Canada Day 2018 with Rosemary Barton

presentation Canada for me is all about culture strength in unity freedom and opportunity Nation determine your success to be anyone can come and live the life that they want to live it is and will always be home and you are looking live at Parliament Hill at this hour it’s a hot one as I said we haven’t broken any records quite yet in Auto a 30° but it feel moves like 43 it’s the humidity today that may affect the turnout here on Parliament help but people are still coming if you can see warnings to keep hydrated and shaded when they can we are counting down at the activities get underway here for July 1st Canada Day a hundred fifty first birthday as I said give me lots of entertainment lots of VIPs as well and will bring you a big celebrations from across the country this is the seat of celebrations the center of them but certainly not the only one so we’ll try and bring you all those festivities from across Canada today right but things really get underway in about 30 minutes Parliament Hill is certainly ready for a Canada Day party it will be the first for shity payatas governor-general she should arrive in about half an hour at the peacekeeping monument there will be the inspection of the Guard a 21-gun salute before she makes her way to the hill when she gets there some of Canada Olympic and paralympic athletes will be there to bring her and when it’s time for the show to start sixteen-year-old Martina ortiz-luis will take the stage if you were Toronto Maple Leafs fan you probably heard her sing the national anthem at home games and 2 performance will be special it’s the first Canada day since the lyrics were officially changed after that my favorite part the snowbirds will fly over here from the Prime Minister and of course the governor-general and don’t freak the musical performances lights will perform and so will the arkells will bring it all to you lie so I got about 3 hours of coverage ahead of us lots of fun and lots of good music as well as featuring lots of lots of Canadians were making a difference in this country and doing things that have impressed the rest of us to help some of her covered cheer on Parliament Hill we got people everywhere but here on Parliament Hill to Shawna Reed is here she will help us with the entertainment side of things and bring us behind the scenes the host of Power & politics about she could pellets and she will bring us the story about the security and the political overtones today happy Canada Day to you guys she so let’s start with the security it’s a little different than last year and I don’t know how that what the impact has been so far last year the security was a big store in fact people are waiting in line for hours I spoken to a number people coming in doesn’t seem to be an issue this year the Crowds Are a bit sooner I think because of the heat but certainly they’re getting through within a minute because there’s one entry point as opposed to more than that in and a lot more blockades throw that they so I think that’s working this time as I mentioned the heat is a big issue little bit of a sinner crowd at this point but of course you can still come on down and watch you mentioned those political overtones for the first time more than 40 years the Prime Minister won’t be here that’s because of the trade war with the US he’s instead going to cities like Leamington and Regina to meet with workers who are affected by the Tariff put on lots of products here by the United States and so a little bit different for the prime minister in a very different year for this country really okay thanks for that and he will be giving a video message to people here and we’ll have a short interview with him as well to talk about some of those issues sober you too Shana okay I was down with lights hair that was it was very festive let’s go to as I said we little bit earlier in the morning but she is in Vancouver Rene earlier and a lot cooler here Rosie for Canada day today I’m at Canada place this morning because new Canadians will be sworn in here like they are every year always an emotional Sarah and we know that 1,500 people across the country will take the oath of citizenship at 45 different ceremonies like the one that will be happening at right at Canada place for the next couple of hours here there will be 60 new Canadiens from 20 different countries and I’ll be joined by the lieutenant governor they will take that oath of citizenship say sing O Canada have some cake and that celebrate this next chapter in their lives and threw out that morning will be joined by a couple of those people will tell you those stories often emotional stories about why they chose to be Canadians and then why they chose this country over a number of other countries they could have immigrated to one family will hear from from a Ranchos this country because of its Multicultural any opportunity that would provide that for the two daughters of that family so we’ll be hearing those stories now here it’s also the second largest party across the country at Canada Place and that will get going a little later today with some music on the main stage and then this evening the fireworks which draws thousands of people down here to the city of Vancouver to celebrate Canada Day two than I do so I’m so I’m just going to tell you to take all that’s all right now we’re going to head back to deshauna now we’ve figured out our audio issues and she’s there with the light to shine as well as being a fan of her hair she’s got the right outfit for today can I just say 100% try to stay cool here on stage of course lights one of the many amazing Canadian act that will be performing today trying to stay cool festive with the hair of course but tell me what are you most looking forward to today being here for the first time on Canada day I mean I’ve done a bunch of stuff I never hear on the hill and 5 and it’s so hot so hot people are still getting their spots so you’ll be performing Giants today and you’re doing something a little different for the first time the crowd will hear something special tell us about that and one of them being friends but today I’m actually doing it for the first time live French-English hybrid I will say I’m better at singing in front of him as we can get by a long shot so I’m out of order to be good let me know the crowd will be cheering for you as you prefer today’s now one of the big themes is Canadian women in contributions of Canadian women and I’m curious to know what Canadian woman or women inspire you man growing up like still in was my favorite I own like Oliver record Joni Mitchell huge inspiration Me growing up as well as a guitar player as a songwriter just as a general cool women in music you know and then now this is so much cool creative Innovative music coming up to like with Brian that I love left your car I just so much talent and Canada and I’m proud of to be part of this amazing Community Music alright well wishes do you have for a few hours at home celebrating today have a great Canada day stay safe stay hydrated and come out I mean if you’re anywhere that is going to be is going to be a blast it’s going to be a rock and show tents causes of people cheering you on face so much light for joining us will let you get ready for the show back to you Rosemary thanks to Shana you may have seen behind us on in life there’s some some it look like smoke or miss those are in fact snowmakers there’s usually at ski hills today turned into Miss makers and it got them certain positions all over Parliament Hill to try and keep people cool try and keep the temperatures down that’s why there’s more people on the East Lawn of Parliament Hill then here on the West line which is just exposed to the sun if you will that all throughout the next few hours as well as the the festivities the concert and all the VIPs that are going to show up today we’re also going to highlight some Canadians that’s that we think matter that I’ve done important things in this country recently including one who broke some incredible metal in Chongqing and we caught up with him earlier here’s his bio is Brian McKeever is a paralympic legend 39 years old I’m legally blind he’s 117 paralympic medal 13 goals of all time and the most decorated paralympic cross-country skier ever no wonder he carried the flag and helped lead Team Canada to its best performance at a paralympic games now it’s for me was never about winning medals it was a great feeling but it was preparation before years in between time I mean that’s when the other one is in that Humboldt ever grew up expecting to do this it was more we love to sports and we we just wanted to keep doing that and then one day you wake up your having a career Olympians paralympians like herself on on Parliament Hill is it nice to get this sort of attention on Canada Day on a day when we’re celebrating who we are and people like you I’ve never seen this exact number for going up watching it on TV but it’s really need to be apart from the other side of the camera it’s definitely special offer for the athletes that I think you know when we have short memories you know we always say that why you’re going through the games a lot of fun what happened I mean it did not just what the games but again that for your period leading up and neit finally had a chance to relax and absorb it and you feel pretty good about it and then you want another one and so when it when it’s fresh in our minds and that stress levels have gone down it’s really nice to actually think about it celebrated and then to be here Auto all Canada Day Somerville I can because before long will be chasing chasing snow again in August in New Zealand so it’s alright I’m at is Parliament Hill I like to call the the showstopper of events for Canada Dave not the only place of course celebrating we are about 20 minutes a little under 20 minutes from events getting started here in Parliament Hill but will defend places across the country as well to see how the rest of you are celebrating Canada day it’s not just about us here on Parliament Hill we’re also today taking some time to feature some young Canadians were doing some pretty extraordinary thing so as we take you to break before things get going here in Parliament Hill we’re going to feature one of them we’ve got 10 you can check them all in our website but here is tears of first young Canadian who impresses the heck out of us eating full go and inventor a mentor and an entrepreneur check it out I developed a technology called centiliter as a part of a science fair project for the Calgary science fair when I was in high school and the sun solar technology works by implementing a very low cost water you attach the water to one side of the solar panel and then you’re able to calibrate the water flow so that it will drip out at a very steady rate so now the solar panel is on a swing as the sons of the door swings over then it will follow the Sun and so I realize that this is a technology that I wanted to share with others in different parts of the world and since we started working on some saludar our nonprofit has actually deployed solar panels impacting 17000 people and 19 countries around the world I’m really proud to be Canadian my family