Bruce McArthur’s alleged victims: Why investigating their remains takes so long

the police tape is back up media is back at a distance while investigators behind this house keep up their gruesome search police haven’t said what human remains the coroner’s office came to collect last week that it may take weeks to attach your name and a murdered life to them you can later put all those Clues together into a story action is who they belong to be trying to figure that out at this point of course they’re going to be looking to see if there are any elements that were missing from the sets of remains that they’ve already found please or still literally either a criminal puzzle what they found last week May belong to anyone of Bruce MacArthur’s 8 alleged victims 7 sets of remains all just remembered have been found but some are not complete and the Have Nots find the police do have DNA profiles of every man using animal bones will man walks us through what it takes to make a match from several sites in the body undergo several chemical tests to extract DNA how long is that take anywhere from days to weeks depending on the quality of the DNA enough and why even the smallest piece can be crucial and police gave media and extraordinary glimpse of the scene last week investigators were also looking for other Clues to figure out how long the compost piles have been if they were dumped carefully hidden or deliberately scattered if all of the bones belong to the same individual but they’re at these multiple layers then it’s possible that these remains were deliberately mixed to try to construct the story not just who these remains belong to investigation or Why didn’t it even further you want to remove leotis CBC News Toronto
The investigation into Bruce McArthur’s alleged victims is a painstaking process, as examining their remains takes time. To get a sense of the investigation, a forensics anthropologist shows CBC News the work involved in identifying human remains.

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