Canada’s international trade challenges

even the humble hot dog isn’t immune think ketchup and mustard Belong Together trade bite has them on on equal footing u.s. made ketchup like Heinz is now subject to a 10% tariff from Canada mustard remains Tera free creating a condiment conundrum tens and body wash why are you putting that on your list but they are few Americans seem more focused on the fact that Canada’s response just isn’t very nice very nice to Canada for many years and they’ve taken advantage of that Canadian official say they had no choice but to push back pointing out Canada’s retaliation is intended to be exactly equal to what the US did first Trump’s Administration doesn’t see it that way nothing to help Canada and it only hurts American workers the president is working to fix the broken system and he’s going to continue pushing for that also at the White House today at former Prime Minister Stephen Harper spotted leaving The West Wing after his private meeting with senior trumpet no word on what was discussed Canadians and Americans are both welcoming a new player to the trade table Mexico just elected left-leaning populist Andres Manuel Lopez obrador the ones NAFTA skeptic now says he does want to sign a new deal just what does he have in mind so I think he will also not hesitate to push back all the talk about the future of trade right now there are no active NAFTA negotiations meeting this Terrace tension the last while CBC News Ottawa
Canada’s international trade challenges are getting more complicated by the day. CBC’s Catherine Cullen reports.

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