came over from Asia as refugees in the 80s and Canada took them in and allowed them to create a home life and family for themselves so I’m grateful that I had a chance to grow up and such a place that provided me with such opportunity I think some saluter is the first step in many technologies that I’d like to be able to build one day everybody and welcome back to Parliament Hill I’m Rosemary Parton here on Canada Day in Ottowa we’re going to take you here and around the country were counting down to the festivities getting started here but if you’re at home if you’re in your backyard you got the waiting pool out the barbecue going we want to see all of that as well so feel free to send us your videos and producer so video on rcbc Facebook page because I know not everybody celebrates with all of this you just have a cooler beside you with a couple of drinks inside and I want to see part of that as well to get going to Shawna Reed is behind the scenes and she has a couple of the performers were going to see later cuz that’s alright Rosemary we have Max and Mike from the arkells are going to bring down the house today actually closing at Today Show what’s up how are you staying cool cuz I know you do your high-energy performances to be totally honest we have an air-conditioned trailer for The Station performing today is well in the evening show so we can expect to hear today knocking at the door then you’ll do people’s chance of course I was a bit about the reason why you chose this particular song Ottawa at are so we thought what are the two most concentric political songs we have alright what are you guys most looking forward to today when you hit the stage is full of people covered in red it’s going to be pretty cool running for Canada Day on Parliament Hill today in 2010 and we are in a parking lot around the corner and a half way through a set the fireworks are going off so everybody just turned around watch the fireworks but I think today the fireworks are behind us so that’s going to keep watching that tonight progression in her career I love that the arkells are aware of the Tariff War it does that. It that’s great I love it I don’t let that are affordable clear but I love that they’re aware of this is covering the political part of this story and she is down play America that looks hot she’s with the Heritage Minister vasi it is so hot it’s impacting today well of course we have a contingency plan right now to make sure that people are really a captain in the Navy a good healthy conditions there’s Miss stations everywhere water park we’re making sure that were actively using your social media platforms because of course we want to make sure that he posted a healthy well of course celebrating because this is our day is Canada Day is the full show still going on it is it is but of course if people don’t kill well whatsoever there are tents across the lawn on Parliament Hill right now there’s as I said Miss stations and so I just want to make sure that everybody is I’m feeling well and that they know that we’re here to help it seems to me like it’s impacted those turn out a little bit or are you disappointed at all before that was thunderstorm so every year we’re Canada we know whether so this is the first but of course that we have a good team in place and I’m happy to see also that the security measure you know going for full well and that people are not waiting in line so that works for me was very important also thanks a lot for your time and I really appreciate it Happy Canada Day waiting for the prime minister to turn up here he’s not going to do that this year this year he’s decided he’s going to travel the country a little bit and so let’s go to Leamington Ontario where we fine prime minister Justin Trudeau happy Canada Day to you sir let’s start while you’re there I I realize you want to see other Canadians you don’t want to just see the same old ones who walk by every day and Ottowa but you are there in part because today does have a political overtone with the terrorists that are now that the counter Sheriff’s that are now in place by this country is how much of a story is that in Leamington where you are today the messages what we celebrate every Canada day which is we’re here for each other Canadians each other we stand up for each other that’s exactly what we’re doing and I’m really glad to be in Leamington today I’m going to be in Saskatchewan later and then the end of day in Dawson City Yukon so it’s an opportunity for me to get out and celebrate with Canadians right across the country of course Canada Day Celebrations happen right across the country catch up instead of Pine and I wonder what you think about that using the product from Leamington and & Hines does not always make choices but I know that our communities are citizens like to stand up for each other and be there for each other so encourage people to make that make their choices accordingly that the president was on Fox news this morning and was talking about the potential up Auto Terrace coming into flies how bigger concern is that for you obviously it’s a significant concern again bringing considering that Autos might be a national security threat to the United States is something that doesn’t entirely make sense we’re continuing to work hard on on improving and negotiating NAFTA we’re continuing to work hard with the administration to get to a place where we are not putting in danger jobs on either side of the border and we have the most successful trading relationship in the history of the world and moving on that you would we go to trade with each other we build things together and continuing to do that is in both of our interests and that’s what we’re going to stay focused on now that you’re well into the job here and you’re going to be fighting to keep it pretty soon this is actually my 46 to Canada day as a kid I celebrated many times in Auto up all my life celebrated wherever I was across the country very many ways this indeed I had two years on Parliament Hill at celebrating Canada day and now I’m glad to be able to cross the country with Canadiens the message is always the same yes we celebrate Canada but mostly we saw Great Canadian we celebrate people were there for each other who are creative forward-thinking proud of our diversity excited about their what the what the future might hold where that of course they’re always challenges but fully confident that we can work weather and overcome whatever lays in RI in our path that is so that’s the what we celebrate today that’s what we celebrate everyday we stand with each other we look with optimism towards the future 44 degrees here in Ottawa today so you chose the right time to skip it from Minister happy Canada day sir thank you at the place where the Prime Minister isn’t but his wife and two of his kids anyway are going to show up shortly will bring you right back to more candidates this festivities from Ottawa right after this use Canada date is a chance to take stock of everything that we have tell our stories together we are one we are united a big party everybody you’re looking at well that’s the face of celebrating right there on Parliament Hill here in Ottawa Canada’s 150 first birthday I’m Rosemary Parton here joining you for the festivities that really get under way in about half-an-hour time part of the story here in Ottowa and of course across much of Ontario and Quebec is a Eastern tannadice Heatwave right now we haven’t broken any records actually it’s 32 degrees in Ottawa feels like 44 but the high for an auto record anyways 47 so it’s cool if you compare it to records what to look forward to the arkells lights we just spoke to the Prime Minister who’s in Leamington Ontario today he’s fake taking the day to travel across the country but his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau will be here as well as his kids the governor-general it’s her first can of the day governor general and her first time on the hill to do that too lots to look forward to in the next few hours and of course we’re going to bring you some of how you’re celebrating Canada Day if you have the waiting pool out if you’ve got the hot dogs going to take some time to send a video tell us your name why you’re celebrating and send it to rcbc Facebook account and will play some of that a little bit later in the meantime let’s go to Halifax or Kayla hounsell is a hanging out for Canada today doesn’t look as hot but what’s happening there 2 3 4 5 hi Rosie happy Canada day I’m not sure if I should tell you this but it’s nice and cool here in Halifax or at the Halifax Commons and we’ve just been treated to a performance by the Skyhawks the Canadian Armed Forces parachute team and we have the tea Commander or Captain John Hart with us now thank you for being with us I know that you have jumped more than 800 times now we just had a chance to see the last job I’m happy the rain held off for you how was it done today he was just thrilled to be here I’m glad that it worked out for you I’m wondering how do you get to be a professional parachuter if you’re already in the military she just talking to your local recruiter they’ll put you in in in contact with either the team or how to join up from there so and we can do those various acrobatics the Maneuvers up in the sky mean to you on every day but especially on a day like today Canada Day to jump from that Hercules aircraft Under The Canopy of the Canadian flag how do you feel when you do that jump for Canada represent my country and today of all days being Canada Day More Les my hometown so it’s it’s thrilling no matter where I’m jumping but it has a tremendous amount of it Halifax so they’re based out of Trenton Ontario but as you say Nova scotia’s Home For You Liverpool is your home community so welcome home that we’re glad that you can be with her forces parachute team I’m actually half of our guys are scared of heights including myself we can last you to me and jump out of the plane consider myself to have a fear of heights I would like to do it only only if I was strapped to a guy like John but I but I think I would have to be strapped or pork going to do it but we found your next story for the national Kayla so thank you for that various places across the country cuz we were all celebrating in different ways even some not let’s go down back now to the Centennial flameware Power & politics was bad she could palaces hanging out for the day it’s a little bit different well here yeah they’re certainly will be in we just heard from Mr Jolie the Heritage Minister the governor-general will be here Sophie Gregoire in a few I think of her children are here as well so definitely a lot of dignitaries just not quite the same thing first time and I think it is 43 years that the Prime Minister won’t be here as far as on the ground there’s three words for you hot hot hot I don’t know what else to say it is so incredibly warm and it’s having a big impact I think I’m going to cover it I think six of these this is the smallest crowd I’ve seen Bart even compared to last year which some major hurdles with security and weather as well with all that rain so it is having an impact I think on the crowd here but they’re very excited the people that are here to be