Campaign to abandon liberalism goes viral

emerging new online representative of pro Trump social media writing quote name who is the founder of the movement Brandon Strack how are you want to be an actor on TV 2017 after the election of Donald Trump as a matter fact I welcome any way to go to my Facebook page where I still have videos out from 2016 or which I’m crying because Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected I was devastated know this is very very real so what is it about the left today specifically that has made you walk away you know what’s so funny is I created that video a few months ago and a few months ago my biggest concern was that nasty rhetoric and the intolerance the the name calling the Judgment that was just two months ago and since this video came out if we’ve already seen a greater shift now I’m actually worried about violence I’m actually it’s already change in just two months from where you know what my concerns were just two months ago now I’m actually worried that we may be on the brink of it and Incredibly violent out you know episode Alexandria New York committee describes her in this moment let’s watch most powerful Democrat in the United States Congress as Congressman Joe Crowley was knocked out by a young woman Ocasio Cortez 28 years old never ran for office before she represents the future of our party she ran a spirited campaign it she thinks basically everything should be free and get free college everybody’s guarantee dignified Healthcare I don’t know exactly what that is but free free free free free and no no no well it’s over and that’s exactly what this campaign that I started to walk away campaign is is proving people are leaving the left by tens of thousands my group is growing Everyday by tens of thousands and it’s amazing because it’s actually happening on Facebook and people are leaving testimonials either through video or written word where people are talking about how the and we love it legal and illegal immigrants and that’s what else is there people think their bizarre I’m sure yeah and I used to be one of those people who would have given them that but yeah I know I mean I just I think that if you’re a minority in America if you are a black person if you’re Hispanic if you’re gay they’re sort of this assumption that you are not wanted on the right you’re not welcome on the right and that you will be protected and cared for if you go to the left and you stick with the Liberals and the Democrats but we’ve seen now that that’s absolutely not true they really take us for granted and be on taking us for granted they actually for gay people have used our fears and our traumas against his trying to keep us in this constant state of feeling like we’re afraid or our rights are in danger of the Trump administration’s out to hurt us and that really upsets me I want gay people I particularly minorities in America if you have a choice you don’t have to vote Democrat just because you’re a gay person you don’t have to vote Democrat just because you’re a black person if you’re minority you have a choice and that’s what this campaign is about Kamal people to the conservative movement the Republican party and we’re really glad you’re out there so thank you so much thank you so much
#WalkAway social media campaign urges liberals to walk away from the Democratic Party. Founder Brandon Straka explains on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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