in Maryland when you become prohibited there are certain crimes I’m going to be honest I don’t know one of them felonies and then there are certain misdemeanors I’m not terribly sure he has I believe he has a harassment conviction yes so I know he was charged with harassment wants that’s the best answer I can give you her so felonies are automatic there are some specific misdemeanors and I got to be honest with you I’m not sure if stalking is one of them I know like domestic assault is so I’m going to I’m going to beg your Indulgence on being circumspect on that because I have to protect the Integrity the prosecution here I think I’m going to ask you to let me stay at that close close close enough where if you were planning it does that make sense we’re not getting very much communication Sur going to take 2 more 2 more I wish I could answer that question was some clarity I cannot using statistics generally active Shooters are are wanting to go out in a blaze of glory I don’t I just can’t get this head I can’t do it I wish I could today one more man I would I would characterize them as minor and everybody’s doing okay if that makes sense that’s the last one the person who went to shock trauma as one of our faith and God bless her thank you ladies and gentleman just lastly some more information that we would really like to get out to the public so we’re asking if anybody has information again we successfully evacuated about and 70 people out of that building so most of those people in some way shape or form could be a possible witness whether they saw something hurt something whether somebody in the area has cell phone footage anything that you think could be pertinent to investigators or ask him to call our homicide unit phone numbers 410-222-4731 and if anybody has any information and they would like to remain anonymous we have a 24-hour tip line where they can leave a message and that number is four one zero two two two four seven 00 that’s the 24-hour tip line so this is the final major press release press conference that we’re going to have on this incident any other updates that we get what we put out as soon as we can make that possible as we done throughout the that will be done via email through all the the news desk our social media and things of that nature so as information becomes available will continue to put it out but this is the last official press conference of the stature so we thank you guys for being patient how we certainly appreciate you guys all the time so I thank you very much hey Mike you know by Abbey number silver were coming out now the microphone on hey guys mr. Adams will be out shortly I just want to remind you that his comments are very limited specifically to the substance of this bill review but please respect that morning everybody Jared Ramos was just held without bail after a hearing before which is held without bail after a hearing for Court Judge trial mr. Ramos was arrested last night like to detail just for a minute and thank the first two members of the internal County Police Department Sheriff’s Department Annapolis Police all law enforcement that work investigation my office was brought on scene last night approximately 3:40 yesterday afternoon approximately 3 myself the prosecutors behind me spent the afternoon and a working with our police officers reviewing evidence and understanding the scene as it occurred and unfolded we were as of last night Miss Ramos was charged brought before commissioner he was held without bail the rules require the TV before a district court judge immediately thereafter he was brought before judge Paul today as you heard in the courtroom mr. Ramos is alleged to have executed a brutal series of it facts on innocent victims most importantly my responsibility today was to inform the court as to why mr. Ramos was either a flight risk or a danger to our community in assessing the evidence case we brought to the judges attention the evidence that suggested a coordinated attack the barricading of the back door and the use of pack of a tactical approach and hunting down and shooting of the innocent victims in this case it was a pain those facts that judge proud relied upon to hold mr. Ramos without Bale the next step in this process is either a pulmonary hearing or bring the case before grand jury indictment either of those things will occur in the next 30 days from then from there the case within v442 the circuit court that is results of today’s proceedings to wait before and after the drugs to think xcetera stated to judge proud there were two entrances to the offices in which this attack occurred the rear door was barricaded mr. Ramos then as I told the judge entered into the front door and worked his way through the office where he was shooting victims as he walked through the office he actually victims that were trying to get out that barricaded back or you told the judge that that is correct continue There was a number of victims there was one victim that had attended Escape through the back door and love was shot at that point I cannot go any further into that what I stated on the record is what I have to do is my comment again she was taken at the scene as was aware was shown yesterday he was brought before commissioner yesterday early this morning and was held without bail barricade the door I have no further comment on any any of his motivations are anything about the Press I comment on any further Evidence or any specific evidence about this case as a prosecutor we can discuss the series of we can discuss record today what was stated in the courtroom however I cannot discuss the the pending nature of the investigation nor the specific pieces of evidence I appreciate that obviously you all are here the public wants to know all the fine details of that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty is entitled to a fair trial so I respect that I asked if you guys allow the process to work the next step in this process is to take this before grand jury or preliminary hearing case was received from that. Why don’t you call out a way that you’re invited you want to wait later thank you very much I appreciate you guys autocorrect sorry all right back again
Jarrod Ramos, 38, attends a bail hearing a day after police say he shot and killed five individuals in the Capital Gazette newsroom and wounded several others in Annapolis. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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