here but they’re also all talking about the weather was well at all sweating all the time and not at so we just blow you people pumping the water out of the front lawn I was wearing rubber boots it was it was a very different kind of kind of the day typically on these days yeah that’s what it look like last year I mean turn off but to keep them out of the rain and that was that was a lawn that’s right behind me right now where a lot of people haven’t even bothered to gather because the sun is so hot so yeah I mean that the temperature and the weather varies wildly here they do have some things stop there to mitigate this is last year just to remind everybody we’re very hot this year there’s something set up to mitigate people getting to overheated that was well bashing very proactive I keep asking if I need to go somewhere with air conditioning so clearly I’m not very much glowing more but they do have a lot of water stations here a lot of people watching very closely I have seen two people pass out since I’ve been here so it definitely is having a fact watching this and you are planning on coming here like drink a lot of are they used to stay hydrated and try to bring some kind of hat so you can say the Sun Comes the Sun is a is a mitigating Factor results not just the heat at the sun’s kind of beating down on you so I lots of help here though if you need it okay thanks for that bass by the flame will go back to her as the day goes on in fact that’s the reason one of the prime minister’s children Hadrian the little one who’s the funkiest of the 3 in my opinion isn’t going to be at the festivities today just too hot for him today so they’ll be the elderly that celebrating today of course and Charlie aggro is down there and Toronto what’s happening in in the six Charlie it’s hot and steamy here too I hope we’ve got about 15,000 Canadian flags and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s using them as a fan but people are out enjoying the day and I’m joined by a Canadian Japanese it’s a couple interesting story Rosie Andrew and Haruka met while you were teaching English in Japan and they’re doing something wonderful today they brought a Japanese tradition to Queens Park so tell me about origami I guess you learned it young age I used to do this when I was in elementary school because the oil gummies good for children to practice with your fingers and also good for their brain to remember their old set and today at Queen’s Park you’re making origami Maple Leafs what made you choose that design because it’s Canadiens symbol so I think this is the best thing to make for today I think pedigree and Andrew just tell me a little bit about what it means to you to be here at Queen’s Park sharing something from your wife’s family traditions with more Canadian missions for past 90 years and I don’t think those are going to stop anytime soon are flags look somewhat similar with the red and white sand I thought it just be you know quite nice to do something like that here Queens Park today showed me how to do it what’s the response been like from the kids who are have been in that 10 for some time on the paper Canada’s just started to play behind us so we will quiet down and pay attention while about the turnout here in Parliament Hill because it is so hot we weren’t sure how many people would show up I guess it’s RCMP or Heritage Canada telling us 6 6200 people or thereabouts have made their way here on to Parliament Hill some of them may not have been at the come to the lawn yet because Wellington which is the street that runs in front of Parliament Hill is closed down in there’s lots of food trucks and lemonade stands and that kind of stuff so maybe people are spending some little a little bit of time there there’s also a you’ve been hearing about these misting station I plan to go after the show is over it’s just sort of spray you as though you’re a plant and keep you lately hydrated that’s the minister of Heritage Melanie usually I hear on Parliament Hill she is here today the Prime Minister as we talked about is not here but lots of people in spite of the temperature because it is a good party and I do believe that to Shawna Reed has found some people willing to Brave the Heat and enjoying themselves to Shawna alright so people have come from near and far Rosemary this lovely lovely lady came all the way from Vancouver I tell us why you had to be here for Canada day I’m actually working here so I decided to just come out for Canada Day and that you young man what are you most looking forward to today and I came here for the for the Canadian sorry I speak more French but I’m here for Canadian days and little sir this is Enrique Enrique what are you looking forward to seeing today will be cheering with you along the way and it’s lovely family and came all the way from Mississauga Ontario what are you guys looking forward to today the fireworks happening fireworks are always a great part of the show and how have you guys been keeping cool cuz you been out here for quite some time no one’s going to the washroom here I mean you’re going to have to hold it until you got your flag here let’s take a look you’re all festive decked out alright and you’ve been out here from early this morning how have you been beating the Heat okay I am being that he trusts me that’s why I’m here you guys are all the way from China how was your first Canada Day in on Parliament Hill and how are you so far I enjoy it very much enjoy your Canada Day Rosemary will be here with the crowds thanks for Shawna I love that people are motivated that’s why I agree I’m also motivated let’s in case you were hearing those large bangs that is the 21-gun salute part of the official festivities kicking off and that is none other than the governor-general is Judy Pi yes of course her first time as governor general for Canada day she will be making her way here where to Parliament Hill as the morning progresses the 21-gun salute is in honor of Canadian Armed Forces of course that’s friends and those still serving and she is I believe doing looking at the ceremonial guard here I would not want to be one of those fellows today in that in that hat must be extremely hot for her but this is part of her official job checking in with them and and speaking you can see that she is right now that’s over by the National Art Gallery and she is at the peacekeeping monument so there you can see Sussex Drive which is where the governor-general is doing her inspection of the garbage is a bit unusual this is a little bit different than what we would normally see this would usually happen typically happens on Parliament Hill this time it’s happening at The peacekeeping Monuments the only monuments of its kind in the world it is case you’re familiar with auto why it is so beside the National Gallery close to Major Hills Park where there’s another party happening right now and then near the byward market restaurants in cool things to do in the peacekeeping monument is obviously dedicated to Canadian peacekeepers both living and Dad and comes in a very timely moment because just a week ago of course that’s as you know if you’ve been watching the national and adri news coverage many Canadian peacekeepers arrived in Molly for Arbor speaking Stephen mission in the in sometime first new peacekeeping mission in sometime it is also considered one of the deadliest in the world right now so it comes out some risk to our soldiers that are there now and more to be expected by the end of the summer well known Canadian before she became governor general from 1992 to 2013 she flew to missions in space and so they might I’m not going to give it all away now and she was a cheap astronaut for the Canadian space agency and ask governor-general she is also the commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces usually during Remembrance Day Governor General’s wear the uniform as well as they do this inspection of the Guard not the kids for Canada day this is one of her very important as well ABC the peacekeeping monument there in the background with the three peacekeepers on top two men and one woman one woman rather I know this is normally wear the governor-general getting to a limo or the laundry out of the horse-drawn carriage and she would make her way up to Parliament Hill but that’s not what this governor-general’s going to do when did stand by to see how she’s going to make her way here it’s about a 10-minute walk she’s not going to walk either though and that is I believe that Sussex still that’s Wellington sorry that’s Wellington so the street right here in front of Parliament Hill and I would bet that this is the prime minister’s wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau pulling up there in the in the Black Limousine is the governor-general will go back down to the peacekeeping monument now I see the governor-general was supposed to get on a bike at this point and and bike up to Parliament Hill but I’m wondering if maybe that’s not going to happen because of the key there are some large trucks there so maybe that’s what will say she was going to bike up with a number of different cyclist but yeah I know it looks like she’s actually just trying to figure out what she’s going to do maybe she’ll just walk here she is a big purveyor of fitness and in her already her message the Canadiens has been to highlight the values of sports and here we are in Parliament Hill and that’s the Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with two of her children exact day and Ella Grace the two older ones Adrienne is at home because of the hot weather cuz it is a hot one and she is really here representing the Prime Minister here on Parliament Hill today because as we’ve said he is taking off a little bit across the country he’s in Leamington Ontario Saskatchewan and up north where Hill and the day he will have a message for Canadians and and then break or Trudeau will as well okay see you at wasn’t crazy there there’s a bunch of bikes or not I’m not sure that was the idea that she was going to cycle up here there are number of different groups that are recycling with her and she is going to do it I love it I wasn’t sure which address whether she could pull it off she’s got the YMCA on that’s all she’s going to cycle up here to Parliament Hill West she’s a little a little tougher than we maybe we are used to with governor-general near the National Art Gallery I don’t know maybe 10 minutes to cycle up here to Parliament Hill and address of that and I believe her son is with her his name is Lori Loughlin his 15 years old he was at the general just a reminder usually the way this is done a limousine if it’s really bad weather or a horse-drawn carriage so having a governor-general ride her bike is pretty I think she definitely is and this is really the Highlight healthy and active living something that she wanted to be part of her message as governor general cuz that’s and that is the Eastlawn there of Parliament Hill and that’s where the governor-general will arrive shortly if you keep seeing that shot of the Canadian flag on the peace Tower it’s because as the governor-general arrives here that’s why I will come down and the governor-general flag will go up to indicate that the head