Bush Lawyer: Trump Will Try To Use SCOTUS Pick To Evade Mueller | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

when reporting how the replacement to Justice Kennedy could have a big impact on your life on Americans life around the country what about on the president’s life does Donald Trump for example have the requirement to turn over evidence does he have to testify for grand jury and hears a big question for this or any president under our system can a president be indicted clearly those are all questions that only the Supreme Court decide in our system and we’ve seen that in past decisions involving presidents Nixon and Clinton sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton the Court’s opinion written by Justice John Paul Stevens says the case involves unofficial conduct by an individual who just happens to be president I’m joined by Richard painter former White House ethics Chief and a Republican she’s not running for Senate at the Democrat in Minnesota we haven’t gone to the Russia probe much in this our giving all the other issues but do you view as a legal matter given your experience the fact that the president is under this open criminal probe in the statements and things that he is gone or allegedly done regarding that probe should that enter in to his authority and the treatment of his nominee to fill this post. are these United States House and Senate Judiciary Committee I should have months ago I started hearings to investigate the president’s violations of the Constitution obstruction justice of peace of prop power and other crimes just as they did 1973 with respect to President Nixon we are well past the point we were with President Nixon when the House and Senate Judiciary Committee had those hearing they have not that is the top priority when they’re finished with those hearings and they report to the Full House and the Senate are with respect to president Trump and vice president Pence we will then know whether these two men well remain it off alright and very good chance that they could both be up Richard I don’t see how all that even after picking Gorsuch Donald Trump according to his own White House leaks play didn’t worry Gorsuch would not be quote loyal cuz he was critical of Donald Trump’s attacks on the Judiciary do you have a concern that this President might view this pic in self-interested self-interested matter regarding the open bro but not thinking about this as an independent jurist why don’t you just have a concern about that I know that that’s what the way he’s going to pick up because that’s the way he is talk ever since he ran for president he does not want to participate with in a democratic system is set forth in the Constitution and once again it is the obligation of the House and Senate Judiciary Committee to be looking into his Fitness for office and out of the voice price consider for a lifetime appointment on the United States Supreme Court someone nominated by Donald Trump and yes he is going to choose somebody to Simply further his own agenda to make sure that his social payments up from foreign governments are permitted even though they violate The Monuments Claws and to allow him otherwise to it I would have took struck the Constitution right and I am amazed that they would consider innominate from this present before they have those hearings that they have an obligation to have just they didn’t 1973 with reflected president next catering to send it to do a difference to some of the car and come into last night we saw change of the Guard there and this is the party debate within within the Democratic establishment right now and you’re putting your position. They’re clearly and I think it’s we’re going to see these midterms cuz you’re racing question should I use always thank you Richard painter for joining it from MSNBC you can see more videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that

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