Canada’s retaliatory tariffs target U.S. Republican strongholds

retaliatory tariff by Ottawa are now in effect a direct response to the u.s. placing tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum however that move comes too late for some workers in Ontario Megan Roberts is following that story for us Megan we know all those steelworkers are being laid off of effective today Natasha and that is due to those UF us tariff there are a total of 40 people that are going to be losing their jobs effective today buy a pipe manufacturer and when this was announced the company says that this was due to changes in exports do to those American tariffs so that’s one side of this happening today the other side is at the counter tariffs the Canadian after tariffs are also taking effect 16.6 billion dollars worth we know there’s a 25% tariff on steel on us steel 10% on aluminum and also 10% on some consumer good so what kind of goods are we talking about here huge long list of consumer goods including Pizza including chocolate and including bourbon and whiskey if it seems a little bit random there’s quite a lot on that list of consumer goods it’s not the reason that they’re targeting these Pacific products is to exert maximum political pressure on the Trump Administration to look through those examples I gave again explain why so bourbon and whiskey very famously comes from Kentucky somebody who also comes from is Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell so his state will be hit hard by this pizza frozen pizza a lot of it is made in Wisconsin and Paul Ryan also comes from Wisconsin he’s a senior Republican and finally of chocolate is famously made by Hershey produced in Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania with an incredibly important state he to Trump victory in the election so he’s at the kind of examples of why these products are being Target now addition to the Tariff is also 2 billion + Aid set aside for Canadian Industries affected by these tariffs and we also know that is far as his candidate Canada Day plan for Justin Trudeau is visiting manufacturers affected by these tariffs in Leamington Ontario and in Regina so what happens next Megan what can Canadians expect moving forward on some of these products because of the cross the border in the tariffs are applied that could be passed on to the consumers that some people are now what kind of changes they may or may not make his people had to say I try and Shop local whenever I can so it wouldn’t necessarily affect me I’m feeling really guilty about it but it’s delicious and I probably won’t do that again it doesn’t matter for me like a Canadian expensive plus like our taxes so how much is it going to go up so we’ll see you to wait will have to wait to see how prices may be affected by all of this but there is one other trades rats looming over the country and that is Donald Trump Pratt for vehicle the 25% tariff on vehicle does no formal action taken yet but about 80% of cars made in Canada are exported many of them across to the US and so certainly it’s something that’s on a lot of people’s minds as he’s counter-terrorist come into effect Natasha thank you Megan Nevis trade dispute has been simmering for quite a while but it boiled over in late May and that’s when the Trump Administration said Canada would no longer be exempt from steel and aluminum tariffs so in response Canada announce retaliatory tariff to the tune of 16.6 billion dollars and then things got worse in June despite Trump calling his relationship with Trudeau a 10 out of 10 at the G7 Summit on Twitter the prime minister of being dishonest and weak the war of words has also put a strain on NAFTA talks those are likely to stretch into next year this is big news here in Canada with these retaliatory tariff the headlines lots of writing into us about it but we haven’t heard anything from the u.s. president is this even on Washington’s radar for starters I get away but he has been commenting on other terrorist that other countries are opposing and I’m sure this cannabis is on his mind in that sense but I wouldn’t read anything into the fact that that ended up on his Twitter feed this trade dispute is something that he certainly focus on republican-held state or where they were going to implement the Tariff so do you think that’s going to have any the midterms go Republican Congress it’s too early to say yesterday president Trump said a very friendly Canada Day message to our governor-general Julie payet he prays the country’s close Bond Bank Canada for their partnership on the world stage and some were taken you know because in recent weeks he’s been very critical at least of our prime minister calling him week and other things what do you make of the pleasant tone of his message believes very much to Canada and other very close us allies have been hurting United States in terms of prophase and so that made I bet he doesn’t still see Canada and and other country that’s close allies I was with him last week when he was visiting a plant in Wisconsin and he talked about Canada in fighting in the world war and the trade imbalance so how do you think he’s going to respond because there’s a possibility there’s a hope certainly in this country that he’s going to remove the tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel what is he actually going to do go down and bring in further tariffs I think that if he does decide to remove the Tariff would be because of a broader agreements and of course United States is working on an agreement with Canada and Mexico on Dorothy of having individual so I think we have to wait and see how those talk is go and then they haven’t been going very well and see if that affects the terror based on how president Trump has responded so far. be both in Canada and the United States that will have a very detrimental impact on the economies of both countries at a pivotal time it will hit us harder and sooner than it has in the United States their economy is going in the other correction and I suspect it’s not so much now about how we handle these things were to do a retrospective it’s more so what do we do in the coming days looking for some years now and that is to diversify economy capitalized on the comprehensive economic trade agreement that we currently have with the European Union trade agreements with other countries also give us tariffs free access Europe is in the same so to speak and so there may very well be an openness to do more trade with Canada on more products it’s a full court press is the short answer we have to continue to engage with the Americans but at the same time look to other markets 10 ways in which we can buttress the Canadian economy
Canada’s response to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminium includes tariffs on a number of consumer goods from the U.S., including whiskey and pizza, that will hurt the economy in targeted U.S. Republican states.

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