of state has arrived here and hardly tell and you can see that that green thing they’re in the corner of your screen that’s a snow-making machine that normally obviously to make snow for ski hills today they’re using it’s trying to keep people cool not sure if it’s working but people seem to be doing okay so far that you could try to accommodate the heat with lots of water stations and misting stations and that is Wellington Street that you’re looking down towards the Rideau Centre and that’s where we will see the governor general arrive shortly about six thousand people or so have come through security on Parliament Hill today you have to go all the way down to the Supreme Court which is a little bit further down Wellington to go security there and then make your way back up onto Parliament Hill and Heritage Canada says that that is they think the best way to get people in and out safely typical size of the crowd they say on Canada day as many as 5000 people in and around Parliament Hill certainly the heat today keeping people away maybe you’re at home watching this and air conditioning I wouldn’t blame you at all closed off in and around Parliament Hill the byward market typical part of security for National capitals for big events like this there are tractors and large snow clear machines position at streets to block off any kind of traffic so cars can’t get anywhere near here where there are pedestrians and that of course just the reality of security measures these days I believe that’s the new head of the RCMP the commissioner who just came into that job a couple of months ago and fact the first woman to have that job with the a lot expected of her to sort of changed the much of the culture of the RCMP but also to try and get more women and diverse mounties into the force commissioner Brenda left also would not want to be wearing that today it’s just wearing Club commitment to your job right there and here you can see the cyclist starting to arrive down Wellington this is the people that’s General has chosen to Psycho with ashy Cycles in an unusual way waving her hand at the proud and she will come up on to Parliament Hill here and it really I don’t know no offense to the previous governor general but I’m not sure he would he would have done it maybe she wasn’t going to because of the Heat and I cannot imagine doing some exercise on top of one punch you right now in this heat so definitely props to her for doing something very unique to get on the hill which is part of a lifestyle on in in her office of of the events that they do in the way that they do them so this seems to be part and parcel of that kind of a different way of doing things and just like you say they’re sending a different message about what the role is and how she communicates with Canadian certified she appears to Canadians and I think obviously physical fitness is a is a big part of her life as you said and and part of the message that she’s delivering today it’s a little more with the people I guess if you show up in a bike rather than a horse the horse-drawn carriage which I would have a hard time saying no to but I walked the distance but I guess that’s it there’s a reason she’s in her life obviously of course is the Canadian snowbirds we’ll hopefully get a little bit more from them this or 48 season and they’ll have an aerial show here in Auto a little bit later in the day that’s that’s my favorite part I did not even expect it so I missed it there but are there any your screen you can see Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with the her kids and Melanie usually as they wait are there on Parliament Hill to welcome the governor-general as she makes her way off Wellington how to challenge security wise as well to have someone on a bike rather than in the limousine or carrot train up to the East Lawn here and there you see her flag now on the peace Tower and she is the representative of the queen and has a head of state that fly goes up but she makes her wear her problem and help also staying hydrated black to see that these are Olympic athletes to Winter Olympic athletes me Kyle Kingsbury we talked to you earlier and Molly Jackson and Alpine beer even the crowd on the roof Rosie is a bit smaller than then we’re used to seeing the heat is really having an impact on those number going to make her way up to the red carpet here we’re going to trip wife and kids are as well as the Heritage Minister and that’s when what event will get underway I did hear someone say stop head bolts on which basically means can you believe the heat because it is a hot one there she is reading some of the representatives of indigenous group in the country of her to Polson Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation we are course on the unstated territory of the Algonquin Nation here in Parliament Hill Rodger Augustin the regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations there’s an election coming on right now we’re getting him and natano bed head of the itk the Inuit operate kind of Tommy and they will all now make their way to close to where vaschy is there the Centennial flame they are they’re heading right to as I see the crowd of them big entourage with them for sure as you mentioned the kids seem to be enjoying themselves I’ve got at least that Mr the prime minister’s daughter has a a drink with her key to the day staying hydrated every year sort of a walk by the chance for people to actually get to shake their hand and talk to them as I said though just definitely a pared-down crowd to thing these are some of the special Canadiens that they’ve decided to to highlight today but done some extraordinary things were going to talk couple of them a little bit later in the show at the beginning of the sister of Channing when Jack actually give off heat this year they were going to put in LED lights because of Dean story there was a No Cry from the industry and it actually compelled the government to back down from from studying the issue and so does the flame is still very hot and there are no LED lights all gas but that was kind of in the middle of the pie we’re going to hear from Martina ortiz-luis who’s going to sing the national anthem she is a resident anthem singer for the Maple Leafs and when you hear her and just keep an open mind to this is the first time another day that we will hear the new Oh Canada lyrics so instead of thing and I’m I’m not going to stand cuz I wouldn’t subject you to all that but true patriot love in all of us come and she will sing in 3 instead of Comanche will saying in all of us come out who is attempted to make it less gender-specific will hear that version for the first time on Parliament Hill today I’m not a bad turn out here given the weather and I still see people arriving from my vantage point which is on a Weslo and that’s where the entrance is on the Westlawn so people will slowly probably Trickle and I don’t think it’s a security issue people were saying it would take about an hour time to get past security last year it was more like 8 hours I don’t think anyone would have put up with that this year the dignitaries will take their places ladies and gentlemen vivinavi please rise for God Save the Queen and Oh Canada perform for the first time and it’s new version but one of the country’s most astonishing young women not mentioned some extra Martina ortiz-luis Martinez ortiz-luis she is just 16 in a credible voice she’s going to make her way over to where I am and we’ll chat with her about I don’t know about how someone gets that good marks the official beginning of the ceremonies and just watch the are there for a moment Leah I was waiting for amazing women Falls Road we would like to start by acknowledging the amazing talented Martina Ortiz Louise this talented young woman is only 17 years old that’s right not only is Martina a passionate artist but she’s also well known for her humanitarian work a little star but I too so happy to be here besides you because not only are you a talented artist a fantastic media personality also just overall fabulous oh come on let’s get started by introducing a very remarkable woman ladies and gentlemen Messi’s amazing I am what time I see the snowbirds fly past I’m just amazed don’t you agree Algonquin territory and this morning and ditching is Chiefs and Elders lest this land and this day I’d like to thank Elder Claudette Commando for this important ceremony are they and ask Canadians window how to deal with weather specially on Canada Day thank you so much for braving the Heat and join us at Anna’s biggest party today thank you so have fun Henry Lee drink plenty of water you know I am privileged to be able to meet Canadiens from all across the country just a few weeks ago I met someone I was on great Slave Lake and Yellowknife looking at the Midnight Sun and earlier this spring I did so on the rocks at peggys Cove and Nova Scotia and I’m constantly reminded how beautiful our country is for those of you turning in to watch our show wherever you are welcome we have so much to be proud of here in our country Rave women stood up and demanded change today we celebrate the Canadian woman who have been standing up and looking for Change and the many me too and after me to leaders who are working and keeping the momentum going our government is there with you thank you today we also celebrate and pay respect to the indigenous peoples of this land and we are committed to walking and you packed together with First Nations metis ending with peoples we need to recognize the harm that was done in the past and make things right and for me as minister of Canadian Heritage part of that work is taking action to preserve promote and Revitalize and did languages did you know did you know that there are nearly 90 indigenous languages in our country none them are considered to be safe that is why alongside with our first nation anyways and Mickey partner we will co-develop and introduce the first piece of legislation dedicated to the poor list of indigenous language so that future Generations can speak their own language more than ever Canadians understand diversity is our strength today let’s be proud of our open and inclusive Society let’s stand together and celebrate who we are a society that respect each individual wherever they come from and send the power of belonging and let’s not only celebrate together let’s learn from each other I don’t think I’ll be prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official which exact we can be proud of our linguistic communities from Moncton to Sherbrooke and Automotive st. Boniface today we reinforce the importance of the French fact and bilingualism all across this country let’s celebrate our magnify the country together thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers solar glasses who sells better to make the world better to break through barriers and speak their truth today and everyday let’s celebrate women need their women who changed the rules and women who pays who’s that good morning some wake up can you stop in 1675 my mother is Acadian ancestors arrive from friends to the colony of for Royal my father’s parents came to the UConn from Belgium and the early nineteen since my grandfather service with