Canadian government retaliates against Trump’s trade tariffs – Daily Mail

the idea that Canada might constitute a threat to American National Security the legal pretax invoked by our neighbors to impose view tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum export is not only absurd it’s hurtful the section 232 Terrace are illegal under wton and we have there initiated cases at the WTO and under chapter 20 of NAFTA to challenge them dollar call her response and that is what we are doing following extensive consultations with Canadian today we are publishing our 2 final Tara slip one list that will be subject to a 25% tariff and secondly that will be subject to a 10% tariff these countermeasures will only apply to Goods originating from the United States they will take effect on July 1st and will remain in place until the States the lemonade is trade restricted measures against Canada Canada’s approach is and will be this we will not escalate and we will not back down feedback I have received in the past few weeks countless Canadians of many diverse political points of you agree with this approach with which we take the measure we are acting very much in Thoreau not in anger but the US tariff leave Canada no choice but to defend our industry our workers and our communities and I can assure you that we will maintain the firm resolve to do so its solution to this unprecedented dispute is for the United States to rescind its tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum which do not post kind of security threats United States
Canada hit back at the United States on Friday with retaliatory tariffs on American summertime essentials such as Florida orange juice, ketchup and Kentucky…

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