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I want to go to Canada has begun implementing billions of dollars worth of retaliatory Tariff of choose found this really clever can I be funny and they sound like oh no there’s no way they could have smuggled those shoes from America sponsor the Trump administration’s steel and aluminum Terrace a lengthy list of US Goods including chocolate beef ketchup yogurt lawn mowers maple syrup whiskey now will be subject to 10 or 25% tax in the words of Canada’s foreign minister quote we will not ask late and we will not back down on the dollar-for-dollar response and China is said later this week to impose a top 25% tariff on us soybean in addition to raising cork duties as part of its own retaliatory tariff on hundreds of American products worth 34 billion dollars says it’s the Trump Administration imposes it’s threatened tariff on Car Imports it may be forced to cut American jobs wages and investment this is going well and the banana the art of the deal before the 2008 crash of some concerns about these trade deals causing smart Capital to flea markets to get out of market and that’s where capitals not investing in flea markets they are fleeing markets and I even scaramucci said over the weekend that he was starting to hear from his investor friends that these tariffs or starting to cause a real panic smart money and there’s going to be consequences if he doesn’t back down or just seeing the consequences the markets are getting spooked by this he was surprised that Foreigner shockingly enough would not simply free sample put tariffs on the same products but they would be strategically it supposed to be no balance GM and everybody else it’s the cost of the inputs you’re going up till whatever small number of jobs we say it’s going to be overwhelmed but the much larger number of jobs that are going to be lost when American stop buying goods that are far more expensive than War because the cost of the raw materials and other inputs have going on inside the White House inside the White House everybody warning and is we have been warning on this show it’s not going to be Donald Trump’s billionaire friends that he brags to it you know it at Mar-A-Lago Act passing tax cuts Forum they’re not going to be the Americans that are going to be hurt it’s going to be the Americans that you spoke with last week in your article people who support Donald Trump the same people that are going to be hurt when later this year they realize if they have pre-existing conditions are there children have pre-existing conditions those are no longer going to be covered by their healthcare insurance that’s exactly right and people do feel pretty good right now if this Market pressure economic pressure continues to grow and build and we get closer to November and people aren’t seeing those bonuses in their checks anymore they aren’t feeling the impact of the tax cut because of gas prices keeps biting or consumer goods keep Rising that could be a big political big picture here Trump’s tariff Wars his immigration Wars you were trying to punish the United States taking advantage of us because we are weak and in the same time you have the immigration Wars going on because there are invading forces coming in to overtake and remake our culture so this I think all of this fit together perfectly with exactly the kind of present we knew we were getting to see a pattern the draft legislation essentially abandons the framework set by the World Trade Organization without a formal withdrawal while the United States fair and reciprocal Tariff Act would undoubtedly facing uphill battle on Capitol Hill president to raise you up to us terrorists at will without Congressional consent the report comes days after Trump reportedly told government officials his desire to withdraw the us from the World Trade so let’s look at the pattern yamiche it seems to me that you talk about the culture wars or the red meat issue like for example the separation policy yamiche the president’s throws out the red meat he separates house and kids from their parents at the border and then couple of weeks go by they realize his it’s really bad PR so we pulled back on its try and clean up the mess but then realizes it’s not that easy to clean up so now we are still sitting here over 2,000 kids separated from their families with absolutely no word on exactly how they’re going to be reunited and concerned that some of them may never be this seems to be a pattern for this president in terms of how he carries out his foreign policy just ask first throughout the red meat and then realize it’s a mess later or when it comes to separate the separation of families is that he’s someone who creates crisis and then fixes attempt to fix those prices and wants credits for say hey look what I did now I’m the one that said still getting the family is back together I interviewed young boy who hasn’t seen his dad for over a month who is separated from the 17 year old cries the entire interview so you know there are a lot of images of four-year-old tonight completely that President Trump is saying when you can make a decision are you going to choose these families who’ve lost their loved ones to undocumented immigrants who who allegedly killed them those numbers are very small to crime statistics show that undocumented immigrants are not committing crimes anymore what is this idea that President Trump is saying whether these families that are losing that I’ve already lost their loved ones in there these immigrants that are brown so you don’t really quite know that are also crying which one do you feel more sympathetic for it’s the same thing with these tears even though I personally it’s a president takes them away I’ll have to do my part because we need to stop these if people in our country but these presidents trade Wars is hurting them so they’re going to be able to justify it to them so I have to do my part because we need to Build That Wall or any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Canada’s foreign minister announced Friday it plans to impose about $12.6B worth of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods on July 1, joining other major U.S. allies striking back in the escalating trade dispute. The panel discusses.
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Canada Fights Back Against The Trade ‘War’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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