the Canadian expeditionary force during World War 1 3 generations have willingly served to uphold our values and ensure our freedom when I was 12 I had a dream do Escape these Earthly bonds and sore amongst the clouds thank you Canada for allowing me to realize my dream to fly higher than I could ever have imagined and thank you Canada for welcome the world for welcoming the river celebrating diversity and bring. Junior women to be all that they can be I’m brown skin I am an immigrant I’m a woman I’ve never forgotten that in past eras parts of the world today I would be denied education I would be denied a political voice I would be denied. The boundaries of Canada has allowed me to dream to be the architect of my own destiny I stand here as one individual but I represent thousands of women will one day shaped Canada with their vision and their dreams and lead and run our country and it’s all possible because we live in this unique beautiful place called Canada thank you Canada for all you have given to me and my fam and I have never been more proud to call myself a Canadian band in this moment right now okay that was about a hundred women or so for forming constant craving by KD Lang but they were there really a highlight diversity and the power of women interesting moment to do that given the context of the me-too movement and what you have you and powering moment for Canadian women speaking of empowering Canadian women for Tina Louise Ortiz joins we now you may have just seen her on stage singing the national anthem happy Canada day happy Canada Day what was it like for you I know I know this is a regular song for you now that was amazing such an honor to be here today and it was definitely a huge and amazing events that I’ve been a part of and I’m actually really happy that I’ve actually been given the honor of singing the new lyrics of the anthem for the first time here today for Canada for Canada day here Elsa ever since and then I started taking from a vocal training when I was 3 and then I started performing everywhere we was 4 so yeah today and what do they think moments like this very proud of me and I’d like to thank them so much for you know making the decision to come here to Canada not only that they would have you know a better life but also so that I could so yeah that’s pretty nice about your grass thank everyone at Charlize which is a brand in Toronto and Canadian designer sharp hang out who customize and design my Jetta the new version with the new lyrics do you think it makes sense or what do you think of it I think a lot of people aren’t happy with it and I’m just very honored that I that I was able to sing it here today and I think that that here today in a lot of people are happy with this I’m down but you did a great job and happy Canada Day I’m thanks nice to meet your parents should be proud of their Tina Louise Ortiz sheet for sang the national anthem and God Save the Queen at the beginning of the ceremony if you have if you’re singing The Anthem in your backyard not as well as Martina but you’re singing it anyway and you’re singing the new lyrics why you take a video of it and you can send it to us on Facebook rcdc Facebook account will put together some of those videos a little bit later in the show now let’s head back to the stage where instead of hearing from the prime minister I hear from his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau his her husband of course in Leamington Ontario today as part of a iMessage to Canadians about the retaliatory tariff to Canada on this special day now like listening to ask this but who misses winter 30 centimeters of snow sound right about now take care of yourself because it’s really a very hot day season we are coming together to celebrate hard work perseverance through adversity and love yes love because we have our country our Tanada at heart story is about everyone’s Journey your journey it’s the story of how we Inspire each other in our daily lives it’s the story of how we have each other’s backs and tough times and it’s the story of how we can be united we can lead and serve as an example for the rest of the world have the ability to inspire the World by the way we are by our culture our diversity our Innovation are Arts our kindness and especially our sense of humor and because we think we’re the best it’s because we know what we have we know we have what it takes to create United communities a strong economy and a society in which our diversity is a source of great that is the Legacy we want to leave our children and our grandchildren can lead the way let’s remain United and support each other and then also remain open to others and the rest of the world of Greater Justice including the recognition and implementation of indigenous human rice based on respect cooperation partnership so let’s continue to connect with each other from coast to coast to coast because it’s stronger allowed to tell her story to the world and are huge big Canadian family is not only inspired it is inspiring I just want to tell you that I know a guy who adores his kids I know we’re not Idaho’s ID Hadrian is tired and don’t worry this guy is not in trouble because he’s not here today my husband because he is celebrate Canada day and he is joining us right now from Leamington Ontario at this time we’re doing something I’ll be on the road I’m go I’m in Leamington I’ll be in Regina and Dawson City with Canadians right across the country from Leamington Ontario I’m really excited to get out and celebrate where Canadians are as we celebrate from coast to coast to coast because that’s who we are as we celebrate Canada on this day we also celebrate Canadian to stand together to lean on each other whether we’re right here in the Tomato capital of each other in tough times in difficulty but the special to celebrate we’re always together and we always will everyone thank you honey today or with friends across this country or around the world or if you’re going to run into my husband in Regina or in Dawson City and you come later today we are celebrating with you we hold you in our hearts today or wherever you may be in this great country or around the world we’re thinking of you and celebrating with you have a wonderful Canada Day I love this question some music let’s do it our first started hails from Drummondville Quebec at the age of 60 was already dreaming of a singing career Star Academy her first album is launched an Eclectic style lighting easily from pop R&B to Country Flemington ladies and gentlemen is it the movie everybody’s doing great yeah keeping okay in this heat I hope make sure to stay hydrated and remember that we do have water stations back there if you need to go at any time first of all I wasn’t Bridget boseley just fantastic former hails from Winnipeg in treaty one territory and was named one of the top 10 artists to watch by CBC music is a platinum Irish and cream 80 roots with Dark Soul R&B rhythms electronic sources trip-hop breakbeats and politically charged lyrics her music Revels and the strength of South her song Speak of a woman place in the world of the destruction of our environments and she will not let us forget the more than 1200 missing and murdered indigenous women here in Canada per second album The Fight Within was nominated the 2018 Juno award for indigenous music album of the year he’s welcome hi everybody my name is is quavo and the song we’re going to do for you today is called the unforgotten now this song it’s a community song and the song it’s meant to be shared by all people it’s what called around dance with each per and holding the hand of the person next to them the round dance forms of circle connecting us with our ancestors all is one I thought it was important to remind everyone that while celebrating each of the beautiful things that make Canada wondered place it’s important that we remember some of the darker Corners as well I’m proud of who we are as indigenous people I’m proud of what we fought for and how we continue to fight for our culture our languages are we our men our children our Earth and are water but I’m also proud of all of my non-indigenous family and friends who continue to fight along with us this song is for all of us so let’s dance okay now we’re entering into the part of the song that’s a bit of a little bit Community songs for all of you to sing along with me what a great message from is Quay and what a powerful number today’s celebration is a Showcase of Canada’s incredibly Rich artistic culture our artists have made their Mark no not only at home but also on the world stage Canada’s visual artists are no exception it is going excessive is varicose music CDs in my account earlier we saw work by the Algonquin artist John’s Nasco from loot away region and now I’m screaming is the work of Glenn gear and interdisciplinary artist from Corner Brook Newfoundland enough to submit original she is originally from the Star Academy in 2012 this year she won three East Coast Music Awards including song of the year for her hip Grace mittens and miss you ladies and gentlemen on stage together for the very first time Rose cousins is Yamaha GoNoodle text performer sings If We Could Be Giants our country has known many giant they have fought in wars and kept the peace in missions across the world live at the Home Depot that’s called road to peace this initiative law remind us that those who have fought and sacrificed for our nation will be remembered as such throughout the year of variety of events will take place across the country to honor and remind us of the accomplishments of those giants will past and present call McKenzie her first graphic novel this week talk about Talent source of creativity male role model she’s an inspiration for thaw you guys made mg miss you ladies and gentlemen Canada Bears Canada’s the road to peace is the commemoration of four events that shaped our country and our lives they are when the Canadian Forces successfully pushed the German Army backyard supporters and health and the first World War the Olsen of all the first world war a war to end all wars ended November 11th at 11 1918 five years ago a cease-fire was declared that ended the fighting in the Korean War memory of all these events alive is essential to our integrity as a country and as individuals my pleasure to introduce our governor-general Banff Canada happy Canada Day Canada I’d like to say how touched I am and how honored I am to be here to celebrate the 1st of July with you in this great wonderful country I’m so happy to be here my first time celebrating Canada Day on the hill I’ve had many opportunities to come here in my previous life with my fellow Canadian astronaut even once on board a snowbird aircraft to do an opening 5S and also 19 years ago which doesn’t make me younger in 1999 I had the honor of being the master of ceremony for this very new show 3 weeks only coming back from my first space flight but being here today in 2018 tops it all I cannot tell you how honored I am represent the people of Canada into stand here in front of you very hungry as your governor-general these two members of the first nations were with us and watching the Macy’s and Inwood people as well as all viewers need done the hill at the age of 19 to be the Master of Ceremonies and to be at a hotel not far away and I remember coming on my bike because I wasn’t too very far away and it’s always a good reason to get your legs moving even in this heat and I want to thank all the cyclist that accompanied me up to Parliament Hill today thank you we already told you that it’s important to be hydrated and particularly every single person working here today but technicians the men than women in uniform who are probably a little but I still standing to tension for us you mentioned it it’s quite extraordinary don’t you sing that we an Arctic Nation with most of our land mass north of the 45th parallel that we can move from snow and Sub-Zero temperature do what feels like a tropical climate in just a few months wasn’t supposed to be please be careful and drink lots of water as we said before this is my first Canada Day in my new duties and I can tell you the last nine months were quite an adventure I went up north to the inauguration of the highway you saw a little earlier the inner Victoria to Highway a remarkable feat of engineering 138 km of road all the way to the Arctic chicken Philly Connection in Alma which connects Canada from coast to coast to coast and I went to pyeongchang Korea to cheer on Olympic athletes they told us they gave us the best Canadian poor performance ever in any paralympic or Olympics point a visiting most of Canada as much as possible since taking office I’m actually just back from beautiful Pia and Nova Scotia anybody from there the weather is really really good out there nine provinces and territories so far and more to come soon but as I travel to Country and exchanged with remarkable people I also get the privilege of recognizing their excellence leadership through the Canadian honor System and its trust me every single time I’ll fortunate we are to live here in Canada what makes our country a welcoming country a prosperous and vibrant country are you Canadians and all of those who came to live with us here are deep sense of fairness but it’s our unique diversity of people that is what makes Canada people like those who dedicate their life to service this you we just mention it we will commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war the end of the war that was supposed supposed to end all wars and we are Grateful Dead than ever to the men and women in uniform who protect and defend our values here and abroad and people are Pathfinders indigenous people they taught us how to survive in the cold and how to Value the gifts of nature with wisdom and know-how they are intrinsic to our heritage G me know which reconciliation reconciliation must continue and be accomplished for all for children and all our communities earlier excuse me hello hello Scooby-Doo first Al-Anon stand out about that so special International my goodness group that’s a good timing good-timing how’s it out there as as warm as here in Ottawa every major city from Vancouver to Quebec City Supply good weather for a happy birthday party hey thanks my friend do you miss us we miss you guys and I just want to call down and say that we’re busy up here and I was getting ready for the new component Canadian space agency Assessors office and for the Earth LSI let you go by safe we’ll see you on Earth in a couple months that was pretty cool wasn’t it this was life for real anybody wants a phone okay I’ll keep it then all right National Space Station including Drew there are six astronauts of different nationalities and as we said next year our Canadian David soundtrack will go into space 2 replace members of the current crew and will spend 6 months in space to continue the important scientific work that that is going on there and to push back the frontiers of knowledge up there every day there are people on Space Station people that get along they get along without major issues people from different countries different languages different due to the complexity of the mission in the harshness of the environment through space space agencies have decided a long time ago to work together and to think outside the boundaries in a microcosm of not a t so that they can push the boundaries of the known world as partners in a collaborative Manner and with peaceful intent astronauts on the International Space Station and the importance of this planet we have a responsibility scrub beautiful blue planet Earth for the Next Generation because the young ones they are our future some lessons can be brought back from space to Earth because be questioned and Global issues clearly they know no borders no timetable and they truly need our attention we live in a complicated world and nothing is simple but even in these fast-changing time we must stay true to ourselves and stay true to our values and continue to look out for people who have less to stand up for those who can’t to welcome those and Sea Harbor and to use our land intelligently insure our prosperity we must never stop asking questions and exploring New Horizons and wherever you may be here or abroad or serving the nation or in space wear your colors proudly celebrate your way have fun and wear your maple leaf with pride happy birthday Canada yellow confetti but we’re all enjoying today’s festivities it’s hard not to think of those were not with us this is especially true of the parents spouses children and Friends of the members of our Canadian Forces station to Broad Katie at the way it seems like our soldiers still managed to celebrate Canada Day and get to convey their best wishes to their families and to all their fellow Canadian shooting games from Otto Ontario I want to wish my friends and family across Canada very happy Canada Day I’d like to wish my friends and family a safe and happy Canada Day I mean as long as you can from a happy and safe Canada everybody say hi to all my friends and family back home I’d also like to send a shout out to all my family and friends back home and would like to wish everybody a happy Canada Day actual amount of Canada families on the road hegins and 04 our next cats are unquestionably one of the hardest-working bands out there they have for Juno Awards and for Gold Records to their name and they’re very proud to be from Hamilton Ontario they surprised our athletes with an impromptu visit to the Olympic Games in pyeongchang where they gave a series of performances and brought the party all the way to Canada have the memo Hobbit alt-rock song of 2017 and the group the most played band of the year in their Hometown last week here with us today afternoon. Mystikal Clark lcps Edition you all are guests and performers it’s Clay and at the end of the official ceremony at concert here on Parliament Hill to see the governor general and the minister and the president but thanking the artist that put on such a great performance over the past hour hour and a half or so highlighting different parts of Canada different cultures different Brown in spite of the heat in spite of the Heat and I should tell you that we have now tied the all-time record for humidity here in Ottowa it feels like I love your hats 47 degrees in this city right now it’s 34 degrees just with the temperature so imagine being on that stage and playing your heart out for the crowd pretty remarkable and in spite of those temperatures also come out nowhere near the numbers we’ve seen in past years but he’s going to Brave the rain the heat I think there was a heat warning in effect for Auto on throughout the day not surprisingly and it lasts how’s the crowd size test someone from when this started the temperature has gone up there’s about 3,500 people in and around Parliament Hill normally we get in the tens of thousands just to give you an idea so for sure people were were about the Heat and that meat warning and how it would affect them as you sit on very exposed front Lawns of Parliament Hill now there is a concert tonight with some of these same artist so perhaps two things cool people will come back and and show up for that the fireworks but certainly one of the smaller crowd I’ve ever seen here on Parliament Hill and again that’s because with the humidity it’s 47 degrees in this city right now and that is Dollar General Hereford Canada Day marked by a couple of extraordinary things are arrival on Parliament Hill on a fight and then of course that’s amazing call from the International Space Station from a canadian-american not up there right now and he called in life believe it or not to Canada to send his greetings from Muppets paid before she did help with bedtime on the ISS my colleagues in the house of Power & politics Ashley capella still down there and then he does well by the Centennial flame there was a quite a remarkable antutu the celebrations too bad she I mean sometimes you know there’s message of inclusivity of diversity but this one was a little bit different kind of unsuccessfully three things that I would highlight I had very overt local overtones versus the the sort of significance of the arkells playing they have a very blatant message to Donald Trump at a lot of their concerts in fact and it later tonight I believe they’re going to be playing at The People’s the song directly aimed at him they say it’s about a guy who thinks he’s for the people and act like you for the people that he’s anything but so that’s a very overt political message and then we heard one from both of Julie pie at the governor general and from Sophie Gregoire Trudeau the prime minister’s wife who gave difference between them were used to hearing a talk about diversity like you mention also about the strength of our economy obviously a nod to what’s going on with the Terrace in the trade war with the US and the trust something that Julie piatt that as well which is being all coming to people from all around the world but you have to wonder might be some kind of subliminal message to the United States and after everything that’s going on there especially with family being separated at the border I’m saying to him you know you’re a dual citizen do you miss us and I kind of thought that was a little bit of a 😉 to the whole debacle between Canada and United States right now so definitely the level of assertive it’s the political background with was amped up this time around because those and give the United States some time to back down didn’t happen so he can celebrate the way you can okay bye she will come back to you shortly thank you let’s hope head over to deshauna read she’s been talking to people and enjoy concerts as much as we have other than the political overtones lots of good Tunes today to Shana Thai Rose Mary it’s a bit loud where I am okay now I can hear you the music of course it’s been amazing and I’m sure what are the performers of Grace this stage to date is glaze with me now you had an amazing performance it was a beautiful message before hand was a bit about why you chose to perform of unforgotten well it’s it’s a new song of mine it’s one that I wrote with the intent of bringing awareness and empowerment to my community but also as a way to reach other people and share that sensation of empowerment that we feel and that we’re trying to build and maintain and those sorts of because like I said at the beginning there’s start the corner that we have in Canadian history that I think are really important to pay attention to and including our narrative in order to be able to reconcile all of those things that have happened in so when we’re talking about all of the awesome things and all of the things that feel good and and make us feel strong we have to be equally as aware of all of the things that haven’t been as peachy-keen the whole time no of course I mean that is definitely one of the themes that was part of today honoring and celebrating indigenous contributions indigenous people in terms of what Canadians should be reflecting on down that babe hope people are thinking about today recognize that we think about our kids in the same way so we have a lot of things that impact our young ones our children and our children’s children and we value our families in the same way as everybody else does and I think that if we can start to pay attention to the fact you know we all we all start off loving our little ones but will notice that there’s a lot more similarities that we have you know if that makes sense totally and you know I have to ask you being on stage for the Parliament Hill crowd what was it for you performing today is why I let me know what’s crazy hot there was a moment where I like had a thought to my brain I was like don’t pass out at 4 minutes it’ll be okay but it was wild because there’s so many people and and you know what it’s an honor to be here you know I’m really excited to be included and and Stellar performance high-energy you braved the key to thank you so much for speaking with us today Rosemary it’s been a blast you having a chance to speak with all the performers it was a great show you can tell it’s quiet but tell her not to tell any real said she was my favorite but just keep it between your secret’s safe with me Tabata day hit our Facebook page CBC News and send us a little something let’s head to Toronto now and Queens Park charlsie Agro caught up with a guy who just got a new job the new premier duct for Charles E. Queen’s Park on Kennedy newly sworn-in Premier dog Ford why did you want to be out here today on Canada day or just Heroes less than 48 hours ago happy Canada day we live in the greatest country the greatest province in the world enjoy yourselves go to the local parks and watch the fireworks were having fireworks all over the Toronto in the GTA and have fun with your family that’s the most important time of the season two have fun on cam today and celebrate the greatest country in the entire world that we live in changes Ozzy see you soon that’s perfect anytime now they’re Premier I’ll take you Premier in his new job in Charleston we’re going to head a little further east now back up to Halifax where it’s not quite as warm but we’re not angry with Kayla Kayla how it feels they are been enjoying Canada Day in Halifax over to use Kayla hi Rosie who makes you feel any better it is really starting to heat up here in Halifax we’re at the Family Fun Fest so we thought well we should introduce you to a family so I’m here with the cinder origin family this is Lara right here but no Dan, long should I get all that I’ve been practicing that what’s up with you how old are you I mean that’s a tricky question I know are you having fun today Sarah was born in Canada but her grandmother Kamala is originally from India and is in the process of becoming a Canadian citizen we’re hoping for next year what does it mean to you to be in Canadian on this Canada Day Panda people all over the Canada and I have that flag of Canada because I choose my love wonderful we’re so happy that you can be here with us and Venoy Road I know you’re a professor at Dalhousie University and have been for a number of years now but you were telling that you bring your family here every day every year for Canada Day why is it important to you to celebrate in this way the heritage the country the fun the freedom that is being part of this great country to Canada enjoyed every bit of it every bit of being part of this country I wear their the colors proudly and means be who I am and I can be who I am and my family can be who they are it’s so nice to get a chance to speak with you I know there is getting really hot so we’re going to let her go grab some ice cold water and I will throw things back to you and all our Rosie will celebrate with freezing some very jealous of maybe you can get one as well so I’ll check back with you a little later Kayla on that note let’s head out to the West Coast and is her talking about some people waiting to become Canadian some people already here overnight filippone had the honor really meeting some people that were just sworn in as new Canadian citizens today they’re about 1900 of them out in Vancouver and she managed to meet up with some of them about what that means to them and how what a wonderful way to celebrate Canada day but then becoming a citizen but one big part of the Canada Day Celebrations are the welcoming of a new Canadians in 1,500 people will take the oath of citizenship right across the country today at 46 different location one of those locations is here at Canada place where 60 people from 24 different countries will become Canadians the lieutenant governor will be here for that celebration where they will take the the Olsens they will sing O Canada cut some cake and one family doing that today is the land the Harley Lane the Harley family and a Crim and welcome and congratulations why did you choose your family is from Iran why did you choose Canada first of all thank you very much for the invitation I taught the weather yesterday called friends is it good people immigrations there’s a good University here but let’s find some time I wore when you say why you Canada in because I love Canadian most welcome people in the world and you’re so happy we are here messages from you for my daughters and their my life yeah that’s the reason for your daughter’s what why Canada there was this many options in the whole world Jimmy great but there is it the most important thing is. Every country in the respect your culture inspector. the most important thing for me because now my daughter’s can grow better for me easy was that say 20 years Journey when I was so young I started this journey but I’m so happy for again for my family and then you feel about your family’s decision to move to Canada you were was a 5-6 years ago when you moved here and then you fit in and to me when I was younger and then I started Elementary School in that feel like people like me and I was in blacked out and I’m so to be part of this today is really exciting like I’m kind of nervous butterflies in stomach but I’m happy 9 years old that you moved here when you were much younger what’s it mean for you to be a Canadian cuz when I moved here I didn’t know any English and a lot of people are so friendly and I didn’t barely know anyone and a lot of people help me with my English cuz I didn’t know honey and I have great teachers and I’m in box of lots of new friends and great country to say the good places and it has a lot to see and it’s very beautiful place Canadian citizens day will be with a group of 60 others also here at Canada place today from 24 different countries taking the oath of citizenship Rosey cross the country 1500 people becoming citizens on Canada Day pretty nice moment but for all of you out there celebrating in your own special way and I know everyone’s got their particular way of celebrating can of the day mine appears to be this not so bad you have sentence your photos to show us how you celebrate at home you can still do that by hitting our Facebook page at CBC news but let’s check out how you guys are all celebrating Canada’s 150 1st birthday I like dogs celebrating also Germany seems to be a hot bread Canada Day Celebrations we appreciate it though not too late and send them to its first Derek still down but I think you’ve managed to snag a couple people to see how they fared the heat on and the concert they’re slowly leaving now but we are here with Sandy coil who did this and you came from Barry but I came from various Perry and how was braving the heat how painful was it wasn’t too bad it was cool things to put around your neck and it was really cool what did you think of the show I love the show I loved all the different aspects of it and even recognize some of the fans which was really cool when you’re when you heard how hot it was going to be today are you from coming off why not cuz it’s Auto ITS Canada you have to come here at the drive the 8 hour drive on yesterday or 2 days ago was a long drive the rain today at half an hour would you take this heat over the rain or vice versa the rain I’ve been doing an internal battle myself listening today what makes you proud to be Canadian happy Canada day it’s great my husband served the military Max has been served the military I was in the military thank all the soldiers stand up for O Canada drives me nuts when people don’t stand up for Air Canada but thank you for your service and happy Canada Day to you and your family thanks so much back to use Rosie thanks we appreciate it let’s go back to Toronto Charlie eyebrow is there if you see him again tell him I also want to interview that’s right you think me when he shows up on that show apparently is more than happy to talk to you Amy bites how we have more people who are also more than happy to talk to us and this Rosie is a wonderful story of perseverance one that I think the biswas family is very happy to be sharing on Canada Day you moved here from Bangladesh this is your son Canada Day celebrating what was it like to make the move to Canada why did you want to bring your family here freedom and human rights and with Burnsville personal life I think in this area Canada has every country in the world the show this the place to leave this the place to go and this is the place to be leader on a slide when you were living in Bangladesh you since try to become recertified it looking forward to studying nursing in the fall you’re sitting quite the example for your daughter why is that so important to you you must be a qualified person and as I have the final break down so I tried to get into the medical profession but almost impossible but you’re trying to go back to school in the fall hopefully wait-listed Ryerson right now but your daughter looking forward to studying neuroscience and this Rosie is something this is a message for young people across this country came in about a year ago could not 2 years ago could not get in went back to school what’s your average now he’s 696 and what are you most looking forward to about going to University here in Canada well I’ve never been to first city first time I was high school graduated when I came in the game I went back to high school I did all of my purses what university is very different from high school I went to one of the gate started program that university has it was scaring as race scared very nervous but I’m looking forward to it and really quickly why did you guys want to be here by Queen’s Park to celebrate Canada day as a family will we’re here last year last year was great while the weather was more Mira compared to the day but it was great last year so we can back again hoping to go see the show Dallas and the rabbits and stuff wonderful so all smiles here and so much more to look forward to when the fall and ask starts Rosie will send it back to you in Ottawa not but I’m told this is big news and they’re going to have a press conference later so that’s a big and Olympic champion and I appreciate it there you go there’s my little bit of Hocking I can do everything we are going to go back to Kayla until now she of course is in Halifax celebrating with people out there Kayla hi Rosie we’re having a great day and how the fact that we’re meeting some really wonderful people and I want to introduce you to someone pretty special that we’ve had a chance to meet her name is Teresa O’Neal and she came out today to see the special performance by the Skyhawks the Canadian Armed Forces parachuting team and that’s because your husband was a paratrooper with the black devils in World War II tell us about his role and he trained in Montana yes you’re right and I’m thankful to be here today to see the show I’m 9292 years old nice to remember everybody in the in the boers and this is a way for you to honor people what was that like for you that was nice you spoke with the black tables and we reach where you live 🙂 from hearing Nova Scotia but the team is based out of Trenton Ontario no it’s in Liverpool that you could be here today and we are so happy to have a chance always will be a little late thank you Teresa so happy thanks for that Kayla I’ll let go back to well the thinning crowd I should point out that the heat size of the crowd and also met that people fled pretty quickly to try and get hydrated and and probably find some air conditioning they’re not suffering enjoying the heat I’m getting a little sprinkle here Rosemary I got the perfect position because I’ve been here for the last three years I’ve never seen it at the out this quickly as you can see on the not a lot of people at this soon as that last number was done by the arkells people started to make their way of course trying to stay cool so that’s why we came over here we got some misters lots of people just literally hanging out and trying to stay cool I mean all you can do is Ben it was it was tough I will say when the sun peeked out at certain moments but we’ve had lots of people here enjoying it free if you ladies are right here you guys Brave the soaring temperatures severe for Canada day how was the show for you highlights I think everything was pretty good what was your highlight singing with all the other women on stage and just seeing everybody out in the crowd was great good opening act for your ladies I mean Canada Day we celebrate every year but what is the most special part of this day for you celebrating woman I was a big thing this year we know what about you being here with my family and join Canada day and every all the different cultures and nationalities it was just a great Melting Pot in a great place to be on this day okay now how did the Canada Day shape up with with the rest and look at that descends already kicking out we’re just trying to stay cool the mrs. coming our way we’re going to enjoy it right now thank you ladies for joining us Rosemary I hope you managed to stay cool throughout this afternoon I should probably admit to you now that they gave me a fan that’s what I missing work really hard to get that fan though so I’m going to snow making machine directions to date Rose to highlight a couple of really remarkable Canadian who are doing very generous things and giving back in different ways I’m going to talk to someone in a moment but first check her bio Faith Dickinson is just 15 years old but she’s already helped thousands of people battling cancer just nine years old and her aunt told her how cold she would get during breast cancer treatment actually meant she got very cold she said and she said that it was really nice because it kept her really warm since then she’s made more than 3,500 blankets and raise more $30,000 to have them delivered her incredible work earned her the Diana award and a chance to meet face-to-face with princes William and Harry which then snagged her an invite to Harry and Megan’s wedding Dickinson I really want to talk to you about the wedding but we’re going to turn it into a whole movement coming helping yeah well I made my aunt cuddle blanket and she said it was so amazing because she got so cold during her chemo treatments and then at the end of the year in grade 4 I gave them to my teachers and they all said the I would cuddle into them and one of them cry because she was retiring I was just so touched that someone cared about her so I told my mom I want to make everyone feel that good so you’re just been doing that ever since been 6 years now in July I know it would turn into really a cherry movement yes I really didn’t I thought it was going to be a summer project and so did my parents and what do they think they’re so proud and it’s amazing okay so you have thought some special attention for this with the Royals like are they friends of yours now or how would you say sometimes called the my friend I was invited to the Diana or charity and it was just was one of the best experiences a lifetime so amazing and that’s why you bought forwarded with that cool experience for you so that they decided to invite you somewhere making a different job okay Kayla hounsell still out there Kayla hi Rosemary I’ll know what I’ve dropped my jacket now had to put my hair in a ponytail so it’s nothing like you’re dealing with in Ottawa still but things are heating up here in Halifax and I was just wondering around Dallas Cummins here and I came across these lovely two sisters this is Cecilia and Eileen and I was just so drawn to them because of their outfits and they weren’t so convinced I wanted to be on TV at first but we waited them because we thought you just don’t dress like that if you don’t want to be on so I want to ask you for planning went into your outfits here today not too much planning for myself a friendly competition between all your bags at home as well it says proud to be Canadian so Cecilia why are you proud to be Canadian I think we have the most wonderful country in the world we have so much to be grateful for and oh I just think the freedom watching the many many different cultures going around here today and so welcoming and kind beautiful people why do you come every year to Mark Hanna today in this way love Canada that’s why I think it’s wonderful wonderful to meet you thanks for doing well thank you for inviting us thank you I appreciate it as I said we’ve been talking to some of the notable Canadians got special invites to the show today let me show you a little bit about our next gas it’ll be a familiar Story 2 Tina below and her son captured the hearts of the country Jonathan was born with a rare skin disease that causes painful blisters epidermolysis I’m in constant pain and most of the time I wanted it to my wheelchair but that’s the last negative thing your we’re going to hear from me his skin was incredibly fragile but don’t his Spirit he sent his life to raise money and awareness of the disease and so is Tina even after his death She carries on his legacy we need to keep raising funds and raise awareness because they’re still people out there and that’s what Jonathan full was it was always to help others nice to meet you in person I obviously heard your story many times and Jonathan story but haven’t met you happy Canada Day at the end of day to you a little bit hard I think it’s always going to be hard to get these kinds of invites so because even though Jonathan is gone there’s still so much that you are doing and he is doing I guess in a way that’s really what he wanted when we started his ways it’s because Johnson wanted it and it’s not cuz he’s gone that if that’s stop I was told him that was going to help him achieve what he wanted and hopefully that’s what I’m trying to do that was so remarkable is the way he and his story sort of took off in a way and inspired people I mean really deeply touched them what you think it was about what was inside of him that inspired he said he touched people people related to him quite a lot I mean everybody has challenges ups and downs and I mean you see you know that you see that you have the expression that somebody always has it worse than you do but he never saw that way he always thought I’d lie we all have our struggles and let’s all face FaceTime bang on and face on and let’s all be together and do it together I think he was very relatable and I think that his spirit and his sense of humor and personally really came through from you I’m sure what you’re doing now practically what are the things that you’re doing to it to keep on the work that he is doing well I’m still in love with the president keep his wave going I keep raising awareness and just trying to get to bit more funding for research and hopefully will eventually not see that disease ever again that was his goal that’s what he wanted he wanted to help others and hopefully we can do that in his name carry on and then we’ll try to keep his wave going to like to come into things like this and getting all this attention very happy that he was a French and I have to say that this is very much out of my comfort zone however I know that he’d be very proud I’m sure he is I’m sure he is happy Canada day it’s nice to think about she’s down on the lawn with more people who enjoy the show and maybe even the heat yes I think so hey Rosie I’m with Brittany and Scott you’re from your Brunswick this is your first time in Ottowa did you expect it to be this hot know when I read like the weather I was now that I’m here it’s with the breeze it’s okay but I’m swimming and how did you find it so far so good so I work outside so I’m used to it I’m proud well I guess just like super exciting like there’s so many people in like patriotic I have never seen this before about you Scott knowing they’re still there here it’s incredible smiling from you on honest person that was great and like them I just love being around people that for the I’m a proud Canadian I love to hear about why they’re proud and I think it’s something that we don’t always talk about that much especially compared to our neighbors to the South and today is just a great reason to celebrate so much of the good stuff we have going on in the country we’re not perfect but I think it’s cool to be around other people who like to celebrate all the good that we do have going on thanks for that that Vaseline and thanks everyone to Shawna Reed Bashi Kayla charlsie Renee everybody that helped out on screen for a covered your past 3 hours or so here on Parliament Hill thanks to the amazing crew cuz a lot of people behind the cameras keeping from not looking sweaty hydrating me and making sure everything looks good so thanks everybody that put the show together we’re glad you watch if you want to watch The Primetime special it starts at 9 p.m. on CBC television a little bit later today thanks for watching and happy Canada Day
Our Canada Day special from Parliament Hill with host Rosemary Barton as we take you to events across the country.

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